The top 5 recommended Clarks Loafers for Active Lifestyle

Over the years, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of manufacturing firms around the globe and the same growth can be seen even in the footwear manufacturing firms. In this modern era, people prefer footwear brands which provide new and improved footwear for their personal and professional needs. Since a large number of footwear brands are available nowadays, selecting the right footwear would turn out be a tough task. To make things easier, you can choose a pair from a top footwear brand. Check out the popular collection from Clarks active air loafers and choose the right footwear according to your liking. Loafers from Clarks are manufactured using leather of the finest quality and designed using the latest innovative technology. Here’s a look at the top five recommended Clarks loafers which can help you lead an active life. These lifestyle shoes are certainly the perfect footwear for all your activities and can help you stay healthy.

  1. Clarks Fallston Style Navy Blue Lifestyle Shoes

 These navy blue coloured Clarks Active air loafers are just what you need to get a cool casual look. Made of high quality leather, these shoes are durable and long-lasting. These shoes would make a useful addition to your footwear collection. The false stitching and lace gives these loafers a touch of class and simplicity. The pair of lifestyle shoes comes with a warranty and so you need not worry about early wear or tear. This is a must have for people who like a casual shoe with a formal look. Transform your appearance with these cool shoes which can be ordered online or bought from your nearest footwear store which sells Clarks loafers.

2. Clarks Orson Lace Navy Blue Loafers

Navy blue coloured stylish loafers from Clarks add a character to your overall attire. An outer covering made of nubuck leather gives these loafers high durability, making it worth buying. These attractive loafers for men are certainly a must have for those who need a comfortable, tough and trendy pair of shoes to go with their cool attire. Available in many sizes, these loafers can be ordered online or bought from a footwear store near you.

3. Clarks Trigen Limit Tan Lifestyle Shoes


Stylish pair of Clarks active air loafers, designed to give a classic look for urban men all round the globe. With a genuine leather coating and hard base, these shoes are best for daily use. High quality leather materials and simple design gives these loafers a classy look. Go for these if you need a stylish and flexible shoe for running or other activities. These highly durable lifestyle shoes are certainly worth buying and can be used to lead an active lifestyle.

4. Clarks Orson Lace Brown Loafers

The pair of brown coloured loafers from Clarks is certainly one of the best choices for casual wear. One of the main attractions is the suede leather covering of these loafers. The strong rubber base of these loafers helps in achieving a firm grip, making it highly dependable for daily usage. These classy loafers are suited for all those who like a pair of smart looking shoes which can match their daily attire.

5. Clarks Tilden Cap Brown Derby Formal Shoes

These brown coloured formal Clarks active air loafers help in giving a professional look to your costume, making you a style icon. With a good overall rating and appearance, these formal shoes make the perfect choice of footwear for any kind of formal function or business meeting. Make your formal attire complete with these stylish shoes from Clarks. Best suited along with formal shirts and chinos, these shoes are certainly one of the most recommended ones for daily use.

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The Benefits of Giving Hampers as Gift

One of the best ways to reach the heart of the person you love the most is through stomach of course. Be it a favourite food or drink, there is no restriction during Christmas. Other than this, if you have some lovely bunch of kids to whom you need to gift something really incredible, set of toys can definitely bring simple of the face. For young age teens, set of makeup boxes or video games is well preferred. But if you are tired of giving some single gist and want to make this Christmas little special for the people you love the most, then here are some incredible gift ideas, which we call as hampers that you can think of gifting this season.

Need of Gifting Hampers This Christmas:

There is no denial to the fact that most of us eagerly wait for Christmas season to come up soon. Besides, right after that comes is another reason of celebration in the form of New Year. However, these mostly highly waited occasions of the year are something which everyone wants to make it perfect and memorable for their loved ones. Parties and gatherings are quite likely to happen with family, friends, and loved ones. But the most crucial part that comes in it is gifting every individual present with you in this cheerful time celebration. No doubt that it is not so easy to shop for Christmas. Besides keeping gender, age and even choices in mind, chances of getting confused are high. To avoid all this hassle, it is always better to choose hampers as the best gift. The best part is you can send hampers by post or through e commerce site easily in less time span.

Know More About Christmas Hampers?

If you ask your grandparents, even they can tell you that it has been a part of their tradition for Christmas well. it is the basket filled with not just gifts but lot of love, joy, and happiness for the people that you love the most. With different types of goodies, such type of hamper is the best type of gift that you can gift on Christmas and New Year gatherings and parties. Whether you are planning for gift hampers UK based stores or any other country, you get ample of options within your budget. The best part is it is a choice by both the genders as it can be suitable to both the genders. You can give it as a gift for the whole family or for the single person as it is csssssonsidered to be the universal gift to be given.

Hampers makes the perfect choice for many reasons. That is why, it is always better while choosing the right gift hamper for the right individual or family, you make a good homework. It is necessary that you carefully see the quality, price, and warranty given on the gift. Whether you are planning to gift a hamper of wine or hamper of dry fruits or chocolates, you must make sure that the taste is good, food is fresh and the quality is incredible with good packaging done.

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Friendship Bands Carry a Deeper Meaning – You Should Know

Friendship bracelets are just a way to show your love and care for your true friend. It a light weight jewellery that you tie around the wrist of your friend to stronger the bond of friendship between you. It is just a way to show the world that you have a true friend and he/ she cares for you to buy a special jewellery just for you.


You should not wait for any specific day to celebrate your love and care for your friend. A friendship bracelets can symbolize your true friendship on any of your special day. Do you know how colours matter in those bands? Let me tell you:

  • A pink colour band shows your kindness and sweetness for your friend.
  • If you choose a red colour band, it shows you are honest.
  • Choose an orange colour, as it is energetic.
  • Give a green colour band to your friend, to make him/ her realise that you feel lucky to have the person in your life as a friend.
  • If your friend is a happy or cheerful person, pick a yellow colour band.
  • Show your loyalty through a blue colour band.
  • If he/ she is a strong and smart person, choose black colour band.

Why you should buy a friendship bracelet


Friendship bands represent a specific meaning and truth. Yes, it may seem like simple jewellery that is quite cheap at cost. However, when a friend gives it, it means he/ she wants to say that you are special! Your friendship is the thing that is cherished for. Nevertheless, a token of friendship like a bracelet, needs reaffirmation. If you also gift a friendship band in return, that shows that you too adore the friendship. Showing love in return is not a bad thing!

The best part of a friendship band is that it carries a deeper thought with it. A friendship may not last for long. You may also think that removing the bracelet is ok after your break up, but whenever you look at it, it will remind you of your friendship. All the happy memories you spend together, are held with the threads of the band when you made your order for friendship bands buying online for your friend!

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How Many is Too Many When you Apply for Home Loan?

Have you always dreamt of a home for you and your family? Whether it’s an apartment or an independent villa in the suburbs, buying a home can be quite an expensive endeavour. You may also want to own more than one home—maybe use one as a holiday home, or even let it out for rent.

While real estate is booming with the expansion of most cities, residential property is a great choice for investment. So, if you have a good offer at hand, don’t hesitate to go ahead and seal the deal with the help of the several Home Loans available. You never know if you can bag such an opportunity again.

Multiple Home Loans

While there is no well-defined limit to taking multiple Home Loans—some experts say you can take up to 20 loans at a time—there are certain constraints that can restrain you from opting for over a few. You don’t even need to approach several banks in certain cases. Just one bank can handle your debt portfolio, as long as you have the capacity to handle the loan.

The first and most important criteria is to check your Home Loan eligibility for an additional loan. Once you’ve met this requirement, the next most important category is your Credit Score. Only if you have a strong credit score history with timely payments in the past, the lender may consider your loan application. Also, remember that too many enquiries can affect your credit scores. Since it’s more than one loan, it’s important to ensure your EMIs don’t exceed over 75% of your salary.

This is probably one of the most basic factors to consider when you apply for Home Loan—ensure your property is registered and is under no legal dispute for a smooth loan operation. Ensure the Loan-to-Value ratio is between 75-90% on the loan amount you wish to borrow.

Depending on your income and monthly budget, you’ll need to chalk out the details and determine if an additional Home Loan is within your monetary capacity. With the help of an EMI calculator, you can determine your affordability—your capacity to pay back the full loan and in time.

Taking that Second Home Loan

There are certain factors to consider once you’ve determined your affordability and are capable of another loan.

When you buy your first home through loan, the property is considered as a self-occupied property and you get a tax benefit on the principal as well as the interest paid. But if you’re taking a second Home Loan on a different residential property, the property is considered to be let-out, as the first property will be the self-occupied one. The tax benefits are not applicable with this scheme of dual Home Loans. This would mean that the tax deduction on the principal amount that you could enjoy on your first loan is not available anymore with the purchase of the second home.

There is however a benefit on the interest payment. There is no limit on the interest paid on your second home. According to section 24, the interest paid on your first home would be Rs. 1.5 lakh. You can claim the entire interest paid through these tax benefits, irrespective of the rent or lease amount you receive on your second home. This interest can be claimed through five equal installments, once the construction of the house is complete and is ready for possession. You can get an estimate of the amount to be taxed, despite monetary losses through the following formula:

Net amount to be taxed = (Rent received) – (standard deduction of municipal taxes which is usually 30%) – (interest on Home Loan)

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5 distinctive traits of true entrepreneurs

Studies indicate that social skills of an entrepreneur play a vital role in his success over time but there’re certain traits correlating directly. To know the comfort level of fellow employees, employers, active social engagement, creating a favourable reputation, taking challenges to learn and excel is what’s expected from an entrepreneur.

In general, successful entrepreneurs are more extroverts and this is crucial when they wish to understand customers, market and about people they’ll eventually be dealing with. As we speak, social skills form just a fraction of the integer! Perceptive ideas, imaginative thinking, enthusiasm, self-confidence and excellent communication are other major factors.

True entrepreneurs can distinguish themselves from the following traits;

  1. Lateral thinking

Critical thinkers are usually entrepreneurs having an impetus to process the information you provide and shape it into something extraordinary. While you’d avoid jumping into a venture without proper analysis, an entrepreneur would just do so in order to learn and mentor others. Most start-ups fail shortly after their instigation due to less tolerance for risk and lack of feasibility studies.

Thorough analysis followed by a sound business plan can greatly avert risk because entrepreneurs step into the ground after a complete analysis of the market, the product, the management, finances, prospective cash flow and people.

  1. Confident & optimism

Actions that lack confidence bear little or no fruit at all, therefore, to believe in yourself and what you do is significant. To face the hurdles with confidence and optimism, even if the path seems lofty or unmanageable, is a pathway to accomplishment. It’s, therefore, said that risk management is both an art and science as it involved planning for the unknown. What can go wrong, plausible steps to minimise the risk, challenges to take as a step to benefit against pitfalls are all considered. The only way to do this is by battling pessimism and boost up self-confidence to achieve the impossible!

  1. Keen & clear perception

It’s not until one’s in the thick of it realises that what seems to be the only solution isn’t enough to emerge victoriously! Creativity is, therefore, a must and it’s all about doing something extraordinary from the ordinary. Keen and clear imagination would definitely provide solutions beneficial for all and also showcase your ingenuity.

  1. Effective & successful communication

It’s said that he who has the art and ability to communicate effectively can conquer any ground! Since words are sharper than swords and can penetrate deeper into the brain, understanding demographic and psychographic factors is, therefore, important to communicate accordingly. Entrepreneurs; sooner or later, have to sell something to someone whether it’s a product, name, service or ideas, understanding the market in which they operate as well the people is vital.

  1. Passionate

To be passionate and remain as it is at all time can be utterly difficult even for an entrepreneur but, the spark of enthusiasm mustn’t extinguish. It takes a great deal of patience, time and effort to a successful start of a venture so one shouldn’t be discouraged and face all the tests confidently.


Entrepreneurs need to be adept at reading others accurately and making their first impression, a lasting one but in a good way. Harnessing the above skills would guarantee long-term success and imminent career boost!

These above tips are essential for Entrepreneurs who are interested to start a business.

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Ways to negotiate with a licensed money lender

Negotiation may sometimes create a hectic situation. However, it is essential at times in order to make a good deal of the money that you are offering and the amount that you would be receiving it in return. But, sometimes there is certain situation that may arise leading to a bitter experience while doing away with a hard negotiation, especially when the money lender is not ready.

Money lending can really be a simple circumstance when the borrower is demanding money from a licensed moneylender. This is because there are many quacks who do not have any value of their words and they say some different versions while you go to return them with the amount. This is seriously an unhealthy occurrence. In order to avoid any kind of bitter experiences at a later time, it is always better to go for a licensed money lender.

For the sake of convenience, it is also important to sign contract papers before you accept the specified terms and conditions. Make a proper research before consulting any of the money lenders. Check out the market trend and be a little choosy while selecting. In order to receive the latest updates, you can personally talk with your family and friends along with the relatives to get acquainted with the facts. Talk with people whom you know and discuss the matters with them thoroughly.

Experience matters and you can only get the latest reviews from the occurrences that occurred with the individuals who have received the latest updates about the loans. This would also help you to overcome with a positive feedback. Being a borrower, it is also important to learn regarding the potential issues during the process of application. If all these things are not taken into proper consideration, it is quite common for an individual to meet with several unexpected situations.

If you are choosing a licensed money lender, you can also look for the detailed information regarding the individual. These are essential to progress with a healthy relation and faith as well. After taking out all the information in your hand including the proper address of the money lending company and the detailed information about the owner, you can shift to make a call to the money lending company. The borrower may face several types of issues at the time of refund, in that case there are several sideways options which can be utilised like that of foreclosure and mortgage loan.

Your request shall be taken under consideration after the verification of the genuinely of the process. The money lending company may also help you to pave the best possible solutions in this regard. In a case of foreclosure, there is an option that can be downloaded and you can fill the necessary details within it and proceed with the further dealings. The lending company shall also ask you to submit a few necessary documents and you must do that to meet the specifications of the company.

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Paytm Promo Codes and Its Exclusive Cash Back Offers!

Now, you can get cash back and other offers for your mobile recharge through Paytm and other bill payments through Paytm. Paytm has announced some interesting and handsome cash back offers for its customers. The customers can visit the Paytm website and know something about the extraordinary offers. It is a chance for all the users to fill their Paytm wallets using the cash back and Paytm promo code offers. Regular visits to will let you know all about the cash back offers and many more details about that. Even you can read the article completely and find something about the offers.

Paytm Promo Codes that is Valid for November

From this website, you can come to know what the Paytm promo codes that perform for November 2016 are. Through the Paytm website, one can do mobile recharge, DTH recharge, book movie tickets, pay electricity bills and many more. Now, you can use the Paytm payment gateway for all your payments. The Paytm promo code offers and its cash back are explained below. The cash back offers ranges from Rs.50 to Rs.500. You can find many offers and choose something that you find suitable for you.

Paytm Diwali Coupon Code Offers

  • DHAMAKADTH – You can use this coupon code to recharge your DTH set up box and get up to Rs.350 cash back.
  • DHAMAKABILL – You can use this coupon code to pay your bills and get up to Rs.500 cash back.
  • DHAMAKA150 – you can use this coupon code to recharge your mobile and get up to Rs. 150 cash back.

Paytm Recharge Coupon Codes for all Operators

  • RUPAY25 – You can use this coupon code on RUPAY debit card and get Rs.25 to RS.250 cash back.
  • GRAB5 – This code can be used for your mobile recharge. This coupon code will provide you 5% cash back.
  • PAYTMAPP – Use this code and get Rs.25 cash back on all operator mobile recharge.
  • GRAB200 – This code can be used for 5 times on recharge + bill payments and get Rs. 200 cash back.

Paytm Codes for Individual Operators

  • BSNL400 – This is for postpaid users. Use this code on bill payments of Rs. 400 and 400+ and get Rs.30 cash back.
  • Airtel400 – Use this code and get Rs.30 cash back on bill payments of 400 and above.
  • IDEA400 – You can use this coupon code and get Rs.30 cash back on bill payments of Rs.400 and above.
  • TATA400 – It is for Tata Docomo users. Use this code and get Rs.30 cash back on bill payments of 400 and above.
  • VODA400 – Use this coupon code to get Rs.30 cash back on bill payments of 400 and above.
  • AIRCEL400 – This coupon code can be used to get Rs.30 cash back on bill payments of 400 and more.

Bill Payment Codes

  • PAYBILL – It is for one-time use. Use this code and get Rs.100 cash back on first water bill payment and electricity payment of Rs.500 above.
  • BILLPAY – Pay electricity bills through Paytm and get 3% cash back.
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Importance of Business Valuation

Business Valuation is an exercise, that will give a unbiased credible assessment of the value of a business. Business valuation is a critical component to your business succession planning. Generally, business owners tend to consider business valuation only when they decide to put their business up for sale; however it is important for every business to have an up to date valuation. Valuation is a very versatile tool that can be used as a business performance indicator; it can demonstrate the direction the business is heading. It is also important for other reasons –

Business Succession Planning: Savvy business owners often arrange transfer shares to a partner or heir through a buy-sell agreement. But before the owner buyout price , the value of the business must be determined.


The IRS needs to know the Value of the Business: At the death of business owner, the value of the business will be used to help estate taxes and tax basis for any future sale.

There are many circumstances in modern business why valuation is very important. These include financial reporting, legal disputes, fund raising, intellectual property and when it comes to determining relative performance of a business. Valuing a business is a complex exercise that takes several attributes-purpose of the valuation, date of the valuation, selection of a method, cash flow of the business, economic circumstances, ownership consideration and the experience of the business valuer.

Valuation for three factors (selling to a third party, creating a succession plan for a family member, or preparing for untimely departure or death of the partner) will depend on different factors to determine the fair market value of the business.

Business may need valuation for any of the following reasons:

  • When buying or selling a business
  • Financial Reporting purpose
  • When setting up legal disputes
  • Assessing Intellectual property (IP)
  • When Raising Funds
  • When assessing overall performance of the business

Valuation is also very useful barometer to access the life cycle of the position of the industry. There are many reasons why valuation is important. It is an important input to many of the decision that boards, management, regulators and investors make every day in modern business. Estimated value of the business is useful data for the owner in putting together a succession, estate or personal retirement plan.

The best way to determine the value of your business is to find a qualified appraiser. Determining the value of the business is not something that you should attempt at your own. You can contact Proxcel Advisory Services LLP for the best business valuation services in India.

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Enjoy Your Shopping Experience More with New Deal

The internet is truly a lifeline for all of us. In this technological age, the internet has become an essential part of our life. Among all the latest trends going on these days, online shopping is the hottest one. Everyone these days enjoys the pleasure of online shopping because online stores offer its customers with attractive New Deal and discount offers. Its During the festive time, you get to grab the highest possible benefits. At present, there are countless n number of online stores available offering an attractive new deal every day.

The online stores that have philosophy of a new deal, everyday have to work a lot to maintain this philosophy. The stores work hard to make their new Deal attractive and full of benefits and heavy discounts. People who love online shopping and do it on a regular basis understand the importance of new hot deals as they get to purchase more and more products by spending very little amount as compared to others. At times you tend to find such good and best of certain products in such less amounts.

Every New Deal keeps on coming up everyday and it requires your awareness and presence online all the time to grab the incredible one. If you’re not out of those who keep on surfing online shopping sites every day, then you might miss some of the great

Why is new deal so special?

People who are crazy about buying latest and fresh arrivals and love online shopping, always keep on waiting for the new deals. There are some reasons that you should definitely wait for the New Deal so passionately.

  • Discounts: Only Discount offers are the most common fact behind why most of the people wait for new deals so eagerly every day. Already existing vendors provide you with the most popular products in lesser amounts. These kinds of deals are the best way for buying amazing products without spending much amount of money.
  • Promo codes: The best part of getting and availing new deals is that you can get the amazing promo codes during the shopping. Many big ventures launch their fresh products through new deals in order to grab the attention of the target audience and also an audience that might get excited after seeing the offers.
  • Pay less and get more: Another major attraction of the New Deal is you can buy more products by investing lesser amount. There are many  offers like combo deals ‘buy one, get one’, ‘buy two get one free’, buy this much and get this complimentary gift absolutely free’ and lots more. These deals provide you with many products in the least amount of money and are also very beneficial.
  • Festive deals: Online stores offer you with the best new deals during the festive season where new deals actually complement their fame name. At that time, you can grab the fresh arrivals deal as a new deal and make the online shopping experience more joyful.

A new deal, everyday makes online shopping so much fun and grabs so many customers.So now don’t wait for off-season sales just visit online shopping sites and shop more and pay less.

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Want to Ship Your Houseplant? Check This

Plants are just like kids, which can be an important part of one’s life. There are many people who love to grow various plants in the house. With the help of various techniques and tools there are a number of plants that one can grow in the pots and other items. However, it is not that easy to move these plants from one place to another and there is always a risk of losing them while shipped.

Therefore, shipping houseplants is an area that can make one worry when he has to ship the house interstate or intrastate. It is but natural as the plants which are raised with great care can be at risk just because of the shipping. There are different types of plants and some of them are too sensitive to have great care. A little negligence can cause tremendous effects on them and hence it is an area of serious concern for the client.ship-plants

To have some excellent service providers who can handle the shipping of plants carefully. Well, here one must note that shipping of plants is not just like other shipping as plants are too delicate and sensitive. A little mishandling can damage the plant forever. Therefore, the shipper must have people who can handle the plants with care and also have such facilities that can accommodate the plants easily. To find such a service provider one can publish the ad on a load board and hence the service provider can directly contact the client.

Get the perfect professionals to ship plants

To shift the plants are not easy. There can be two situations. In the first situation, one may have plants in a pot which can be shipped easily with a little care. At this point the shipper must have people who can water the pots at regular interval and also arrange them in a manner so that enough sunlight is availed. In the second situation when the plants have roots in land one has to dig them with care and arrange them in a pot or plastic bag so that they can reach the destination safely.

The service provider:

There are many service providers who offer houseplant delivery with perfect services. They have trained professionals who know how to operate the plant, move them, care them while in shipping, provide water at regular interval and also keep bugs and pest control that can keep the plant healthy. They also settle the plant in the new place and offer perfect services so that one does not have to suffer from the loss of his loving plants.

The client first needs to check if the service provider has such people and meet them or talk to them. He also needs to check the rates quoted by different service providers. So that he can get the best deals with quality service across the market. He also needs to check various terms and condition of the quote. For perfect service one can also check the reviews of the service providers before hiring them.

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