Small business houses appreciate the value of media monitoring and reputation management. But still telecom in media monitoring of small business houses fall short of the desired levels. This is as per a conclusive study undertaken by various research firms. Social media monitoring has been existent among large business houses and PR agencies, but remains lower to smaller organizations. Some of the key aspects of social media monitoring are

  • Nearly 88 % of small business monitor their performance on a quarterly basis
  • 66 % rely on social media to figure out their online reputation, and out of that 48 % rely on the use of social media with a combination of other platforms to understand more about monitoring
  • Only 44 % rely on the use of Human resources, in relation to public relation agencies to understand more about their online reputation.

If you are not taking stock of the online reputation of your brand slowly you end up losing control. A lot of people are of the opinion that the internet starts and stops with social media platforms. But this is a dangerous trend to assume. You need to monitor social media but you also you need to go beyond it to figure out more about online reputation.

The drawbacks of common media monitoring methods

The survey is of the opinion that many small business ends up using Google alerts, the professionals of public relations consider Google alert as an unethical tool. It lacks analytics; important points that a brand forgets to mention and do not podcast social media. On the other hand small business would go on to turn to public relation agencies working on the concept of a media monitoring service for their clients.

To monitor ORM in telecom with in house staff does have its own pitfalls. They lack in the ability and consistency aspect to measure results and monitor performance. What the small business houses end up doing is that they subscribe to an outside subscription service that is spread across various clients. This goes on to free the in house task of social media monitoring and allows them to focus on other important tasks.

Apart from this some media monitoring services provide tailor made packages to clients. This means that clients end up paying for what they use. It can also go on to send across automated email alerts and quickly resolve customer query issues and in due course of time safeguard their reputations.

The market is flooded with various social media monitoring tools, so it becomes really difficult to figure out what are the right tools and strategies for your business. This concept of monitoring your online reputation is relatively new for your business to be successful in this digital era.

To conclude small business houses monitor their online reputations to a less considerable degree. Many of them end up using inefficient tools and lack of quality manpower in relation to media monitoring. The key is to embrace effective social media tools.

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