7 Tips to create your band brochure for getting gigs

How is it that the thing we wait for gets worse towards the end? Is it true that “good things come to those who don’t wait”? You’ve been waiting and thinking a lot about the idea of performing in a gig. Now that you’re totally prepared for a gig there is no major concert lined up for you. The time when you should be super busy performing and answer your fan calls you are spending worrying and over thinking in the quiet of your room. When the zeal and the fervor of performing in a live concert should be the only thing surrounding you, which is when the ugly head of stress and gloominess have shared their indomitable presence in your life.

But just waiting for that miraculous moment when you get a gig won’t happen just like that. Have you thought about creating your band brochure? Experts from the industry say that creating a band brochure is a first step towards making sure that you get a gig. If you have or you haven’t let me give you some killer ideas and tips straight from the desk of experts that’ll just have to get you a gig. Go on and check out these guidelines to create the finest band brochure that exemplifies your band’s personality and reflects your passion for music.

#1. Make it a point to mention about your previous concerts

When an event organizer books a venue and arranges a concert for you, they’ll spend a great deal of time closely probing your earlier experiences. They scrutinize your performing ability, music and the count of people you could gather. Your previous performances set the stage for a much bigger and better concert which your band deserves. If you are able to impress them with your previous performances, then buckle up for another brilliant performance that’ll certainly put your band’s name in the gleaming list stellar bands.

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#2.  Have you got any media attention?

Getting a media attention or any sort of press coverage is one of the most coveted feats in the life of an artist. Being an Indie musician and getting the glare of the media is no less than a victory in itself. Getting a media prominence accentuates your artwork and makes the event managers keen to arrange a gig for you. Shed light on these prime events while preparing your brochure and you’ll boost up your count of getting gigs beyond doubt.

#3. Share your fan following

These days web is our next best friend. According to facts, on an average we spend more time googling or checking out social media feeds than talking to our friends let alone neighbors. Event organizers are no less. Before they approach you for a gig they’ll surely check your fandom across social media handles. Make sure you point out the followers you have garnered across the social media handles. This will certainly create a colossal impact on your organizers.

#4. Do you have any engagement with Songdew?

As an indie musician you must know how Songdew has transformed and shaped the lives of talented artists. Songdew creates an artist page on its website for each band. The artist page shares a comprehensive background and important details of the band along with their audio and video files. The page also contains details about the band members. When you have an artist page in Songdew you get an added advantage of sharing these artist pages directly with your event managers. This saves you all the effort and sway your event organizers and scores points for your artistry.

#5. What are the venues you’ve previously performed?

When you have performed in some big venues like Hard Rock Café or Mehboob Studio – Mumbai or Cool Chef Café in Mumbai, NCPA in Mumbai or Striker Pub and Kitchen- Delhi or Raasta – Delhi or Zorba in Delhi or B-Flat Bangalore or Tao Terraces in Bangalore or Love Passion Karma in Goa or etcetera, you inevitably shore up your prominence. These popular destinations attract tons of music lovers across the globe and hence they are one of a kind. Having performed in these grand locations gives you a distinction and makes you eminent. Moreover this makes the event organizer enthusiastic to organize your gig wholeheartedly. Make sure you underline these celebratory events in your band brochure.

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#6. Work on your design

One of the most important tips while creating a brochure is making sure your design is stunning, eye-catching and a class apart. The phrase that “We eat with our eyes” goes ideally for this situation. A poorly designed brochure is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t want the busy event managers to toss aside your brochure like any random paper, then it should look gorgeous. The design should be compelling enough to make the organizer want to read its contents.

#7.  Contact a Music Blogger

When you are in need of a concert and you’ve tried all your means then you must visit or contact any music blogger. Even if he or she is a guest blogger, they’ll be able to write up alluring articles and content about your band which is sure to sweep your event organizers of their feet. Moreover when two artworks –Writing and Music- collaborate they create a sure shot recipe for blessing!

Hence these were some of the tips which are sure to take you and your band to the pinnacle of fandom and success. Make sure you keep these pointers in mind while preparing your band brochure and I’m sure you’ll get flooded with opportunities. Finally I bid adieu and wish you all the best towards your journey to the top.

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