Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Essay writing is not the favorite subject for most students. Essays sometimes need to be 5 pages long, and this means you must come up with a lot of content to fill those pages. But this is only one part of essay writing. Not every student is an essay writer, and it really takes a lot of patience and attention in order to avoid the most common mistakes in writing, which basically lower your grade a lot.

Spelling mistakes

These are the most common mistakes found in essays. Spelling errors can ruin the entire meaning and aspect of your essay, so you will want to work on your spelling. Check out online several free guides on spelling and learn to spell correctly all important words. There are entire lists available with hundreds of commonly misspelled English words and these lists are free. Read these listscarefully and you will know how to write correctly.

Not seeking professional help

Yet another common mistake is to not hire the skills of professional writers to help with your essay. There are many professional and reliable online writing services available, and these offer top quality essay writing services to students. At least for the first few essays, you could get help from a professional online essay writer. and other review sites can help you find the best writers online.

Read attentively the essays, and this way you will basically learn how to write your next essays. Even top reputable writing companies charge quite affordable prices, because they know students cannot afford to pay very expensive rates for such services.

Badly edited papers

Your essay might be very good from a spelling and grammatical point of view, but if you do not edit it correctly you will get a low grade. Your entire essay must be very well fit onto the page, respecting the margins, adding bullet points, titles and subtitles where necessary. You can go online and check out a few such free editing guides for essays, and there you will have all the important rules displayed. Read everything well, and then start editing your entire essay so that it will look truly professional. Before actually making the final editing of your essay, you must proofread it correctly, and ensure there are no mistakes available in your text.

Punctuation mistakes

Commas, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks are important and they should be used correctly. You cannot create run on sentences that people are simply not able to read from the beginning to the end. If there are no strategic commas placed within your sentence, the reader will not understand correctly your idea and will get ‘tired’ of reading your essay quitequickly. Use professional guides on punctuation if needed and start using those punctuation symbols correctly.

Essay structure mistakes

Your essay cannot be a full block of text. You need to respect the 3 separate parts of essay writing: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Then, you should also ensure to place important headings within the body of your essay and break up the text into nice paragraphs. Each paragraph should not be longer than 4 -5 sentences.

If your essay is made up by a huge block of text, it means it is notorganized. The reader will think you do not have basic knowledge of editing, so your grades will be much lower even though the content is good.

These are the basic and most common mistakes students make when writing an essay. Pay attention to avoid these mistakes and then you will be able to create a professional looking essay that will bring you the grade that you wish.

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Hotel Management Course in Agra

Hotel Management courses are one of the best offering made by Heritage Institute of Hotel and Tourism; our team of teachers is expert and they are having knowledge of the same Hotel Management. Heritage Institute of Hotel and Tourism provides you the most efficient platform in terms of Hotel Management courses in Agra. Located on the Agra, our institute offers BA, MBA, B.Tech in Hospitality and Tourism from Heritage institute of Hotel and Tourism. These programs empower the students to be readily employed in the wide range of Hospitality, Tourism and Service sectors.


Hospitality industry has boomed in India in the past decade Hotel Management as a career has taken off among students and as a result, there has been a spurt in the hotel management college in Agra. The Hospitality Industry is the second largest in the world. The demand for skilled professionals in the industry is increasing not only in India but also throughout the world. The world ‘Hospitality’ means friendly and generous behavior towards guests. Apart from five star hotels, airlines, railways, ships, hospitals, travel agencies, call centers & banking sectors also come under hospitality. The Hospitality industry is booming at a rapid pace. This industry offers a myriad of exciting and diverse career opportunities for people across all cultural, social and national boundaries. The gap between demand and supply for hotel industry professionals is huge. To cope with the gap HIHT is playing a leading role in Agra as well as in India.

Heritage Institute of Hotel and management is a prime hotel management college in Agra. HIHT has one of the best and biggest infrastructures and is affiliated to National Council for Hotel Management. The objective of the college is to create future leaders in the Hospitality industry. Looking at this stupendous growth, it is envisaged that there will be a marked shortage of technically skilled professionals at all levels. Keeping this in mind, our curriculum is designed to meet the challenges and demands of domestic and global markets. The management college in Agra aims to produce professionals suited to all sectors of the hospitality industry including administration, planning and strategy development.Our hotel management courses program Masters in Tourism Administration course, helps students in developing tourism related areas to enhance ethical & human values from our traditions. It’s an in-depth study about tourism which helps in Tourism Management Education.

Our Aims

  • To offer industry relevant curriculum to meet the ever growing demands of the service sector.
  • To support reading and research to meet effective quality assurance standards for a well structured progression of the student’s career path.
  • To encourage students to vitally reflect on theoretical & practical approaches to behavior, work & organization, in the Hospitality Industry.
  • To provide students with the ability to cultivate, establish and fulfill human needs to identify and solve profession related problems in creative way and to perceive the significance of social, economic and environmental influences as they relate to the hospitality Industry.

Bio :- Heritage Institute of Hotel and Tourism is a professional Company, which provides Hotel Management course, Tourism management and Office Management courses in Agra.

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Engineering Colleges in India on their way to improve placement records

It’s true that all engineering students cannot be offered job during campus placements. Putting it another way, getting students placed is one of the most important aspects that differentiates best engineering college from the rest. Parents and students look for campus placement records while selecting a college. Taking these factors in consideration, engineering colleges, especially non-IIT, are now placing more emphasis on to improve their placement overdrive.


  • Entrepreneurship

More and more engineering colleges are advocating for entrepreneurship for their students. Special entrepreneurship cells are being formed to assist students in learning the entrepreneurship principles and develop skills to become entrepreneurs. Some colleges have garnered success in this endeavor.

  • Placement cells

Though most colleges have their Placement Cells, which provide support for final placements of the students, but now Placement Cells are facilitating Summer Internships for students, who are interested in working with an enterprise, so that they can gain practical experience. Engineering colleges are not banking upon just the IT sector. They are helping engineering graduates in their research work and encouraging them to apply for more patents and research projects in order to get placed in core engineering firms.

  • College profile

Engineering institutions in India are trying to improve their college status and profile so as to be recognized by large firms and foreign institutions as well. For example, top engineering colleges in Bangalore have approached the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for a Tier-1 accreditation. This will make undergraduate degrees offered by such institutions to be acceptable in foreign universities. The Tier-I status will also attract big IT firms and other MNCs during placement season. Colleges are making links with industries to get comments on the curriculum and design them as per present scenarios. This step has also improved the status of colleges in the corporate sector.

  • Other hiring sectors

IT giants are bulking up their off-campus placements, so it’s obvious that IT hiring will decline in engineering colleges. Colleges are roping in new sectors such as pharma, manufacturing and biotech, as recruiters. They are inviting more industries from other sectors so that all engineering students are absorbed by different companies.

Colleges are now well aware of the fact that companies don’t just look for academic excellence and aptitude skill. Companies hire students, who are well prepared to work in an industry. Presently, colleges provide industrial training during final academic year, but they should start the training classes from first year onwards. Some colleges have begun to work on this and are providing training in collaboration with leading multinational companies to match the abilities of students with the expectations of corporate world.








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Information you Should Know about Wipro and its Recruitment Process in 2015

A large number of technology brands is setting up their offices in India, increasing the number of employment opportunities. This country is known for offering a brilliant workforce from a long time. Be it an Indian brand or an international brand, now everyone is in the race of picking up the best candidates through their recruitment cells.

The target of these technological companies is to find out fresh minds, who can deliver them quality service using their skills. Among other reputed technological brands, one of the most popular among the job seekers is Wipro. This is an India rooted multinational IT sector organization. From a long time, this organization is hiring new talents from different parts of the world. To recruit these staffs, the HR heads of the organization travel from one place to another. Often you can hear about the campus recruitment process of Wipro in different engineering colleges.

The specialty of the recruitment cell of Wipro is that here you can expect a fair way of recruitment. The recruitment cell of Wipro assists every brilliant student to take up the challenge to face the board and to clear the board by accomplishing the requirement of the company. Every year Wipro publishes its recruitment advertisement on its official website, By visiting this website, the aspiring candidate can get the details of the recruitment process and at the same time the dates and venues of the visiting of HR executives in the engineering colleges.

In general, for its IT section, Wipro prefers to recruit students from the B-Tech, BE, M-Tech, ME, and MCA education fields. To recruit these candidates Wipro sets a particular percentage starting from the Xth standard to latest degree exam. It is believed that 2015 recruitment process in Wipro Technologies will carry on the same procedure for hiring new candidates. Generally, Wipro conducts a written test for the candidates. Later, the passed out candidates of written test are called for the face to face interview with the HR executives. In this interview, the interviewers ask various questions regarding the skills, and the academic base of the student. Along with this, the HR personnel of Wipro on the personality ground carefully judged students. Once they get the right and desired candidate for their organization, they discuss the salary and the job profile.

In general, Wipro mainly recruits its working staff through three-tier exam that is held every year. The first section, which is a written test, has 60 questions, which needs to be answered in 50 minutes. After clearing this step, the next round which is a technical interview takes place. It takes 20-40 minutes where the technical skill or the understanding of concepts of the student is judged. Once the student clears the round, they take the HR interview to judge the candidate’s core personality and ideals. The person within the candidate is judged through this process. Here we will give a detail on the fields after each step.

Fields to be taken care for the aptitude or analytical rest

  • Time and Work
  • Time and Distance
  • Train and speed
  • Calendars and clocks
  • Blood relationship
  • Logical deduction
  • Number series
  • Partnership
  • Theme detection
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Probability
  • Data Interpretation
  • Seating arrangement

Topics for the verbal ability based field

  • Synonym
  • Antonym
  • Sentence correction
  • Idiomatic expression
  • Odd man out
  • Choosing right phrase
  • One word substitution
  • Punctuation mark test
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Arranging a word

In one word, the entire concept of the candidate is checked through this verbal ability test. The special arrangement of tricky questions helps to find out the right candidate for the organization, who can handle the customer as well as the work requirement of the company.

On the other hand, technical interview consists of the questions on

  • C,C++
  • Optical Fibre
  • OIS , Data Structure
  • Sql, Micro processor

The HR interview question of the Wipro is built to find out the nature of the candidate and to judge the quality of him to handle various problems in the difficult condition of the work environment. Here we draw an outline of the question fields that you can expect from the HR personnel of Wipro

  • Self introduction
  • Favourite Subject
  • Your Project
  • About your project
  • The reason for choosing Wipro
  • The rating of the interviewer

Along with these questions you will be judged on the basic traits of your nature

  • Presence of Mind
  • Self Confidence
  • Eye Contact
  • Absorption skill of technical matters.
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Tips To Make You Master Assignment Work Noticeable And Unique

assignment masters

Master degree is regarded as a connection between the PhD qualification and graduation. However, a student is rewarded with graduate degree only after the successful completion of assignment provided in the specific field of academics. Master degree students carry out various research works, revise and write plenty of papers regarding their academic terms such as term paper, assignment, coursework, book report, dissertation, thesis writing, degree essays and many more. Generally master assignments are provided to the students to provide innovative and original research work to earn their degree. Investigation of various theories as well as conclusion of researches must be concentrated while writing assignment for master degree. You can also seek the assistance of assignment masters to complete your writing task on time.

How to come up with a beautiful assignment?

Insight knowledge and skill:

Master degree students must have extensive knowledge and skills to complete the assignment writing in fruitful manner. Moreover, they have to gather information from researches, books, and internet, identify the point of views of various people, in-depth study about topic and many more things will assist them to come up with an eye-catching assignment. Since, your master assignment will decide the final grade of the academic which impact your ranking.

Efficient and effective presentation:

When you tend to prepare master assignment, you must include appropriate language with careful citation and word count to make your assignment more satisfying in front of tutor. Master assignment must be of high quality compared to under-graduate or graduate work. There are many online assignments writing service available to offer efficient and effective presentation with innovative ideas and thoughts. The introduction must say more about your work and conclusion must say your overall summary of the work.

assignment masters
assignment masters

Planning and organization:

Before writing master assignment careful planning must be done. You must create some points about each question and arrange them in logical order. Try to find solution for those questions and write in a paper. After doing so, take main points from the paper and create assignment by providing adequate attention to introduction and conclusion.

Plagiarism-free writing:

While writing a quality master assignment, you must concentrate more on plagiarism issues which affects the performance of the writing. Students are insisted by the tutors to provide assignment which are free from plagiarism problems. The tutors will check your assignment with plagiarism software so you must be very careful when submitting assignment for master degree.

Unique and creative writing:

Mainly master assignment is provided to the master degree pursuing student to analyze their skills, advanced knowledge and logical problem solving techniques so you must write a creative assignment regarding your overall research work. And the work must be 100 percent original and unique.

Reasons to pick up master writing service:

  • Master assignment writing service has numerous expert professionals belonging to varying field of study and they will assist you to write your assignment flawlessly.
  • You can effortlessly buy fulfilling and comprehensive assignment from them to suit your tutor requirements.
  • In addition to that, the assignment writing service will assist you to complete assignment and homework within specific deadline without exceeding the word count.
  • The assignment writers are PhD holders so they know how to construct your assignment to avoid major issues like plagiarism, grammatical errors and structure breakdown.
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Rajasthan Visions Change in Education!

Education in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the developing states in India and chief minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje has taken an initiative of giving a new shape to the education front. Raje who leads Bharatiya Janta Party government in Rajasthan has chosen two significant revisions for the act Right to Education or (RTE).

Education in Rajasthan

The first step is to reestablish the parameters of the examinations in at least three classes from Class I to VIII. The next initiative is to provide more weightage to “learning outcomes”. In the program she also added saying that she is not focusing on the physical infrastructure or to the buildings but trying to provide the registrations and recognitions to all the schools in Rajasthan.

Vasundhara Raje, the Chief Minister has talked about these initiatives during the program named “Sarkar Apke Dwar”. In this occasion, parents had suggested that complete ban of examinations or test till VIII is not a right decision for the sake of children. The Chief Minister has agreed with them and she has promised that children should acquire class-appropriate learning skills. It is important to improve the growth of education standard in Rajasthan, especially for the children who are future of the state and nation. According to some sources, the state is also considering assessments at the stages of standards III, IV and VIII.

The most important and second revision in an RTE Act is to focus on “absolute, relative scholastic learning outcomes”. Currently, this is under consideration for the schools than on hardware such as school buildings, playgrounds and more. Rajasthan Government has decided to provide the education system a new direction and shape the future of the kids.

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Education System in Rajasthan Is Expecting to Touch National Averages

Education in Rajasthan

When it comes to occupy geographical area, the state of Rajasthan takes the pride of claiming the largest state of India. This Indian state is featured with diversities in various aspects that include terrain, livelihood pattern as well as dispersal pattern of habitations in rural and arid and semi-arid areas. For those who don’t know, arid and semi-arid parts of Rajasthan face the challenge of scanty to moderate rainfall and as a result of which they are often susceptible to famine conditions. Communication network is formidable and distribution of income and assets is also highly uneven. Therefore, the role of education in shaping the society is difficult to accept.

Education in Rajasthan
Image courtesy of

If you go by facts, natives of Rajasthan are highly orthodox because of the legacy of princely and feudal rule. This is because the conservative approach of the society is evident from the reports of existence of conventional or unlawful practices like child marriage, parda systems and the like. As a result, the ill-effects of conservative approaches haven’t even spared the significance of education, which is immensely reflected in female literacy rate. The adverse female literacy rate has been the cause of worry even though educational outcomes have improved significantly over the last decade, but the transition from elementary to higher education is still showing the bleak picture.

Reformation of Academic Support Systems/Institutes

In order to bring reformation in the established norms, strenuous research based planning and implementation is required. The government of Rajasthan in particular and India in general in association with research based academic institutes such as SIERT, SIEMAT, and IASE have proposed advanced strategies to develop educational system that can help both males and females to equally benefit from it. The proposed plans including Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, universalization of secondary education, Mukhaya Mantri Sambal Yojana for widow/divorcee, Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan and improvement of higher educational system have brought paradigm transformation to educational system in Rajasthan and both governments are reported to see this state’s educational quality will go at par with national standard.

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Adversaries Turned Into Opportunities- Rajasthan’s Education Report

Rajasthan has been making commendable progress in the sector of education in the recent years. Consistent efforts of the government and the relevant authorities at different levels are bringing favorable numbers on the charts. As of now, the state has nine universities for higher studies along with few less than 300 colleges. The introduction of programs such as Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyan have bolstered the scenario further with basic facilities of teachers, sanitation, proper and healthy environment etc. being put in place.

The last census (2011) reported a figure of 66.11% as the literacy rate of the state. Although, the numbers are few notches below the national average, they have witnessed an upward stream with respect to the previous details. A fact worth mentioning is the increase in the literacy rate of the women category, from 43.9% in 2001 to 52.1% in 2011. The assessment of literacy rate with reference to education has less significance, but in context of the Indian scenario, this is still a parameter for assessing the development.

For years, Rajasthan has remained a choice for preparations of competitive examinations. Students from across the country travelled to cities such as Kota, which offer the best of the coaching facilities in the nation. The state over the years has now shifted its focus on capacity building in recognition of the national goal of producing a marvelous work force. India, by the end of 2020 would require a work force of 500 million to cater to its different sectors. With the assistance of the centrally sponsored scheme, Rajasthan is fast addressing the issues of accessibility given few remote areas of the state.

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