Aspiring to Be an Engineer? Here’s What to Need to Know


IIT is the dream Institute of every aspiring engineer. This is evident from the fact that every year lakhs of students fill up the JEE form. The level of competition for an examination like JEE is quite tough. The syllabus is vast, and students must remain focused and work hard. While these are regular feedback we receive from our peers, parents and even teachers about JEE exam, the secret to crack an exam as competitive as JEE requires careful planning and a smart study methodology. Therefore, every student who will be appearing for the exam in 2018 or 2019, should take a note of the following points –

Join a Reputed Coaching Institute

In the initial months of your preparation, aspiring engineers must join a reputed coaching institute. Aakash Coaching reviews, for instance, are very positive, thanks to a legacy of nearly 30 years. The Aakash coaching institute is backed by a team of highly experienced faculty who guide students through various stages of the preparation. It is important to note that the trick to crack JEE exam lies studying smart. The mentors or faculty members at the academy guide students in many ways. They share tips on how to prevent silly errors and well as share the importance of studying consistently. The faculty members also counsel the students, just in case they have lost the pace to study. These are small yet significant things that have earned Aakash Coaching reviews a good name amongst aspiring engineers and parents.

Collect Study Material

When you join a coaching institute, they also offer compiled notes and study materials that are put together by experts. For example, if you want a detailed chapter in Kinematics or Vectors, you will get.  These are very valuable study material that will come handy during the revision stage of the preparation. Therefore, as students begin their preparation they are suggested to organize their notes from the very beginning.

Don’t Ignore Class XI Curriculum

JEE syllabus comprises of both Class XI & Class XII curriculum. Students who are currently in Class XII and are planning to write the exam next year should not ignore class XI curriculum. If one were to refer the JEE Main and Advance question papers this year, the number of questions from both years syllabus was balanced. Thiswas noticed in all three disciplines – Math, Physics, and Chemistry.

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Appear for Mock Tests Many Times

Mock tests are sample tests designed around the main JEE exam. The basic rationale behind Mock tests is to prepare students for the main exam. Every aspect of the Mock examination emulates the main exam. If students take mock test many times, they will get more familiar with the examination pattern. At the same time, candidates can hone their skills. For example, they will learn the importance of time management, minimize silly errors and pay attention to speed and accuracy. These are important attributes students need to pick up during the preparation stage. Mock tests are therefore an excellent platform to polish these skills.

Treat Yourself Occasionally

Time and again we are told to remain focused and consistent with our studies. Although these are relevant recommendations, overtime all study and no leisurely pursuit can lead to boredom and demotivation. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to treat yourself occasionally. We are referring to the activities that you like or enjoy. For example, if you like basketball, cricket, chess or any other board game, it is not a bad idea to indulge in your favourite sports a few times in a week.

In fact, playing for some time will refresh your brain and motivate you to study. There are ample scientific studies that has linked sports with better concentration and performance at school work.

In conclusion, we would like to say that although JEE is a tough examination, it can be conquered through careful planning and analysis. To put it in simple work, study hard, but also study smart. All the Best!