Who doesn’t love to look fashionable? You might have taken utmost care in your dressing and attire. It doesn’t matter how trendy your outfit is, if you have a bad pair of socks, then you are inviting trouble. Your socks do catch people’s attention when you are out. If it doesn’t match your outfit or if you get into some real bad pair of old socks, it’s going to ruin everything. August Credit Card Payment

Commonly Used Fabrics:

  • Merino wool: They have gained a wide popularity for their high warmth provided. They are soft and comfortable to wear. If it’s winter, then you can’t miss them out.
  • Synthetics: In the recent past years, synthetics have dominated the natural fabrics to some extent. Today, we can find numerous synthetic socks, which have their own distinguished properties.
  • Ingeo: The socks made from this material can be recycled. They are known for their appreciable moisture wicking capacity. However, the durability of these fabrics is too low.
  • Silk: This is another natural fabric which is used in the manufacturing of socks. They are lightweight and are skin friendly.

Why Should You Prefer Cotton Socks…?

  • Cotton socks are highly breathable than woolen socks. You can stay cooler, when you prefer to go out in cotton socks.
  • You don’t have to worry when it comes to the cleaning part. Machining washing doesn’t alter the shape of the socks.
  • These soft natural fabrics, doesn’t result in itching.
  • Talking about the price of the cotton socks, you can’t get anything which is cheaper and better than them.
  • These socks can be used in any season. They are highly preferred in summer season. However, its insulating properties also make them to be used in the winter season.
  • If you want to bring out a luxurious look, then try socks made from Cashmere. The cashmere products have a huge fan base all over the world..! The only drawback with these socks is that they are too expensive.

Choose Socks As Per Your Activity:

  • Multisport socks: As the name suggests, these socks can withstand the toughest works. In general, they are made out of fabrics, which have high moisture wicking capacity.
  • Mountaineering socks: These socks are one of the thicker ones you can ever find.
  • Casual socks: In selecting the casual socks, you need to consider the style, color and pattern strongly. In general, we find them to be lighter in weight and made from fabrics like merino wool.
  • Running socks: These socks are characterized by their thin padding and lining. The heel of these socks has a dense cushion to aid you in comfortable running.

Factors To Be Considered While Selecting The Socks:

Before you take a step out to purchase cotton socks online India, have a look at these issues.

  • Sock height: The shorter version of the socks is ankle socks and the other types are the quarter socks. Ankle socks are not meant to be worn on formal occasions.
  • Thickness: Thicker the socks, greater is the warmth provided. If you would like to involve in outdoor activities, prefer thicker ones.
  • Sock fit: A loosely fit sock can be irritating as you have to fold the excess material. This results in friction and doesn’t ease your activities.

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