How to look great in Anarkali Suits with Different dupatta styles?


Who doesn’t love to be in fashion nowadays? It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing ethnic or western, it is important that you know the different styles and then choose the best for you. This article will inform you about some of best dupatta styles for your anarkali.

Anarkali suits or dresses are an integral part of the ethnic wear of our Indian society. They not only look gorgeous but they definitely enhance your look by making you even more glamorous and elegant. Purchasing tunic tops online is not a very hard task if done with some experience. The grace of an anarkali suit comes from its very own dupatta. If you are concerned in this aspect then we are here to help. Take a look at the following article to grab knowledge about some of the best dupatta styles for your anarkali suit.

  1. The U-shape dupatta style– This is one of the oldest and most popular dupatta designs of all times. All you need to do is roll a pleat or more of the dupatta and hang it in your neck. Now let one side to be untouched and the other will go over the first one at the back. This is a classic style and suits a few of the anarkali patterns as well.
  1. The Patiala look- This dupatta style is usually carried with a Patiala suit and it looks stunning but if you are looking for a royal and graceful look then it will work great with your anarkali too. Take the dupatta and put it on your neck. Now make a few pleats on one side of it and let the other side be untouched and flowing. You can make a deep vent in the middle according to your anarkali’s pattern. The Patiala look goes wonderfully with anarkali suits.
  1. Choker girl- This is a classic Punjabi dupatta style where heavy pleats are made of the dupatta and it is just casually worn in the neck with both the dupatta ends flowing on the back. This style is not only casual and cool but it is apt for various occasions. You can try this look with your anarkali suit to highlight the pattern of its neck design and also give yourself a different look.
  1. The front and back look- This is another dupatta look which looks great with an anarkali and even a lehenga. Make pleats of your dupatta. Now hold it from your left end and it let the dupatta flow from the back of your body to the right end. This way the major fall will be on the back and the ends will be in the front to give a better draped look.
  1. The side swift– This is an all time classic dupatta style and believe it or not but it looks pretty amazing with an anarkali. Just make long pleats in the length of your dupatta and carry it on one of your shoulders. This design lets the viewer focus on both the dupatta and the anarkali at the same time.
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