Why India Inc should consider leveraging solar power

Do you know what Costco, IKEA, FedEx and Walmart have in common? All these business conglomerates are adopting solar energy in a big way to bolster their smart investment efforts. From the largest business houses to the new age startups, businesses around the globe are choosing to use solar energy to curtail energy expenses and improve the bottom line. It would be appropriate to say that the global solar marketplace is all set to achieve greater heights as the adoption rate is growing at a rapid scale.

Solar Value Proposition – what does it mean for Indian companies?

There’s no denying that energy usually makes up a considerable portion of any company’s operating costs. Indian companies, irrespective of its size and industry vertical, should consider the solar installation as it offers series of benefits such as lowered operation expenses, improved the bottom line, enhances focus on core business strategies.

Although, solar systems in India are competitively priced but at varied instances, solar deployment has proven to be more cost efficient as compared to purchasing electricity from the local utility. It doesn’t matter where the enterprise is situated, solar energy is capable of offering non-stop electricity.

Experts vouch for the installation of solar systems in India as it is valuable for businesses that want to make energy savings and focus upon managing long-term budgets. In fact, when solar energy is combined with the innovation-driven financing options, it helps to lower the upfront costs as

Is solar energy is the only way forward for Indian businesses?

Investing in solar panels is beneficial for every business. Whether you are keen to save money or secure the future of your company, there are many notable advantages of a commercial solar rooftop system in India. Solar panels help to lower the carbon footprint displaying a company’s green credentials to employees, investors and community.

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In simple words, solar panels are a viable option that should be taken into account by all businesses for one or more of the below-mentioned reasons –

  • Huge savings: Solar panels are capable of lending support to a company by generating free, green electricity to be used, curtailing the energy reliance on the grid during daytime apart from bagging significant savings on the energy bills.
  • No harm to environment: The ability to generate your own electricity from solar rooftop kits will help to lower the carbon emissions. With climate change becoming a major concern, the adoption of green initiatives is a strategy every company should leverage to bag competitive advantage. In the long run, it will also help a conglomerate to boost relationships with the consumers as well.
  • Energy security: Currently, the Indian government is reeling under pressure to generate considerable electricity supply to meet the growing demand. The cost of a business going off-grids is a humungous; hence it is important to consider solar power installation to ensure smooth functioning.

Moreover, it should eye to increase the renewables contribution within the overall electricity consumption along with curtailing the reliance on fossil fuel energy.


In a nation that’s hungry for energy, solar is the only answer: it’s clean, cheap and virtually endless.