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The trading in the stock market has been much important for those who love to have freedom in business, need regular income with the investment of short time and also a moderate risk. In this market, one can take the risk for short or long period and accordingly he should go for either cash segment or derivative as per his choice. However, before jumping into the ocean of trading one must see that he knows the ins and outs of the same so that the chances of making loss can be reduced. For this, one needs to have own strategy and create a portfolio accordingly.

The trading:

Here in this market, trading can be possible in various segments and with various permutation and the combination of capital, time and risk. However, for any type of transaction one needs to have a trading account as the transaction can be carried out in that only. This account can be opened with any of the service providing company or even a stockbroker. The client needs to pay brokerage with each trader carried out in the trading account, and therefore he needs to have the accurate brokerage calculator that can directly offer the figure to the client.

There are also various ready to use brokerage calculators available in the market which can also be used by a trader. These calculators are designed in a way that one just needs to make a few changes in case of modification is required, and the figure is availed to him in just a few seconds. For an intraday trader who may have to hit the trade at low or no margin also, this calculation matters a lot else whatever profit he makes, maybe just vanished by the term of brokerage with the service provider in a short period.  While trading in this market, the trader must avoid speculating on the basis of tips given by others as these tips can be beneficial to them only and not to the client. Before going for any of the trade in any shares, one must follow the research and analysis done for the same and must know himself is there chance of making a profit by trading in it or not.

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The accounts:

There are many investors also who believe in long-term gain by an increase in share value over a period and hence go for the purchase of shares in the delivery trading. In such case, the client has to make the payment to the service provider immediately and transfer the shares to his Demat account. In case he wants to sell the shares he can get them transferred back to the trading account and sell them. In this trading, the only benefit is value increase over a period and no chance of making a loss as in case of the low value of the shares the client will not sale at all. Meanwhile, if there is bonus share or splitting of shares, the client can have benefits of the same as well as dividend also.


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