Where to buy vape and associated products


Electronic cigarettes or vapes are suddenly all the rage. Almost everywhere that you go these days you will find somebody sucking deeply on one and blowing out huge clouds of ‘smoke’ on the exhale. A few years ago, these devices were complete novelties, seemingly destined never to make it big commercially, but they are now so big that they are even mentioned during airline safety briefings ahead of take-off. Yet despite their rise in popularity vapes and vape juice are not nearly as easy to buy or find as the old-school cigarette that was its forerunner. So where do you buy vape? If you are looking to sample this new technology or if you have a friend who you want to gift something for Christmas or birthday how do you track down the best product? Here are a few tips to get you on the path to happy vaping.

Modern solutions first

The e-cigarette is not exactly new technology, but it has come to the fore in the last decade with user numbers growing exponentially in the last five or six years. And given that this form of smoking has taken hold in the digital age it is no surprise that a lot of its sales happen via the internet. So, if you are shopping for product start with an online search for something like ‘buy vape online Australia’ and see what results are returned. Shopping on the internet is great because the number of options are usually so vast and varied and you never have to leave home to make a purchase.

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Specialist stores

Vapes and vape products are increasingly being sold in regular shops – the same sort of places where you would buy cigarettes, but they are not yet quite as common. Instead it is at specialist shops that they are really proving popular. Most of these vape specific stores are run and own by avid smokers and the experience of shopping at these places is generally very good. They have good ranges on offer, but it is also an opportunity to meet with other connoisseurs and discus the merits of different vapes, coils or juice flavours. It is an entirely different experience to shopping on line – each has its own benefits.

Age appropriateness

Vapes might be considered a whole lot more healthy than traditional cigarettes or pipes, but they are still not regarded as healthy. As such they are not for sale to minors or people under the age of 18. So, if you are a teenager and you fancy trying out a vape, you might find yourself rebuffed when walking into a store – or being asked to produce proof of identity when shopping online.

Support the small guy

The vape industry is new and there are a lot of small operators making coils or other products that they sell to a small group of friends or smoking circle. This is almost like what micro-distilling or craft brewing is in the alcohol space. It’s an activity that allows almost anyone to get into the market and experiment. See what private manufacturers you can find and support them if you can.

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