Do Not Miss These Kerala Dishes on Your Kerala Tour

To truly grasp the rich heritage and culture of a place that you visit, you must try its special dish/food. When we talk about India, we have so much diversity within such a small area that it is practically impossible to truly explore each aspect of a land’s magic. Here, we shall discover the dishes that you just cannot afford to miss when you explore the God’s Own Country.

Make sure that you do visit a traditional restaurant while you are on a trip across the majestic state of Kerala to truly enjoy the flavours of the state. These dishes should be a part of your bucket list for a Kerala tour package.


Sadhya is a traditional dish that is deeply engraved into the culture of Kerala. Sadhya is not just one dish, instead, it is an entire feast that is served on a large banyan leaf for you to relish the flavours of your food. It is a traditional practice to eat the food with your hands rather than use a utensil. This wholesome feast consists of several items that include, boiled rice, multiple types of chutneys, desserts, different curries, poori as well as different types of pickles.

Sadhya is one of the most heart-warming meals that you will have in your life.


If you go to Kerala and do not taste the wondrous seafood, you might very well consider your trip to be incomplete. The lip-smacking, finger-licking good seafood at a traditional Kerala restaurant will make you realize why the state is known as the God’s Own Country. ChemmeenCurry is one of the most popular seafood items that you will find at all the Keralite restaurants. The most traditional restaurants will cook the ChemmeenCurry in a large earthen pot placed on coal or wood. The entire food is prepared in this earthen pot that helps retain the flavours as well as nutrients.

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If you are lucky enough, you might even find people willing to teach you how to prepare this magical prawn dish at your home.


No meal is complete without a dessert. The Payasam dessert lies at the heart of every Keralite meal. Payasam is very close to the traditional kheer, however, it is prepared in a slightly different manner giving it a different twist in taste.

While selecting one from Kerala tour packages, keep a day to visit at least a few good traditional restaurants where you can enjoy the true flavours of the state.