Kaleerein Serial on ZEE TV Wiki Story, Star Cast & Crew, Start Date and Timings

Zee TV Serial Kaleerein Star Cast:

Arjit Taneja

Aditi Sharma

Vishavpreet Kaur

Ashu Sharma

Paramvir Cheema

Ekroop Bedi

Ritu Vashisht

Kaleerein Timing/Schedule:

Show Name: – ‘Kaleerein’

Channel Name:- Zee Tv

Genre :- Drama Serial

Starts On :- January 2018

Days :- Mon-Sun

Kaleerein Serial on ZEE TV Wiki Story:

Most outstanding Indian TV station is Zee TV channel and it’s a time to introduce a brand new Hindi TV Serial 2018 that is thought as Kaleerein. This new future program is being made by the Nikhil Sinha and Sohanna Sinha. As way as concern, if we have a tendency to refer the Director name of this show then his/her name isn’t notable currently. However, the assembly house of this show is Triangle Films. This time, ezed program manufacturers created associate announcement for this new future Hindi TV serial i.e Kaleerein Serial 2017-18.

Kaleerein Serial is associate future Hindi TV Serial which is abl e to be reaching to unharness call at the year 2018. As we have a tendency to come back to understand that Kalire Serial is such a pleasant show that is being made by Triangle Film. The show is being confirmed by {the manufacturers|the manufacturers} of the ezed TV channel makers. during this show, the notable tv temperament Arjit Taneja WHO {will be|are reaching to be|are} going to play the lead role within the shows. Yes, friends, this Arjit Taneja are the one WHO has contend a job of Purab within the preferred and high TRP show of the ezed TV channel that’s, Kumkum Bhagya whereas he contend a job of Bulbul’s young man. however this Kalire Serial 2017-18 could be a romantic show or drama during which a story goes on with a mix of affection and War. As way as concern, the promos of the Kalire Serial can build this show additional hard and expected too. The shooting of this show can begin before long so it’ll broadcast on TV additionally.

Arjit Taneja: 

He was born on tenth Nov 1992. Arjit took associate entry in Indian tv together with his show with V Channel and that was most fashionable too named as The Serial. albeit, he was additionally a section of MTV Splitsvilla Season six. Then he did a anaglyph role within the preferred show West Chadic Achche Lagte Hain, Kumkum Bhagya, and Pyar KO metal Jaane Don. however currently it’s a flip of Kaleerein Serial 2017-18.

Aditi Sharma:

Aditi Sharma is enjoying the lead role of the lady within the show. she’s going to essay the role of Meera (Mira). While Ashu Sharma and Vishvapreet Kaur are going to be paying in[rt roles within the serial. Rithu Vashisht and Ekroop Bedi also are changing into a part of the ‘Kaleerein.


Kaleerein Full Episode

Kaleerein Episode


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7 Tips to create your band brochure for getting gigs

How is it that the thing we wait for gets worse towards the end? Is it true that “good things come to those who don’t wait”? You’ve been waiting and thinking a lot about the idea of performing in a gig. Now that you’re totally prepared for a gig there is no major concert lined up for you. The time when you should be super busy performing and answer your fan calls you are spending worrying and over thinking in the quiet of your room. When the zeal and the fervor of performing in a live concert should be the only thing surrounding you, which is when the ugly head of stress and gloominess have shared their indomitable presence in your life.

But just waiting for that miraculous moment when you get a gig won’t happen just like that. Have you thought about creating your band brochure? Experts from the industry say that creating a band brochure is a first step towards making sure that you get a gig. If you have or you haven’t let me give you some killer ideas and tips straight from the desk of experts that’ll just have to get you a gig. Go on and check out these guidelines to create the finest band brochure that exemplifies your band’s personality and reflects your passion for music.

#1. Make it a point to mention about your previous concerts

When an event organizer books a venue and arranges a concert for you, they’ll spend a great deal of time closely probing your earlier experiences. They scrutinize your performing ability, music and the count of people you could gather. Your previous performances set the stage for a much bigger and better concert which your band deserves. If you are able to impress them with your previous performances, then buckle up for another brilliant performance that’ll certainly put your band’s name in the gleaming list stellar bands.

#2.  Have you got any media attention?

Getting a media attention or any sort of press coverage is one of the most coveted feats in the life of an artist. Being an Indie musician and getting the glare of the media is no less than a victory in itself. Getting a media prominence accentuates your artwork and makes the event managers keen to arrange a gig for you. Shed light on these prime events while preparing your brochure and you’ll boost up your count of getting gigs beyond doubt.

#3. Share your fan following

These days web is our next best friend. According to facts, on an average we spend more time googling or checking out social media feeds than talking to our friends let alone neighbors. Event organizers are no less. Before they approach you for a gig they’ll surely check your fandom across social media handles. Make sure you point out the followers you have garnered across the social media handles. This will certainly create a colossal impact on your organizers.

#4. Do you have any engagement with Songdew?

As an indie musician you must know how Songdew has transformed and shaped the lives of talented artists. Songdew creates an artist page on its website for each band. The artist page shares a comprehensive background and important details of the band along with their audio and video files. The page also contains details about the band members. When you have an artist page in Songdew you get an added advantage of sharing these artist pages directly with your event managers. This saves you all the effort and sway your event organizers and scores points for your artistry.

#5. What are the venues you’ve previously performed?

When you have performed in some big venues like Hard Rock Café or Mehboob Studio – Mumbai or Cool Chef Café in Mumbai, NCPA in Mumbai or Striker Pub and Kitchen- Delhi or Raasta – Delhi or Zorba in Delhi or B-Flat Bangalore or Tao Terraces in Bangalore or Love Passion Karma in Goa or etcetera, you inevitably shore up your prominence. These popular destinations attract tons of music lovers across the globe and hence they are one of a kind. Having performed in these grand locations gives you a distinction and makes you eminent. Moreover this makes the event organizer enthusiastic to organize your gig wholeheartedly. Make sure you underline these celebratory events in your band brochure.

#6. Work on your design

One of the most important tips while creating a brochure is making sure your design is stunning, eye-catching and a class apart. The phrase that “We eat with our eyes” goes ideally for this situation. A poorly designed brochure is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t want the busy event managers to toss aside your brochure like any random paper, then it should look gorgeous. The design should be compelling enough to make the organizer want to read its contents.

#7.  Contact a Music Blogger

When you are in need of a concert and you’ve tried all your means then you must visit or contact any music blogger. Even if he or she is a guest blogger, they’ll be able to write up alluring articles and content about your band which is sure to sweep your event organizers of their feet. Moreover when two artworks –Writing and Music- collaborate they create a sure shot recipe for blessing!

Hence these were some of the tips which are sure to take you and your band to the pinnacle of fandom and success. Make sure you keep these pointers in mind while preparing your band brochure and I’m sure you’ll get flooded with opportunities. Finally I bid adieu and wish you all the best towards your journey to the top.

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How to dominate your opponents in the game of online rummy

Although the game of online Rummy is one of the simplest ones to learn, as it appears, it cannot be won unless a player is acquainted with all its nuances. Without understanding them properly, it is impossible for any player to dominate the game. It is a very calculative game which requires certain unique skills in addition to possessing utmost concentration and focus. Let us now see how one can dominate his opponents in the game of online Rummy.

  • Utilising Rummy tutorials and practice matches:

As soon as a person decides to play online Rummy, he has to first know the rules to the fullest. For that, he needs to extensively go through all the video tutorials published by the Rummy sites. These tutorials will guide any newcomer very closely as to how to play the game and how to counter tricky situations when they arise. Also, a person must perfect himself by playing many practice matches before going for cash tables. These practice matches can be played by him till he gathers enough confidence to promote himself to play online rummy cash game. Anyone who follows this procedure meticulously is sure to achieve greater success as an online Rummy player.

  • Working on priorities:

The objective of online Rummy is to form at least two sequences one of which must be a pure sequence. Therefore, as soon as the cards are disbursed to him, the player needs to ensure that he has formed the pure sequence first. A pure sequence is nothing but a formation of consecutive number cards of one particular suit without the usage of joker. If this is achieved, he can concentrate on forming other sequences and sets.

  • Knowing how to handle bad Rummy:

The biggest challenge that any Rummy player faces is confronting bad Rummy. A bad Rummy is nothing but having complicated cards not easier to form a pure sequence to start with. So when such a situation occurs, he should do the following things immediately so that he does not lose a deal badly.

  • Discard all high-value cards immediately and hold cards whose values are very less. This is done by a player to ensure that when an opponent declares, he is not burdened with more points. To be a winner of a Rummy game, you should have zero points with you. So, a player’s objective must be to end up with lesser points. This is the typical way to handle bad Rummy.
  • A player must closely monitor the moves of his opponents. By doing so, he will come to know as to what sort of cards he is holding and the type of Rummy he is trying to form. When you have a faint idea of the same, you can ensure that his declaration is prolonged by not feeding him with the cards of his choice. This can be done when you have a close watch on the discard section where you opponents discard their cards. This particular technique requires tremendous concentration.
  • You can also drop the game and finish the deal with lesser points instead of prolonging it and ending up holding more. You can either drop the game at the beginning and end up with just 20 points or can drop it in the middle holding 40 points.
  • Confusing your opponents:

In addition to playing his cards well, a player should be able to confuse his opponents by playing mind games. For example, a player, when he is in a fix, should try to confuse his opponent by drawing cards from the open deck on four to five consecutive turns. This will make your adversary think that you are very close to finishing the game and so in a hurry he would drop his own game immediately.

You can also continuously discard cards of lower values on every turn of yours which will again confuse your opponents to fold the cards. This is because normally higher cards are discarded by players and by discarding lower cards you are giving a deceiving hint to them that you are on the verge of completing the deal. So, this is another strategy with which you can win the game.

Just like you focus on your opponents, they focus on the cards that you pick up from the open deck. So, you should pick up unwanted cards from the open deck which will let your opponents wrongly think that you are making sequences with those cards and so may end up feeding you with cards that are actually needed by you for making the sequence.

  • Playing with jokers:

And last but not the least, a player has to know how judiciously he should use the joker cards -both printed and random jokers. More often than not, the joker cards come as a saviour for any Rummy player. When you know how to use them properly, you will always stand on the verge of victory, no matter how delicate your position seems to be in.

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Booking a movie at your Convenience

Watching movies has become a most important part of our lives, it gives us enough entertainment and helps us to relax for whatever time the movie is screening. Some movies are so well made that purchasing movie ticket is worth the money spent. There are different ways in which you can get your movie tickets; it completely depends on your comfort and choice. Movie tickets can be purchased by paying cash and can also be bought with the help of online transaction. Buying movie tickets these days have become such an easy task that there is no need to worry or plan well in advance.

One method to buy a movie ticket is by personally going to the theatre. Manual cinema ticket booking is the easiest task. All you have to do is go to the movie hall, select the movie of your choice and time, pay for the ticket by cash or card and enjoy the movie. By this, you may also find some attractive movie ticket offers and discounts that you can avail of the next movie. This gives you a ticket in hand, a paper ticket which is not virtual. It is the old method to purchase your movie tickets.

As the time has passed and the approach towards things have changed and has become modern. The most common method to watch a movie at the cheapest rate is to buy movie tickets online. This gives the freedom to choose any movie show timing and also keeps the customer updated with the upcoming movies. There are various online cinema tickets booking websites that are available to the customers these days. These websites also provide you with various movie tickets offers that can be availed at any time by the customer.

There can be times when the customer is unable to go to the theatre personally to pick up or book the tickets. Then is the time when we look for an online movie ticket booking. When you make a movie ticket booking, the tickets that are generated are online. You will not get these movie tickets not manually. These are virtual tickets that need to be shown through your mobile at the movie hall. One must be aware of the technology well, as this could be a little confusing if you are not used to using online services.

This not only brings in a relief to the customer but also makes the customer watch movies more often. One must try these options and have a great movie. Since the internet is a prime means that is available to each and every person around the globe, it was an important need to provide the customers an easy and quick access to book movie tickets. Movie ticket booking is certainly not a task; it is the fastest means to get your bookings done. Hence book your tickets and have a great time enjoying the movie. The choice is always yours whether to use an old-school method or to use the new technology while booking your movie tickets.

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Live Screen Printing: What Is It and Why Is It Beneficial

When you hear “live screen printing” for the first time, you may automatically associate it with shirts and prints. This much is true, however, the concept holds more wonders than this basic assumption. In fact, live screen printing as a concept is an untapped resource for companies that may hold more benefits than the regular businessman can imagine.

Bizzabo numbers reveal that a lot of marketers look at events as an untapped resource. In fact, 31-percent of marketers interviewed believe events are more effective than content marketing, email marketing, and digital advertising for their company. If you want to get into using events as a potential source for customers and revenue, consider using live screen printing as a way to attract consumers. Here’s a few basic facts about the concept:

The Ins and Outs 

Live screen printing speaks for itself – it’s a screen printing service that does printing for you live. These services normally come in teams that come to your event ready to print designs to shirts live for your employees and even your customers.

  • Live screen printing services normally coordinate with you and your staff on the kind of event you’re organizing. They may ask for the expected attendance, time, and date of the event for reservations.
  • These services can sometimes rely on designs you give them, or even collaborate with you to make unique designs that are unique to you and the event you’re planning.
  • Costs of services for live screen printing often include their own booth, complete with their equipment. This saves you the hassle of actually hiring equipment supplies for them. This is also convenient for the live screen printing service as they use equipment they’re comfortable with.

The Benefits of Live Screen Printing

Having a live screen printing booth in your event can consume space, yes, but the memories it will bring your customers and staff can be something they’ll keep forever. Benefits of live screen printing revolve around making your event extra memorable with customizable items.

  • Live screen printing services can save a lot of money, logistically-speaking. This is because the service brings an estimated number of shirts based on event attendees, with a variety of sizes that can be specified if you have a complete guest list.
  • You can save money as live screen printing services print shirts based on demand. As such, you don’t have to spend a lot of money printing shirts by bulk and ending up with a lot of unsold merchandise.
  • You can provide a unique and creative take on an event as attendees can even select colors and sizes of their shirt. As such, you provide them with a choice that can make an event memorable for them.


Live screen printing as a concept appears to be simple at first glance, but it’s out of this “simplicity” that you can tap it as a resource when it comes to establishing brand appeal. Proper usage of live screen printing in events can make your brand appealing and unforgettable to your audiences, and you may reap more benefits as a result.

Bruce Weller

Bruce Weller is a writer contributing for Rival Events. As a writer, he knows it can be difficult for others to understand some subject matters without a helping hand, and he seeks to aid his readers by making sure his pieces are informative and easy to understand. He paints during his free time.

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Bepannaah Full Episode Star Cast, Characters and wiki story

Bepannaah Full Episode Star Cast

Bepannaah is associate degree coming show on colours TV. This show are a extremely romantic drama and can comprise of far-famed TV actors like Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopdra for enjoying lead roles. This marks Cinevistaas’ third collaboration with Jennifer when Dill Mill Gayye and Beyhadh, that is presently on air on Sony. The show was earlier titled as Adhura Alivda.

Bepannaah is story of Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Hindu deity (Harshad Chopra). Bepannaah is one in every of the foremost expected shows of January 2018 and even before the show has commenced on the Indian tv, there’s lots of craze and recognition earned by Bepannaah. Bepannaah is additionally created by Cinevistaas, the producers of Jennifer Winget’s earlier superhit show Beyhadh.

Bepannaah Full Episode Star Cast

Bepannaah serial is galvanized by far-famed Rajesh Khanna film, Kati Patang. The story of Bepannaah options Jennifer Winget and Sehban Azim because the couple whose life fully changes when a mysterious telephone. Bepannaah is slated to start from fifteenth of January 2015 can|and can} possibly have the clock time slot of nine PM because it will replace current serial Karmfal information Shani.

Bepannaah Wiki Story:

Jennifer athlete and Harshad Chopra area unit falling infatuated with one another. however there’s conjointly another person coming back into their love. this can be a romantic drama wherever protagonists Jeniffer and Sehban love one another and their chemistry is additionally smart, as per the promo. For additional data concerning the story, keep tuned with United States of America.

Bepannaah Serial Stars Cast:

Harshad Chopda:

Harshad is principally recognized for his role of Prem Juneja in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil. Later he has worked in several common daily soaps like Tere Liye, Dharampatni, Dil Se Di Dua-Saubhagyavati and plenty of additional. He was last seen within the series Humsafars on Sony TV. The actor created his film industry debut last year with the tip, that was a failure at the box-office.

Jennifer Winget:

Aaryaa Sharma and Aanchal Goswami have joined the star forged of Bepannah. Aaryaa, United Nations agency was last seen infatuated Hindu deity Hai Intezaar can essay the rrole of Jennifer Winget’s mother. Aanchal best far-famed for her acting ability in film Narayan can essay the character of Jennifer’s sister.

Talented TV role player Vaishnavi Dhanraj United Nations agency is thought for her role of Nirbhaya in Satyagrahaon Aaj Tak and for her role as Sub-Inspector Tasha in Sony TV’s common show CID; are seen during a negative role in Bepanah.

Actor Iqbal Azad United Nations agency is presently seen sharing screen area with Tanvi Azmi in &TV’s Vani aristocrat are seen taking part in father to Jennifer Winget within the show. role player Shweta Gautam are seen taking part in Jennifer’s mother in law.

Bepannaah Full Episode

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Wish You Could Hibernate?


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all spend the winter in hibernation? Tucked up somewhere warm and snug until the nicer weather arrived. Unfortunately, humans just aren’t designed like that. Bears are probably the most famous animal that goes into hibernation, but what are some of the others?

Wood frog

The Wood frog is an intriguing case of hibernation as it looks like the frog is dead. Their miniature hearts actually stop beating and ice crystals form in their blood, preserving them like cryogenics until the weather warms up! When the ice crystals melt, the frog’s heart starts up again and off he goes. Thankfully, humans can stay comfortable during the cold with their central heating systems. Before the temperatures drop, have yours checked over to make sure it keeps you toasty all winter. For Boiler Installation Gloucester, visit


Not all the different types of snails hibernate but the ones that do can hibernate when the weather gets too hot or too cold. Covering themselves with a layer of mucus, they are thus protected from the elements and from drying out.


Image credit


Turtles are unable to create their own body heat so when the weather gets cold, hibernation is imperative. Box turtles will hibernate for up to four months in order to protect themselves. Freshwater turtles hibernate in areas of the water where the temperature will not drop below freezing and actually breathe out of their posteriors to survive in a biological process called cloacal respiration!


Some bees hibernate, and others don’t. Honey bees don’t go into a deep sleep or torpor but will huddle together throughout the winter months, surviving on food gathered during the summer. Bumblebees however, do hibernate. Most of the worker bees die off but the queen bee goes into hibernation ready to start a new colony in the spring.


Hummingbirds don’t hibernate in the sense that they sleep, but they do enter a torpor. This basically means slowing their metabolism right down in order to conserve energy during the tough months. They are often seen hanging upside down and appear to be dead, but when the weather warms, off they fly.


Image credit


Similar to the hummingbird, skunks also enter a torpor state. They are still seen scavenging for food during the winter months but can lower their metabolism to conserve energy when they need to.


Bats also enter a state of torpor when the temperature drops and the need to conserve energy is paramount. It can last anywhere between a few hours to a couple of weeks if need be. From a normal heart rate of around 400 beats per minute, they can reduce it to 10! To warm themselves up again, they can use the heat already stored in their bodies which is a pretty cool trick.

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Everything about Csgo Skins Jackpot Sites

Counter Strike Global Offensive has become a huge platform where players are able to compete with global players. This game has seen enormous success from the time of its launch and has seen new players day-by-day. As the players have been swarming up in the game, they all want to be unique while creating dominance. Majority of players have been drooling over some skin which other players already acquire but are unable to attain one. To help such players, multiple Csgo Jackpot Sites have come into light.

The Jackpot Sites Csgo have Csgo Skins Jackpot which can help a player win the ultimate skins for their weapons in the game.

If you have played any shooting game, you might be familiar with the term ‘skin.’ The skins are basically, cosmetic for the weapon which enhances the look of the weapon changing it from its original rusty and rugged one. Skins give the players an opportunity to make their weapon unique from the rest of the hoard.

Csgo Jackpot Sites

There are many Jackpot Sites for Csgo that promise to offer best skins and more wins every time. At such portals, players can bet their skins whether multiple or unused and play a jackpot to win other skins. Many online platforms such as CS: GO Dreampot gives players an opportunity to deposit skins as well as, win newer ones. These portals are certified to deal in skins as they don’t hack or cheat for skins. They simply create a medium for the players who can help them attain their desired skins within mere second and a stroke of luck.

CSGO skins do not improve the damage, recoil rate, reloading speed, or any other ability of the weapon. This is something which offers startle to eyes. No matter if you have a cheap or straightforward skin, you can take a leap of faith and enroll in the jackpot.

Csgo Jackpot Sites have BOTs that are 100% safe with randomly-generated and encrypted names which makes them unique and impossible to duplicate. BOTs and data encryption make the whole transaction experience stress-free and reliable.

How to acquire skins in CS: GO?

Counter Strike gives the players an opportunity to attain skins through the random drops in the game or uncrating. These two are the most legit ways to don a skin for your weapons. But, the issue is, getting a skin from the random drop can result in getting killed easily as other players might be thinking about getting the drop too. And, to uncrate skins from opening weapon and promotional containers, players might require certain amount which is a hard task for itself.

Furthermore, Csgo Skins Jackpot is the best way to make the whole process of acquiring a unique skin in CS: GO convenient. Every single player stands a decent chance to become immensely popular among your friends and in-game community by winning the total amount of the jackpot.

Different Jackpot Sites Csgo have a different lower minimum bet to help players win the most out of every jackpot. You have the complete authority to look for the best portal which can provide you more for your skins. Pros suggest using portals where more players are available or have won.

Enter the CS GO jackpot and win the skin you wanted from the start.

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Become a CSGO Global Elite Player with Global Elite Account

The CSGO ranking system is what made the game so interesting and competitive when it came out almost 5 years ago. In this, each and every player is assigned a definite rank in the game that helps the game and other players realize the player’s level of skill and capability in the game. CSGO global elite being the highest rank and silver elite being the lowest, most players calibrate and swim the waters beneath these two points of the ranking system. Many players in the CSGO community try their hardest to become a CSGO global elite, but only a few of them are able to achieve this coveted spot on the rankings. You can say, becoming a global elite is one of the toughest things to do in the game, requiring every ounce of a player’s determination, talent and finesse to achieve the rank and also withhold it over the months.

Depending on what lengths you are willing to go to, you can either work or strive towards becoming a global elite player, or you can choose to buy global elite account instead. If you decide to take the first option, then you’d have to be on your best performance, and try all that you have learned and more just so that you keep winning and ranking up. This path can of course be filled with obstacles that can hinder you from winning, like hackers and troll team mates. However, it’s much better to be a CSGO global elite ranked player, whichever way you wish to become one.

Why Choose to Buy Global Elite Account instead of Working towards it over time?

  1. The way the ranking system works is that when you win a lot of matches, you get a surplus of ‘Elo’ points that pushes you into the next rank directly above you. However, if you lose a number of them, then the same thing happens but in inverse proportions effectively deranking you to the rank below. If you’re an LEM, then you’d need to keep winning matches till you’ve become an SMFC and then some more for your ambition to become a global elite player.
  2. In the start, it sounds easy to become a CSGO global elite player, but on paper, it’s a lot tougher than it appears. No one is able to continually win ranked matches, especially on such ranks since the talent pool is really saturated. Teams or duos are one of the best methods for you to take if you want to get past the higher ranks, and even then you can have a lot of trouble getting there.
  3. One of the most glaring reasons visible in the CSGO community that describes why not more players are global elites are the existence of a large number of hackers and troll teammates in this game. In the higher ranks, it is impossible to go more than two matches without running into a hacker, some even in the CSGO global elite

Therefore, these are some of the best reasons for you to decide and buy CSGO global elite account and become a global ranking player right away. This way is much easier and more efficient than having a go at it yourself.

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