HR leadership: What to do or Not do, to retain Talent?

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Gone are the days when professionals simply used to choose a linear career progression. The workforce of today, which majorly comprises of millennial, looks forward to opportunities which are challenging in nature and provide for a good amount of value addition. This is rarely accomplished remaining in one role, as the scope of growth may develop but the responsibilities remain more or less the same. Hence the HR Leaders have taken up or rather are forced to take up the job of chief strategists in order to be able to retain talent at the same time training them for the necessities of the industry.

Organizations need to understand that imposing something as a duty in their manpower may only end up reducing the productivity of their people. Instead of calling teams up and accusing them of under performance, try to approach them with a congenial attitude and let them know that their leadership is willing to pay for the means which are required for value creation. The online libraries which have been designed being inspired from traditional conventions actually do little to provide hand-full of learning to the people.In the corporate have now started creating their video banks, being inspired from start-ups. For instance, if someone were to feel short of ideas, then they could simply log onto the system and watch videos that are both pertinent to the project and refreshing.

Such has been the learning of the HR Leaders.

Another factor that could be considered for retaining the workforce, could include deploying predictive analytics. It works on the concept of analyzing the singular data of individual professionals with microscopic precision and applying the insights on a mass level to various departmental units. The practice has allowed for various enterprises to retain crucial talent, save recruitment costs and increase the productivity of their workforce. Ready in the market, is an array of tools and ERPs which help in finding meaningful and actionable information. It is here to stay and only grow with time. And considering the kind of capital saving potential that it comes with, there shouldn’t be much apprehension to go ahead.

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Earlier, the managers used to think that people are in the game for the long run and that one would be sticking around for as long as possible. While the rule of “long run” still holds to be true, the means to get the same have most definitely changed.People change their companies more irregularly than expected to find the most appropriate match.

Something which is much advised to the HR Leader sis to get themselves enrolled in programs, either sponsored by their incumbent companies or otherwise to learn what are the needs of the current generation of the workforce. It is not just a spur of our time that we are seeing accountable number of posts on the effectiveness of such credentials. Not only have such talent management programs become unavoidable to the present day HR, but also mandatory if they want to be able to continue adding value to their resumes and others’.

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