Why India Inc should consider leveraging solar power

Do you know what Costco, IKEA, FedEx and Walmart have in common? All these business conglomerates are adopting solar energy in a big way to bolster their smart investment efforts. From the largest business houses to the new age startups, businesses around the globe are choosing to use solar energy to curtail energy expenses and improve the bottom line. It would be appropriate to say that the global solar marketplace is all set to achieve greater heights as the adoption rate is growing at a rapid scale.

Solar Value Proposition – what does it mean for Indian companies?

There’s no denying that energy usually makes up a considerable portion of any company’s operating costs. Indian companies, irrespective of its size and industry vertical, should consider the solar installation as it offers series of benefits such as lowered operation expenses, improved the bottom line, enhances focus on core business strategies.

Although, solar systems in India are competitively priced but at varied instances, solar deployment has proven to be more cost efficient as compared to purchasing electricity from the local utility. It doesn’t matter where the enterprise is situated, solar energy is capable of offering non-stop electricity.

Experts vouch for the installation of solar systems in India as it is valuable for businesses that want to make energy savings and focus upon managing long-term budgets. In fact, when solar energy is combined with the innovation-driven financing options, it helps to lower the upfront costs as

Is solar energy is the only way forward for Indian businesses?

Investing in solar panels is beneficial for every business. Whether you are keen to save money or secure the future of your company, there are many notable advantages of a commercial solar rooftop system in India. Solar panels help to lower the carbon footprint displaying a company’s green credentials to employees, investors and community.

In simple words, solar panels are a viable option that should be taken into account by all businesses for one or more of the below-mentioned reasons –

  • Huge savings: Solar panels are capable of lending support to a company by generating free, green electricity to be used, curtailing the energy reliance on the grid during daytime apart from bagging significant savings on the energy bills.
  • No harm to environment: The ability to generate your own electricity from solar rooftop kits will help to lower the carbon emissions. With climate change becoming a major concern, the adoption of green initiatives is a strategy every company should leverage to bag competitive advantage. In the long run, it will also help a conglomerate to boost relationships with the consumers as well.
  • Energy security: Currently, the Indian government is reeling under pressure to generate considerable electricity supply to meet the growing demand. The cost of a business going off-grids is a humungous; hence it is important to consider solar power installation to ensure smooth functioning.

Moreover, it should eye to increase the renewables contribution within the overall electricity consumption along with curtailing the reliance on fossil fuel energy.


In a nation that’s hungry for energy, solar is the only answer: it’s clean, cheap and virtually endless.

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Why India is a Preferred Investment Destination

Today, India is considered as one of the major forces in global economic market. According to global survey of top decision makers in multinational corporations, for next three years, India is the most attractive investment destination in the world. India is a preferred destination for invertors over other major countries because of its huge market base, fast developing spending habits, good administrative setup, favourable business environment and attractive foreign policies. Apart from it, a vast network or bank branches, financial institutions and a well-organized capital market contribute to make India a preferred destination.

As compared to the 2014 survey the number of people, who believe that soon India would be among the world’s leading top 3 destinations for manufacturing by 2020, had increased from 24% to 35%.

India has a vast network of technical and management institutions, which is the highest international standard. These institutes develop best human resources. The government of India is also taking some initiatives to attract foreign investments in India’s diverse sectors. Government has announced a number of attractive schemes and policies from time to time to lure investments.


According to the EMPEA’s global limited partners survey, 30% respondent plan to either begin or expend investing in India over the next 2 years, compare to other emerging markets. The report shows 89% of respondent believe that investment is infrastructure projects and 100 smart cities projects would be significant drivers of growth. According to DIIP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, The total FDI investments received in financial year 2015-16(April 2015 to March 2016) was $40 million, which shows that the efforts to improve ease of doing business  and relaxation in FDI norms is increasing results.

The domestic market, stability, knack or product quality services & goods and provide top class services at lower cost are the most important factors in making India attractive.  Consumer goods, services and healthcare are the most attractive sectors for foreign investors.

Today, there is hardly any big company in the world, who doesn’t have their presence in India in one or many ways. Some companies outsource their services like accounts and BPO operation to India. This is possible only because these companies are getting excellent services and value for the money they invested.

To increase investments, India’s chief priorities are improving infrastructure, improving labour laws, introducing a uniform goods and services tax initiating investor-friendly FDI policies and straightening dispute-resolution processes.

If you want to know more about the other latest news related to business and finance, visit us at Easystart.

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How to Find a Premium Transportation Services in Ghaziabad?


Relocation to a different city is not an easy task. What follows the decision of relocating is the process of searching a reliable and efficacious transportation service. Relocating your chattels and vehicles can be a pain unless you find a transportation service that will make your task easy. Whilst there are numerous transportation services, you need to make sure that the one you are choosing is both reliable and authentic.

For staying away from frauds, it is better to look out for the services that are certified and registered. In this article we will discuss about some of the tips with the help of which you can find perfect transportation services in Ghaziabad.

Tips To Find Reliable Transportation Services in Ghaziabad

Searching for a reliable and safe transportation services is difficult but not impossible. Therefore, do not stress yourself as a little planning and researching is what it takes to end up with the most efficacious transportation service. Read on to find out some of the tips that will help you out in finding the best transportation service.

  1. It Should Provide Insurance: The most important thing when it comes to transport your vehicles and household chattels is the insurance. Even if you think that the transport service is reliable, getting insurance is the best way to make sure that in case of any accident or damage, you will get the money equivalent to your belongings. Nobody would like to get wrecked car after it is transported and therefore in case of any dent, scratch or anything more, the insurance will help you in repairing those damages. In case the company is not providing any insurance, then do not hire it.
  2. Check Out Their Certification: It is always to check the certification and registration to make sure that the transport company is authentic. You can find the required information from the sites where the transportation services are registered and find out information about them. In case you do not find any information about the company, then it is definitely a red flag for you.
  3. Find Referrals: The authentic transportation services in Ghaziabad will be comfortable in giving you the list of referrals. Talk to the people who have already used the services provided by the company and take their feedback about the quality and the flexibility of the transport company.
  4. Check Their Delivery Schedule: Make sure that the delivery of your belongings is scheduled within the time period that you are comfortable with. In case the delivery date of the company does not match with your requirement, then it is better to approach any other transport company.

Keep all the above-mentioned tips in mind and believe me, you will end up in finding the best transportation services in Ghaziabad and other regions of Delhi NCR. Always remember that if the company is big, it does not mean that it will always be reliable and will offer great services. Make sure that it is authentic and reliable as well.

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Corporate Event Management- A Vision

Corporate events play a significant role for modern day business activities. In this process, the organized and careful planning is involved to make it imperative. There are many reasons for an event within a corporate organization which are following:

  • Press conference
  • Annual function
  • Product launch
  • Deal and partnership tie-ups
  • Annual parties
  • Deal success parties

To these events, there is always a big motive and important reason for a company to do. Therefore, it is very important to organize these events with utmost precision and accuracy. When the event is happening at very large scale it is usually complicated, then it need be arranged with care.

Now days, event management companies have become very much important for managing corporate events and planning different types of events for organization. There are many corporate event management companies who can professionally handle the organization. Sometimes, there are many events which involved only the management and the staff of the company. But, these types of gathering are focused to create team spirit and to improve work environment.

Apart from this, there are those events also which include clients and other companies and are important for the growth of an organization. Therefore, professional event organizers are need to implement these type of events. There are many advantages of hiring corporate event managers. As they provide all the arrangements in well-executed ways and make the event perfect and successful. They also make good cost-cut in the arrangement material as they are having good relations with vendors. The most successful event is the one that attains the goals and exceeds your prospect. Event management companies in India taking it’s edge towards success and a accomplishment.

There are many aspects that required to manage by these corporate event companies. The venue of the event is a very important part to decide first for the successful event. The arrangements of event are done according to the needs and demands of event. There are many times when organization need to organize cricket match event or other sport related events for their employee. In other case, company want to organize conference event for the partnership deal then it follows by a cocktail party. All these include varied type of arrangements with precise detailing of facet. Apart from this, corporate event organizing company also have a task to choose the gifts for the employees and the guest of the event. The nature, type and budget get decided by the company according to the desires.  A very significant part of every event is food which should be perfect and mouth-watering. If the food of event is not perfect then, it can ruin the event and its purpose. The quality and the taste of the food & drinks with the service is also very essential. For successful event, you requires a well planned, well-organized and well-executed event.

In the daily life, the hectic schedule doesn’t make to plan and execute perfect corporate event without any involvement of event managers. That is why corporate event management companies are important for corporate occasion for a success of a company

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A Complete Guide on Overhead line Insulators

Long rod insulatorsOverhead line insulators are electrical insulation devices used to support overhead electrical line conductors on the support structures. These line insulators make sure that there is no flow of leakage current, from the line conductors to the earth, through the supports. The line insulators are attached to the projected arms of the supports and the current carrying line conductors are pinned to the insulators, in order to provide the necessary insulation and isolation between the live conductors and the metal work of the supports. The separation of the conductors with the metallic supports can be controlled by increasing the length of the conductor and increasing the length of the cross arms.

The properties of a good overhead insulator are:

  • The insulators should possess ruggedness and high mechanical strength; they should be able to bear the stress of the conductor weight as well as the pressure due to heavy winds and snow.
  • It is highly desired from an overhead line insulator to possess high relative permittivity or dielectric strength to prevent puncture through phenomena through insulator in case of high voltage surges.
  • The insulators should have high insulating properties or high resistance to prevent the flow of leakage currents to the ground though the insulators.
  • The insulators should have a high ratio of puncture strength to flash over voltage.
  • Another desired characteristic of a good insulator is the ability to withstand high degree of temperature variations. The insulators should not crack from exposure to repetitive climatic and temperature changes.

Types of insulating material:

Porcelain – It is produced by heating a combination of quartz, feldspar, kaolin at a controlled temperature. Porcelain is stronger than glass in terms of bare mechanical strength and also possesses better leakage strength and better resistance towards temperature variation.

Glass– It is more homogeneous and cheaper than porcelain and if reinforced and properly toughened provides better dielectric strength and higher resistivity. The most beneficial property of a glass insulator is the ease of designing and molding.

Steatite– Steatite is synthetic compound manufactured from combination of naturally occurring magnesium silicate with oxides in varying proportions. It has much larger bending strength and much higher tensile strength than porcelain, it finds major application in places where the transmission line take sharp turns and require high bending.

Types of insulators

  • Pin Type Insulators – The most earliest and widely used insulator type of insulators used for supporting line insulators. It provides the most efficient, simple and economic method of conductor and bus bar support for voltages up to 33KV.
  • Strain type insulators – These are special type of insulators that find application when the line conductors to be supported meet a dead end or a sharp corner. These insulators are designed to withstand a lot of strain and hence the name.
  • Suspension type insulators – Suspension type insulators consists a number of porcelain discs combined together with the help of a metallic link. These suspension insulators hang from the arms of the supports and support the conductors. The number of discs in an insulator is proportional to the voltage carried by the lines.
  • Long rod insulators – Increasingly the newer design Long rod insulators are replacing the suspension type insulators, due to their simpler construction. Unlike the pin type insulators, the long rod insulators can be manufactured as a single unit and the economies of scale can be achieved in production.
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Practical Tips on How to Become a Smarter Tourist in Australia


Traveling to Australia for a long vacation or simply for a short getaway should be an exciting experience, especially if you are not from the Land Down Under. The country has many things to offer – too many that you may find it overwhelming. If you are staying for a limited number of days, it is best that you plan your itinerary well to fully enjoy the experience.

There are countless travel and tourism articles that provide a plethora of tips and tricks, but this one should be able to give you more insights about the local experience. In order to enjoy Sydney and its neighboring suburbs, do what locals do.

Make sure to use your ATM card to withdraw Australian dollars

Instead of bringing too much of your local money, say US dollars, it is more advisable to withdraw money using your ATM card. While you can always go for foreign exchange shops, you are more likely to get better rate using your ATM card. However, make sure to take note of the overseas withdrawal fees imposed by your bank.

Keep in mind that not all businesses honor payments via credit card

Larger businesses like restaurants, supermarkets, department stress and hotels accept major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and some American Express; however, small businesses usually only take cash. This is why it would be a better option to withdraw money using your ATM card or to have your local money changed into AUD at a foreign exchange shop.

Catch local sporting events

Australians have a very active local sports scene. Some of the most popular sports include “footy” or Australian football, rugby, soccer, tennis, and cricket. Before traveling to Sydney, check the schedule of the sporting events near the place where you will be staying. Witnessing how passionate Australian fans are will definitely be a unique experience. If you are into sports like tennis, you can also take the opportunity to buy tennis racquet since there are many sporting goods shops in the country.

To enjoy your vacation better, go during warmer months

The most fun activities in Sydney are best enjoyed when the sun is high and the weather is warm. If you want to experience the most out of your Sydney trip, you may want to schedule your travel outside the winter months or June to August. During these months, temperature can go low as 8° C (46.4° F), which will easily bar you from enjoying the capital’s breath-taking beaches. However, if you can’t help but to travel to Sydney during the winter months, you can still enjoy your stay just don’t expect to do the activities usually enjoyed during the warmer months, such as swimming, surfing, and other water sports.

Walk your way through the cities and towns

If you have the luxury of the time, spend a day or two just walking around Sydney and its nearby suburbs. Grab a drink at some local pubs, or pay visit to a museum. There are lots and lots to see. You would also want to try authentic Australian foods as they are abundant in almost every corner of the capital. However, if you are coming from the U.S., expect that many of the foods they serve may have the similar taste with the ones you enjoy home.

If you wish to spend some money shopping of items like shirts, jerkies, hats, tennis racquet, caps, mugs, stickers, and swimsuits, just make sure that you have enough room on your baggage. In order to enjoy your vacation in Australia, it is important to come up with a detailed and realistic travel itinerary, and make sure to stick to it if you don’t have plans to go over your budget. The country has tons and tons of activities and destinations to offer, and it is up to you which ones to experience.

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Categories of Criminal Offences


Crime exists in different forms and shapes, and every places has its own reasons to segregate them into different categories. If you talk about different types of criminal offences in Canada, there are 3 basic categories, such as Summary Offences,Indictable Offences, and Hybrid Offences.

These types of offences have been outlined in the Criminal Code of Canada. While you can always learn about them in detail by consulting Toronto criminal defense lawyer, this post shares basic information on each of them. If you have been charged with a criminal offence, contact Hershberg Criminal Lawyer for legal adviceas well as professional assistance in the court.

  1. Summary Offences

You can find out the list of summary conviction offences in section 553 of the Criminal Code of Canada. The list mostly consists of minor charges and penalties as compared to other relatively severe crimes. Examples include theft (under $5,000) and mischief charges.

Purely summary conviction offences are processed and heard only in Provincial Court. This means that an accused doesn’t have the option for a jury or a preliminary inquiry.

  1. Indictable Offences

Contrary to summary offences, indictable offences are the most serious criminal offences. You can go through section 469 of the Criminal Code of Canada and learn about these offences in detail. Examples of indictable offences include murder and treason.

Purely indictable offences are processed and heard only in Supreme Court. The default trial mode is judge and jury; however, if the accused and prosecutor consent, the trial may be heard by judge alone.

What’s the Difference between the two?

The two categories of offences differ on the basis of court process as well as the maximum punishment.

In British Columbia, criminal cases are processed and heard provincial courts and supreme courts. All trials in Provincial Court are heard by judge alone, whereas trials in Supreme Court may be heard by a judge alone or judge and jury.

  1. Hybrid Offences

The offences that are not listed in either section 553 or 469 of the Criminal Code, but they fall in the category of offences, are hybrid offences. In fact, majority of the criminal offences fall in this particular category.

What hybrid offence means is the prosecutor can choose whether to classify an offence as summary conviction or indictable. How a charge is classified determines how a charge is processed through the criminal court system.

  • If a charge is a hybrid offence, and the prosecutor classifies it as indictable, then the accused can choose whether to have the case processed and heard in Provincial Court or Supreme Court.
  • If the prosecutor chooses to classify and proceed by indictment (i.e. indictable offence), then the accused chooses whether to have the case heard in Provincial Court or in Supreme Court by judge alone or judge and jury.

When the criminal lawyer Toronto has the option to choose (i.e. hybrid offence), the summary conviction maximum punishments are often less severe than indictable classification.

For example, an impaired driving charge (aka operating while impaired) is a hybrid offence where the prosecutor can choose to proceed summarily or by indictment. As an indictable offence, the maximum punishment is 5 years in jail; as a summary conviction offence, the maximum punishment is 18 months.

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Does It Matter Which Company You Hire For International Shipping?

International Shipping

If you are the proud owner of a new small business, you’ve got your work cut out for you. One of the biggest decisions you need to make in a hurry is who to give your shipping business to. After all, the transaction isn’t complete when the sale is made. You’ll need to ship your goods to your customers in a timely manner, making sure that they arrive to their destination in excellent shape. In order to accomplish this important goal, you’ll need to engage the services of a trucking company that can handle your orders in a prompt and professional manner.

With So Many Choices, How Will You Know Where To Turn?

There is certainly no lack of international freighting companies to choose from. Many have been on the market for decades, while others are of recent origin. However, any reputable company whose offer interests you ought to have some form of Internet presence, as well as verifiable references and testimonials from past customers. In addition, they ought to be able to provide you with proof of the State and Federal certifications that qualify them to be in their present business. Beyond this, they should be able to present you with a contractual agreement that fully specifies all services and charges.

Will Your Business Be Directed At A Local Or International Market?

Another major point to consider is whether the bulk of your business will be directed at a local or international market. If the majority of your sales will be made at the local or domestic level, there isn’t much need to take out a major agreement with a shipping company whose focus is largely on foreign orders. On the other hand, if you will be doing equal amounts of local and international business, it’s an excellent idea to seek the services of a company who can handle both types of orders with equal ease and precision. Once you have an agreement in place, your next concern will be purely logistical.

Handling The Logistics Of Local And International Shipping Orders

If your business is primarily, or wholly, based on the Internet, you may not have a physical address of your own to ship orders from. Your inventory may be housed in a warehouse owned by another company, or your merchandise may shipped from a location in a whole other country. If this is the case, the bulk of your orders will thus be shipped on a purely international basis and will require the assistance of a reputable and reliable company that has the network and equipment in place to handle such tasks. Even if your orders are largely domestic, you’ll still need to deal with a true professional.

Issues Of Safety And Cost Effectiveness For Time Sensitive Material 

While your main concern with shipping orders will naturally be to see that they get to their intended destination in one piece, there will be the issue of cost effectiveness to consider. In many cases, the goods you ship will also be of the time sensitive variety. You will need to engage the services of a shipping company that will treat all of these important issues regarding each and every one of your shipments with the seriousness and sensitivity that they deserve.

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Finance your Property Purchase Better With a Joint Home Loan


Getting yourself a Home Loan with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options is one of the best ways to buy a home. That said, managing your finances when you are the only applicant of a Home Loan can be quite a challenging task.

A Joint Home Loan allows you to avail higher loan amounts, while sharing the burden of EMIs with a co-applicant. If you have a lower credit score than your co-applicant, the credit score of the other applicant will be considered, thus bettering your chances of getting good Home Loan interest rates. Here’s all you need to know about Joint Home Loans.

What’s the Advantage?

Banks and NBFCs evaluate your credit history, income, financial stability, and repayment capacity when you choose to apply for a Home Loan. In case you have poor scores, your application faces the possibility of being rejected or fetching a smaller loan amount. If you face a situation like this, consider a Joint Home Loan.

The income tax rebate for Joint Home Loan applicants who’re also the co-owners of the property are significantly higher than that of an individual Home Loan. Both applicants are also eligible for tax deduction on the principal amount and interest paid on the loan. This greatly helps in reducing the financial burden of repaying the loan, and makes it easier to manage finances. By doing this, you can increase your savings and invest in other assets to increase your wealth.

Who can be your Co-Applicants for a Joint Home Loan?

You need to be wary of the terms ‘co-applicant’ and ‘co-owner’. Co-owner is a person who has a share in the property. Some banks insist the co-owners be the co-applicants of a Joint Home Loan. However, some lenders will accept your spouse, parents, or siblings as co-applicants even if they aren’t co-owners of the property with you.

Lenders won’t sanction a Joint Home Loan to friends, unmarried couples, or sisters. Though they can co-own a property, they won’t be eligible to become co-applicants for a Joint Home Loan. Depending upon the lender you approach, you can take up a Joint Home Loan with up to 6 co-applicants.

What are the Documents Required for the Loan?

If your application gets processed, you’d be asked to submit a specific set of documents to validate you and your co-borrower. You’d be required to submit proof of identity, address proof, income details, tax proofs, business continuity proof, and bank account statements for the last 3 months, for both the applicants. You’d also be asked to submit property-related documents before applying for a joint home loan.

What Affects the Tenure?

The tenure for a Joint Home Loan isn’t just dependent on your income, age, repayment capacity, and property value. When you apply for a Joint Home Loan, the relationship you share with the co-applicant also affects the tenure you’d be eligible for. If the co-applicant is your spouse then the maximum tenure you can get is 20 years. In case your co-applicant is your parents or siblings the tenure is restricted to 10 years. As a Joint Home Loan borrower, you get access to a number of tax benefits, especially if the co-applicant is also the co-owner of the property.

What are the Tax Benefits?

Each co-applicant can claim upto Rs.1.5 lakh of tax redemption on the principal amount, under Section 80C, and Rs.2 lakh on the interest payment, under the Section 24C.

For instance, if you’ve taken a Home Loan of Rs.60 lakh with an interest of 10% per annum, you will pay Rs.6 lakh as interest over the years. If you’re an individual Home Loan applicant, then you can claim only Rs.2 lakh on the interest amount. But joint Home Loan applicants can claim deductions upto Rs.4 lakh on the interest paid. This move would help you increase your savings and manage your household finances better.

How do you Repay?

The process of repayment of a Joint Home Loan is similar to that of a Home Loan. The monthly payments to the loan need to be made through a single check, usually from a joint bank account that is co-owned by the applicants. Each of the applicants would have to make contributions to this account to make the payment for the monthly instalments of the loan.

Another way of repaying the loan would be to share the EMIs between the applicants. You can mutually agree on a specific number of payments to be made by each applicant and balance out the payment for coming years.

What to do in Case of a Dispute?

Before you sign up for the loan, it’s advisable to sign a legal liability agreement with your co-applicant. This agreement clearly states the liability for each applicant and prevents any miscommunication in the future. You can also ask the lender to mention the liability for each individual borrower in the sanction letter.

Applicants for a Joint Home Loan are advised to take separate life-term insurance to reduce financial stress on the other applicant in case something unfortunate should happen to them.

Now that you know what you need to do to invest in a property of higher value, consider a Joint Home Loan. Research the current market trends and the different Home Loan interest rates to get the best deals on your Home Loan. Apply for one only after you’re thoroughly satisfied with the interest rates, tenure, and the loan amount offered.

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Why is the Bare Copper Wire Needed in Industries?


Bare copper wire manufacturers are in much demand in India because copper wiring is widely used in a variety of industries. Copper wires have been used as raw materials for multiple industries because of their superior finish, high strength, conductivity, corrosion resistance and dimensional accuracy. Before choosing copper wire manufacturers in India, you need to read online reviews about them and check for customer feedbacks on the products.

Bare-CopperWhat are the advantages of using bare copper wire?

  • When you use bare copper wire, the greatest advantage you can enjoy is conductivity. Copper is bar far the best conductor amongst all metals.
  • In terms of flexibility too, copper wiring is preferred because in electrical wiring, you may need this especially when you are doing house wiring. Wires need to be bent and twisted to get the work done and for this copper wiring is ideal. Although the bare copper wire is flexible, it is not any less strong when bent. It is not brittle and will never break even if you twist it hard at precarious angles.
  • The bare copper wire has a very high melting point which ensures that it will not catch fire easily. This makes copper wiring very safe to work with. When there is a surge or an unexpected overload, the wire will not burn; so, any chances of there being a fire hazard because of power fluctuations is completely ruled out.
  • Copper wiring is also durable and does not need to be repaired regularly. The bare copper wire will not suddenly become loose as is the case when you use materials other than copper for wiring.
  • You will find that manufacturers of electronics and electrical equipments always specify that they have used copper wires in their products. This is necessary because incompatibility problems may arise if other kinds of wires are being used at home besides copper. When you run a non-copper wire into a bare copper wire, a galvanic reaction occurs that may become dangerous. It may damage the copper wiring and you will need to repair the whole wiring. Copper is very convenient to work with and this is why most electrical equipment experts will prefer copper wiring. They can be easily pulled into very tight positions and you need not worry about oxides forming on its surface.
  • Metals can also go through a lot of wear and tear and weakening because of high humidity or moisture; however, copper is corrosion-resistant and is ideally suited for marine applications.

These are some of the main benefits which the bare copper wire will provide. Copper wiring guarantees far better performance compared to other metal wirings. Even when exposed to frequent contraction and expansion, the bare copper wires do not get affected. If copper is not used, you may have to check the wires periodically and even introduce extra metal to counter the effects. Copper is both hard and flexible at the same time; displays great tensile strength making it ideally suited for the telecommunication industry.

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