We all know that sitting for too long is not good for us. Many of us spend long periods of time sitting at work, especially for computer workers. That is why it’s so important to have the right furniture at your disposal. Sitting sounds like an easy task for the body but it actually puts a great deal of pressure on the lumbar area of your back which can lead to health problems in the future is not rectified. It’s important to choose an ergonomic chair with all the right qualities to promote comfort, provide back protection and give people the freedom to work more productively.

An ergonomic chair will have the following qualities:

Stable – A high-quality chair will offer stability, solidity and ideally have a five-point base.

Backrest – A strong backrest should be adjustable both vertically and for the forward and backward tilting motion too. Good lumbar support is essential.

Depth of seat –Chairs will have different seat depths to suit either tall people or shorter people and a user should be able to place their feet comfortably flat on the floor.

Adjustable – The height of a chair should be adjustable.

Arms rests – Arm rests are good for users of computers and should also be adjustable for comfort.

Swivel – For ease of movement without straining, a good chair should be able to swivel and rotate so workers can reach desk areas without the need to overstretch.

Headrest – Not all designs feature headrests but for those who suffer with neck problems, a headrest can help ease the weight that your neck supports all day.

The idea of a good ergonomic chair is that they offer something different to the ‘one size fits all’ approach of economy office furniture. Not all chairs are suitable for every type of activity, so it’s important to choose the right type for your work. For example, a chair on wheels might not suitable for a person wishing to sit in a stationary position. A chair is only ergonomic if it is set up to fit an individual user, fitting their body dimensions, workstation type and job function. Always carefully consider furniture as part of any new office fit out. For an Office Fit out Company who can help, contact https://mobiusatwork.co.uk It is the lower back support that is the most important part of an ergonomic office chair. The spine has an inward curve that when seated for prolonged periods of time, will slouch and cause possible strains on the structures of the lower back. The material chosen is another important factor. There should be adequate padding to be comfortable and preferably, a fabric that is breathable to avoid overheating.

The mechanisms of the chair will offer control over how the backrest and seat move. The two most commonly available are a multi-function mechanism which offers a high degree of adjustability as the seat and back can move independently of one another. This provides a wider range of positions for the user. Another type is the synchro-tilt mechanism which features back and seat adjustability that is linked. As the backrest is moved, so the seat pad adjusts accordingly. It is a slightly more limited range of movement.

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