Property listing is going to be very easy and hands on solution to everyone who are looking for good tenants and amazing website in there for you all society on rent is a perfect solution to post property listing for free without any charges and any brokerage its free from everything. There is a process for this which terms as follows:

  • Sign up or login if you are already registered and after making an account as being an owner, making an account ask some of the details which will take some time to fill up but trust me this is important to gain the trust of any person over the internet and fill these information with honesty and sincerity as this shows owners characteristics over the website.
  • After login there are three stages of filling the details first stage is to enter the detail of property as there are three category of property it may be rent, PG- Hostel or flat mate, there were different options like city, locality, type, owners name, contact details, etc. all the information required to know for a tenant before going to check the location.
  • Listing a property is being so easy for everyone weather it’s the parent living far from you, you may post an ad for them and get a tenant for them without any problem and having a payment without any issue and we have something complementary that is paper work everything is been available on society on rent for owner and tenant as well so that your old parent get the tenant without any extra trouble.
  • There are number of other option and rules which you need to read up before going to post a free property ad over just go on to the website and check the rules.
  • There is no brokerage on this website which makes it extremely reliable and trust worthy, brokerage will be difficult to give at a time of shifting since one has to give rent and security then will help you to say as ‘NO BROKRAGE’.
  • Anyone looking for a tenant would make sure that tenant is from good back ground have multiple conditions like tenant must be pure vegetarian, low party comer, no trouble in rent and no cross statements. came cross one of the best websites ever to post property for free on and put all the conditions on one platform which makes things easier for tenants and owners for property like PG, flats or as well as Flat mates because they may post the ad for having a good roommate according to your choose and conditions as it allows you to mention every detail and perspective which is required. So feel free to visit for post property for rent. We are not taking any charge but you may earn lots of money if get the tenant over, we don’t need a thanks but we just looking for better society.

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