Warehouse Shelving: The Most Popular Types

Warehouse Shelving

Like most aspects of business, the choice of shelving you opt for is dependent on what suits the nature of your business and your available funds. However, take a look at these different types of shelving which could have a positive impact on the flow and efficiency of your warehouse space.

Warehouse Shelving

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Steel Shelving

A common choice among retail businesses, steel shelving is relatively cheap while being reliably durable. And even second-hand racking is as robust as the new ones. Steel shelving is also quite versatile: it can be built on the floor to form normal units or can be modelled to provide high-rise shelving for those bigger and taller spaces. Steel shelving has moved on from its old nut and bolt set-up and now has compression clips, which enable the height of the shelves to be adjusted.

Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving is equally versatile and durable and has an added advantage in that it is an easier material to assemble. Great for large warehouses, rivet shelving is most common for large objects. When adopting this type of shelving, you have the choice of wire shelves or particle board.

Warehouse Shelving

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Wire Shelving

One of the best things about wire shelving is that offers better visibility of the shelves, but while this benefit is great, they unfortunately aren’t as long-lasting as other types. That said, this shelving is still quite popular and is again easy to put together. You can find this type of industrial shelving in Ireland, plus more, by contacting Rack Zone.

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Bulk Rack Shelving

Not as bulky as you would expect, bulk rack shelving is quite light and is perfectly adapted for small warehouse spaces. Once again, this shelving is straightforward to assemble and take apart (so great for temporary use) while also offering strength and durability.

If you are ever unsure of the regulations concerning temporary or permanent warehouse storage, you can consult the HSE guidance pages at


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