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How the wine glass feels in our hands and way it delivers the smell and taste matters for many. The elegant looking well designed and comfortable wine glass adds to the pleasure of the wine. People like glasses that are unfussy and sensual.

James Moles worth who is working as a senior editor with Wine Spectator magazine told a news publication recently that a simple stemware, corkscrew or a decanter is enough to make the wine tasty if the design of the glass is attractive. So there is no need to buy Wine Glasses Online which are expensive.

He even went to the extent saying that the design of the wine glass alters its taste. “You can just pour a bottle of wine in five different glasses and check the flavor of the wine,” he said.

 Some Expert Opinion on Wine Glasses

According to him, when we Buy Wine Glasses online it is their architecture that actually dictates how will wine flow onto our tongue. He said that the architecture of a wine glass has a tendency to accentuate flavors.

People usually consider three parameters whenever they have to buy Glasses online i.e. size, shape and opening of the glass. The three parameters of the glass, opening, shape and the size decides the flavor of the wine. The size will control the amount of air that comes in contact with the wine. The shape of the glass will decide how the liquid flows through the opening. The diameter of the rim will impact the speed of the wine and how it lands on the palate inside the mouth.

Some researchers even believe that the Glasses can over-accentuate the acidic or bitter components of wine. “The wine glasses having more optimal design bring out wine’s fruitier flavors  claim some studies.

The question is when we buy wine glasses online or offline, how their shape affects the pleasure of the wine. The researchers at a Tokyo Dental University recently conducted an experiment with the help of an imaging device. They pictured the distribution of ethanol vaporizing from wine glasses.  The experiment revealed that red color of the glass showed high intensities of ethanol vaporizing than the glasses of other colors.

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All the drinks were served at the 13 degree Celsius temperature. In the ring-shaped glasses there was less quantity of ethanol, so it smelled good and drinkers liked the smell of Vodka. In other glasses as captured by sniff-cam, due to higher intensity of ethanol vapors the wine didn’t taste as good as it tasted in the ring-shaped glasses.

Types of Wine Glasses You Can Buy online

When we buy wine glasses online or offline, we come across various types of glasses based on their shape, design and size. When we buy glasses online, we come across glasses that have written on them fit for occasion. For example for the desert wine, you have small glasses and for sparklers you have flutes.

Following are Some of the Parameters Which Help Us When We Buy Wine Glasses online.

 Crystal Clear Glasses

These are glasses which are suitable for people who are keen to see their wine in the glass. These glasses are thinner than usual glasses.

  Long Stem Glasses

These are wine glasses with long handles so that drinker can hold it comfortably. You see these types of glasses mainly at restaurants.

 Inward Curve Glasses

These are glasses which we discussed above. They focus more on aroma than other factors.


Now you can easily buy glasses online that suit best to your taste buds and so on. The above discussed parameters will help you to differentiate one wine glass from one another.


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