The Best Cameras of 2017 : Fast, Accurate and Pretty compact


If you’re serious about photography, your smartphone just isn’t going to cut it. That’s why we tested real cameras all year long to find the best ones. Our favorite cameras are fast, accurate, and generally pretty compact. They deliver the kind of image quality your smartphone can only dream of. These are the best cameras of 2017.

Nikon d 500

The nikon d 500 isn’t the fanciest camera but pound-for-pound we think it’s the best when it comes to stunning image quality. It has yons of professional features and excellent durability. This DSLR is one of the best cameras nikon ever made and we think it’s the best option for most serious photographers. This camera works best for Photo booth rental companies because of the quality of photos this camera takes.

canon g9x mark 2

If you want something less bulky, the canon g9x mark 2 is our top point shoot. It delivers the perfect combination of features, image quality, and ease of use all for under four hundred and fifty dollars. Buying a point-and-shoot may not be the best choice for everyone but if you’re looking to replace an old power shot or you prefer using a real camera instead of your smartphone, then this is the option for you.

Nikon d50 600

The great thing about today’s camera market is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a powerful camera. The Nikon d50 600 is a classic DSLR with first-rate image quality and plenty of high-end features. It’s priced well under $1000 that should leave you with plenty of money left over for lenses, accessories, memory cards, and everything you need to take this budget-friendly camera to a whole nother level.

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panasonic gh4

Let’s be clear if you’re planning to shoot video the best all-around camera you can buy is the panasonic gh4. Sure it’s a great camera for photography as well, but with 4k recording, 10-bit video mode, superb image stabilization, and all the necessary audio ports, the gh 5 has everything you need to record professional quality video without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Best cameras for kids for Christmas

Fuji films line of film cameras make great gifts, especially for kids who want to learn about photography the old-school way. Cameras themselves are cheap starting at just under $75 and their use of instant film gives them an immediate sense of charm that digital photography sometimes lacks especially in the age of snapchat and Instagram.

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