Bhai Dooj gifts for your brother


You all love your birthdays, and there is no secret in it! Birthdays give a feeling of personal holidays that you want to celebrate with your family and close friends. However, sometimes when you are really close to someone like your brother, you feel extremely excited about celebrating his birthday in a special way. Here are some super-fan ideas to celebrate his birthday in an extra special way. I hope these ideas will help you to cover up an extra celebratory mile!

 Bhai Dooj gifts for your brother

  1. Round the clock gifting ideas

Well, this can be different from buying some pre-determined gifts for brother on Bhai Dooj or RakshaBandhan. You need to plan before what can surprise your brother to have on his birthday. It can be simple things like his hair gel or shaving cream! What you need to do is present him gifts every hour to his surprise. Chocolates, cakes, sweets or anything he likes you can count for gifting.

  1. 7 days of birthday fun

You can plan for a family outing on the birthday of your brother. But do not tell him in advance. What you need to do is leave some clues for him with 7 gifts for the 7 days prior his birthday. For an example, if you are planning to visit a seaside, you can present him sunscreen, tan free lotion, sunglass, etc. He will be surprised definitely looking at your gifts, but when the birthday will come, he will be happy to have a family fun together on a holiday.

  1. Balloon avalanche!

Everyone favours balloons. Except decorating your house with balloons everywhere, you can load lots of balloons at the entrance too. When he will come back home and enter through the door, he will get crazy by seeing so many balloons welcoming him! This will be a distinct idea from any RakshaBandhan or Bhai Dooj gifts for your brother. You also try this idea to surprise him when he is asleep in the morning or in his closet with his birthday gifts.

  1. Care package
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You can obviously gift him a bucket full of caring messages. It may include some birthday wishes from his favourite people, filled slam book, some jokes for him. It can also include his favourite desserts like muffins, chocolates, etc. If your brother is very cautious of his skin, you can put some skincare things into it. All that your need to do is to wrap the package with your love and care.

include his favourite desserts

  1. Card, card and more cards!

Well, your birthday presents are incomplete without a birthday card! I know that you always present BhaiDooj cards or Raksha Bandhan cards to your brother every year, but dear cards are always surprising and especially when it is birthday. Want to make it different on his birthday? You can present him a whole week of birthday cards. Order from any online shop and schedule the deliveries on different days. That’s it!

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