The Right Opportunities for the Soffit Installation Now


Visible when one looks up around a house, the soffit does not have an aesthetic function. Its perforation also serves to ventilate the attic. Unlike the gutter that also runs along the cornice, the components used to ventilate the attic are not what the future owners necessarily have in mind during the pre-purchase inspection.

Understanding the function of the soffit will encourage you to put it on your list, and perhaps avoid you to go to the show The Bill on CBC Radio because your inspector was a quack who ignores the mechanics of the building. Its installation is done in 2 stages, 3 movements.

What is a soffit?

A soffit is an aluminum sheet placed under the edge of the roof, the cornice, the perforation of which allows the air to enter the attic. We find the ventilated soffit on the sloping roofs since the plexes with flat roofs of Montreal do not have any, at least not like the houses of suburbs. Do not confuse the flashing that completes the edges of the roof of the plexes with the soffit. If your home has a sloped roof with a soffit under the curb, you will need to lay a fascia to cover the wood along the side of the curb. In short, the soffit has a function of “ventilation grid”.

To be effective, an airflow system must have an equivalent inlet and outlet so that air can flow from one opening to the other. There are different types of openings called “vents”: eaves, ridge, gable and roof. If the air enters under the edge of the roof, it can come out through the gable vents located on the front and the back of the house, for example.

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The soffit occupies a ventilation function by allowing a good air circulation in your attic or attic. In winter, when the indoor temperature is high, it prevents moisture build-up while reducing the formation of ice under the roof edge. In summer, it will make your air conditioner more efficient.

  • The soffit has a protective function for the structure of the roof of your house against the damage caused by the harsh climatic conditions. Its installation is essential to avoid water infiltration, insect infestations and the presence of small undesirable animals.
  • The soffit has an aesthetic function since its installation is part of the finishing work of the roof. Available in many colors and materials, the soffit is usually made of aluminum.
  • Thus, the soffit is a component of the roof less ordinary than it seems.

Why ventilate the attic of your home?

First, you need to understand that ventilation is effective when balanced. In the case of the indoor air ventilation system, for example, insufficient ventilation increases the humidity which can cause condensation problems in the windows, premature deterioration of the dwelling and the proliferation of molds. Conversely, excessive ventilation leads to problems such as the introduction of a lot of cold winter air and very dry air into the dwelling causing health problems such as dry eyes and nosebleeds.

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