Hilarious Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Laugh

Wedding is one of the most special events in someone’s live. Are you getting married soon? If yes, it’s up to you whether you want to liven up your wedding reception in the most memorable way or not. It is always better to make your wedding reception a fun time instead of maintaining the entire straight out-of-the-book formalities.  You really need to know how to make everything fun and interesting while even guests are in their formal wear. As you know, wedding cake is one of the most crucial elements of the day. You should really arrange one of such hilarious cakes ordered from a trusted bakery and everyone would fall into the pool of laughter-

  1. Texting each other “I love you”:

I love you

Guys will be married after a while! At least for the sake of completing the ritual, stop texting each other. You will always be together from now on!

  1. Candy lover’s delight:


Long necked couple cake could be a perfect cake delight for the candy lovers. Enjoy each piece of delicious candy.

3: I Phone Fanatic’s cake:


Hey, capture all the beautiful moments of this special day with your iPhone before your phones get drained out.

  1. Let’s get married first and then sharing posts on social media:


Done with your social media posting? Now, please go with me and let’s get married first and then start posting again in social media.

5: Let’s fall in love but don’t take it too literally:


Yeah, it’s true that no one stands straight in love, instead everyone falls in love. But don’t take it too seriously like this falling bride!

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6: Time to get naughty:


This wedding cake is intended to bring out the naughty side of yours.  Do you really want to tease your man?

7: Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ delight:

Don’t mess with this gunsmith couple and stop drooling over this delicious fondant cake if you don’t want to get shot!


8: Too much of celebration?


Both of you have finished all the bottles of Applejack and are now completely sloshed! Well, an obvious part of the celebration of a new life.

  1. Nice try to escape but when your wife is a zombie, she would keep chasing you


10: She’s your ultimate keeper


She cares for you like your mom! This is a true and long lasting love so celebrate the day in her arms.

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