How to Create the Perfect Christmas Window Display in Your Shop

Perfect Christmas Window Display in Your Shop

A great Christmas window display can light up a street, making your shop more noticeable and appealing. This will help to draw customers in, resulting in increased sales and awareness of your brand – but how exactly do you create an awesome Christmas display?

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If you want business to boom this December, here’s how to create the perfect Christmas window display in your shop.

Draw Out Your Design

The first thing that you should do is draw out your design so you can decide on positions and other little details. This will help you to avoid making a mistake when you are setting the actual display up, and it also means it is easier for you to decide exactly how you want the display to look before it is set up.

Set a Focal Point

Make sure that your display draws the eye in by including a clear focal point, such as a big present, a toy Santa or a Christmas tree.

Christmas Window

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Make Sure There Is a Clear Theme

It can be tempting to fill your window with every Christmas decoration that you can find, but this can result in a display that is confusing and messy. Make sure you set a colour theme (such as gold and green) or use a certain item as the theme (such as candy sticks or Christmas trees) to ensure that the display is attractive and tidy.

Use Light and Space

Use space to ensure that that your display doesn’t look cluttered, and consider a spotlight to highlight your display.

Consider New Windows

New windows can really help to highlight your display and make it more noticeable, especially if you have old windows that are scratched or stained. If you want to install beautiful new uPVC windows in Dublin, check out Keane Windows Dublin for a wide range of options.

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Try Window Painting If You Don’t Have Much Room

If you only have small windows and no display space, don’t worry: you can still use window paints to create a fantastic Christmas display. If you think you have the skill to do it yourself you can, but if you’re not particularly artistic, you can hire a professional to create a personalised Christmas window display to help draw new customers in.


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