Retired? There are Still more Opportunities for a Source of Income

Retirement – It is not the end. It is only the beginning of another chapter of your life. One that perhaps, you can live only for yourself. Many of the previous years may have involved bearing many responsibilities, but now you are responsible only for yourself again. This phase of life can, therefore, be filled with many exciting possibilities. Here are some of the ways in which you can work and enjoy yourself.

Be the ‘Expert Advice’:

Have you devoted countless years in developing your expertise in a particular field? Then, to various companies and individuals, in some way or the other you remain a great resource for advice and consultation.

With your knowledge and experience, you can easily serve as a consultant. This may be in the capacity of a private freelancer or as someone who works with a consulting company. When it comes to the latter, you can even negotiate with the firm and fix certain hours of working.

After all, your purpose is to enjoy the work and other pursuits as well.

Do what you love:

It may sound like a philosophical statement, but it remains true. Many people are so weighed down with responsibilities that they forget about what they really love to do. You don’t have to live this way.

Would you like to cultivate a simple farm? Does theatre fill you with joy? Whatever your area of interest is, you can still begin learning about it, and even work professionally in, however, a small or a big role.

If you have ever been devoting your life to artistic hobbies such as painting or writing, you can now find ways to let your work reach a wider audience. Begin working actively on your blogs, start planning an exhibition, or even open an online art store. If you are interested and committed to a particular activity, it is certain to bring lots of satisfaction.

Impart Wisdom:

Teaching is perhaps the noblest profession. And post-retirement, you certainly have enough time and most importantly real knowledge to impart to students. From teaching in a high school to going for guest lectures in a university, or even an online YouTube video series; there are various options open to you.

Social Service:

For many, the joy of giving is incomparable to anything else. The causes worth supporting are so many. There are things worth doing for the environment, saving valuable species, giving shelter to stray animals, helping tackle the spread of a disease, or simply spending time with a patient. Remember that whatever you choose to do can make a huge difference.

Thus, there are various things to look forward to after your retirement. But you must also ensure that all your savings remain secure. By making certain responsible investments, you can better enjoy this new lease on life. Hence, be aware of different schemes such as Fixed Deposits for senior citizens, Senior Citizen’s Savings Schemes (SCSS) and so on.

Notably, senior citizen Fixed Deposits offer an interest rate that can be around half a percent more than a normal FD. However, to be able to avail the same, the time period for the deposit has to be more than a year. Also, this interest rate is not applicable if the deposit amount is more than a crore.

A child is born free. Free from any burdens, worries or responsibilities. Yet, soon enough, as the child grows up, the world brings many challenges and problems. As a retired person, you can once again be that child with no worries. Let the world be your playground and your work an enjoyable game!