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Top 5 Marble Design for a Home 2019

marble design

Looking for a marble design on your floor i think you are right place when it comes to the makrana marble its marvellous.When it comes to choosing the marble options are endless. In this article we will discuss about top 5 Handpicked design you can use for your beautiful home.

  1. Beautiful for Dinning Hall

Wheather your house is small or large who don’t want a marble slab in the dining hall. If you love beauty then it’s a perfect to place a marble on your dining hall. Put the classic pure white marble to make your area breath & give amazing look that make feel happy.

2. White Marble For Hotel Lobby

If the idea of not putting granite on a hotel lobby then you can go with marble Marble floor design While putting marble on new hotel lobby use a stripe pattern adding a black lines into the shiny white marble floor it will look remarkable for a complete space. Black colour on white ceiling wall will truly become the focus point of the whole design.

3. White Marble in Checkerboard Style

These checkertboard style are really popular in 2019 are mainly used in a traditional space Designers have recently reviewed the style by creating more variations to produce more interesting patterns the different style of checkerboard on the floor will give you much better look and it should combined with pure crystal white marble this bring the ancient beauty of a complete house it’s not only simple but it’s eye catching.

4. Marble Design for Bathroom

As you all know that the ideal bathroom have a marble floors walls and ceilings but you can add your taste in choosing the right marble for your bathroom you can buy different patterns of the stones to you fit it into your bathroom.

Let’s take the example in the image given below as you can see the bathroom is divided into the two parts in the shower and the bathtub which are connected by the stairs with black underline and the complete bathroom room is covered with the white marble slabs so the designer have added the veins in the marble to have some extra layer and to show the marble in a different way.

this will make your bathroom cool and with a refreshing feels that will give you more relaxing moment while taking a bath.

5. White Marble for Living Room

Nothing can beat a white marble in your living room the chandelier and the Bright colour furniture gives more modern and sleek look to your whole space. if you are making a new home and want your living room to give a beautiful look  then and go with a pure white marble that gives you elegant it and sublime Feel. After all the white marble is a Natural stone to show the best way put into your living area that brings a nature breath.

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How to find split air conditioning service in Noida

Air Conditioning Repair

Air condition is mostly used during summer time when the weather is very much hot. Air condition nowadays is installed in many cars so that there’ll not be too much heat in the car while driving.

In most offices, air condition is installed so as to make every here to be cool and lively. There is lot of air condition in town and one of them is split air conditioner. A split air condition simply means that; the outdoor unit and indoor unit are separated from each other. The separation of these two units makes up the word “split air conditioner”.

The article highlights some useful points that you need to know on how to findsplit ac service in Noida. There are quite a number of people who deals in AC repair in Noida, but the questions we need to ask ourselves Is that; how experienced are they in terms of AC repair.

Tips on how to find a better split air conditioning service center in Noida

Finding a split air conditioning service in Noida might be quite tedious and time consuming because, the engineers that deal in servicing as well as repairing of split air conditioning are very rare. Below are those tips you should have at the back of your mind when you are about to repair your air conditioner in Noida.

  • Go with an experienced person: If you have to repair any electronics for the first time and you are not really sure about the process, I will strongly advice that you go with someone who is familiar with such electronics. You need someone who can help you talk to the repairer so as to know what exactly the problem might be.
  • Be sure of the certification of the repairer: It’s not possible to stitch without a needle. What does this implies? This means that it’s not possible to be an air conditioner repairer without having a certificate. Thus, never entrust your split air conditioner with an uncertified air conditioning repairer.
  • Check out for the reviews of the customers: If by any chance you stumble on the repairer online, then never hesitate to check out for the reviews of those customers that have patronized the repairer. Make sure you check the whole reviews before you go ahead to entrust your air conditioner to the repairer.
  • Confirm the professionalism of the repairer:The level of professionalism of the air conditioning repairer is very much more important so as not to regret giving your air conditioner to a quack engineer.

In conclusion, it can inferred that finding an split ac service in Noida is not easy and can be very much disturbing and tiring when having issues with your air conditioner and then you’ll start to find where you get ac repair in Noida.

Company Details:

Company Name: Lifeasy

Company Address: F-3,Ground Floor, Sector 8 Noida 201301(UP)

Latitude: 28.584670

Longitude: 77.352010

Email ID:

Customer Care No.:  8586882266 Web:

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How do you save money through cleaning services?

Many people are of the opinion that they save money through cleaning services. Do you think what they are saying is the truth? Well, you never know because with the determination they say it is absolutely phenomenal.

Well, before you get perplexed and start scratching your head it is better you get into details of the matter. Once you take up Home cleaning services you actually save alto of money in direct and indirect ways. Certainly you spend some amount on availing cleaning services but that is worth spending because you get a lot more than you invested. Have a look at the ways you end up saving money.

Lesser hospital visits

These days every visit to a hospital ends up in a good amount of expense. And if you have some ailment, health condition or disease then the prices can go way higher. The point is why not just making sure that your health stays healthy, effective and safe? Of course, if your space is clean, hygienic and fresh; you can experience health and goodness. Once you inhale in a safe environment you end up with lesser ailments, infections and diseases. Many people who hardly even step out of their house fall sick because of the grimy air they breathe in. the point is you have to do the maths. Find out whether you would be okay with spending money on professional cleaners or on those bulky bills of hospitals. After all, these professional cleaners will clean up your house from head to toe and you will have a safe and clean environment to breathe in.

Your expensive upholstery

Yeah, last month you were bragging about your new sofa and then in a party last year; you talked about the latest dining set you have bought. Well, a lot of boasting right? What if your expensive, exclusive furniture becomes merely a piece of dead wood? Of course, it is not just about having a furniture item, it more about maintain its cleanliness. If your furniture and upholstery is regularly cleaned up in a professional manner, it its life would stretch and beauty would stay intact. In this way you would save a lot of money which you might have to spend on a new set of sofa set or furniture items.

Equipment and detergents

Have you ever thought of those detergents and instruments that you purchase to clean your house? Well, these items are small and not too expensive but repeated purchases made them extensively money draining. The point is since you are not professionals at cleaning services you might end up with wasting a lot of stuff and you’re mishandling of tools and equipment might lead to unnecessary expenditures too. So, these are the items where your money goes indirectly. Once you have professionals, they would bring their toolbox having all the cleaning tools.


So, having a word with the best cleaning services is one thing you should definitely do as soon as you finish reading this write up.

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Every need a air conditioner in summers to get rid of heat

air conditioner

There are summers in every country so that is the reason every country use air conditioners at such a large scale. Few years back cooling was an extravagance vouchsafed just to the special few; presently, however, it’s the standard in numerous workplaces and open transport frameworks, so it’s a piece of our lives whether we need it or not. The commercial ac repair is readily easy and rigorously possible these days. Tragically, oppressively low temperatures and defective supports have prompted medical issues, activating regular issue in certain individuals and infrequent significant flare-ups of ailments.

  • Extraordinary warmth has a reasonable negative effect on the acumen and on physical movement and the utilization of cooling can go some approach to redressing this as it improves comfort levels at work and at relaxation and improves work execution. It can result in expanded physical and scholarly movement and lower temperature lessens the nearness of bugs and parasites. Lower temperatures mean less perspiring, lessening the danger of drying out. On the off chance that the cooling establishment is great, and on the off chance that it is all around kept up, it restores and improves air quality. Unexpected changes in temperature and moistness influence the respiratory framework. It has a drying impact on skin and mucous films and ads to encompassing commotion, adding to clamor contamination.
  • The air dissemination can transmit irresistible respiratory maladies. Airborne residue and parasites can cause unfavorably susceptible responses. Cooled spaces ought to be routinely ventilated. Proficient establishment and support is basic for both individual units and unified frameworks. Both modern refrigeration and cooling depend on a similar system: a liquid, for the most part water or air, is cooled by dissipation of another liquid, called the refrigerant. The refrigerant circuit, involving the blower, evaporator, condenser and extension gadget, is a fundamental piece of the two frameworks.
  • In any case, there are significant contrasts among refrigeration and cooling frameworks, for instance as respects the segments, the plan techniques, the business or modern structures where they’re introduced and their activity, for example, to legitimize the presence of two unmistakable market divisions. Cooling is that procedure used to make and keep up certain temperature, relative mugginess and air virtue conditions in indoor spaces. This procedure is normally connected to keep up a dimension of individual solace. It’s likewise utilized in mechanical applications to guarantee right task of gear or apparatus that need to work in explicit ecological conditions or then again to almost certainly do certain modern procedures, for example, welding, which produce significant measures of warmth that should be discarded in some way. The commercial ac service centre can be easily found online.
  • Modern cooling generally requires better exactness as respects temperature and stickiness control. Some application additionally request a high level of separating and expulsion of contaminants. A cooling framework must be viable paying little heed to outside climatic conditions and includes power more than four principal factors: air temperature, stickiness, development and quality.

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Five Ways to Build a Low-Cost Home

Low-Cost Home

There are various factors to consider in the construction of an inexpensive home, so here we outline the top five.

Planning and Design

Simplicity is less costly than a complicated design, so minimise the number of unnecessary design details such as curved walls or complicated angles. A straightforward design will be much less costly to translate into reality.

Materials and Construction Methods

Although you may be aiming for a low-cost home, it can be a false economy to use inferior materials. Opt for something that will be durable and easy to maintain so that the costs over a number of years will be lower.

Similarly, according to Sustainable Build, your energy bills will be lower if your home is well insulated, so this is another item that should not be skimped. If you research park homes for sale using a site such as, you will find that these high-end homes have low heating bills due to their eco credentials.

Cost of Labour

If you are competent to carry out the work yourself, you will find this is cheaper. However, for many people, engaging a contactor to oversee and manage the build is more cost-effective, as costly mistakes are less likely to be made. This can work out at less than 20% more expensive than doing it yourself with the help of subcontractors.

Low-Cost Home

Image Credit

Keeping the Footprint of Your Home to a Minimum

The square footage of your home has a considerable impact on the overall cost of your home, so using the floor area efficiently is important. Here you can find ideas by researching park homes for sale Gloucester and similar areas where luxury homes are built on a relatively small footprint yet have every facility you need.

Consider Open-Plan Living

This option is increasingly popular in modern homes for a number of reasons. It can often provide a more sociable space for family life or entertaining and lets in a greater amount of natural light because the space is not obstructed by so many walls. However, you do need to consider where the supporting walls or columns are placed, and it is advisable to take advice from an experienced architect here.

Building your own home can be a low-cost option, but it needs careful planning in order to be successful.

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Property: Leasing or buying or what?

There are many businessmen and individuals who invest in different types of properties. If you have never owned or leased a property then you should do it now. There is good income in this area if you are looking for some extra income.

There are different properties like residential, commercial and so on. You can look for the options and their specifications before you invest in them. You can always take assistance of professionals to know more about the property you want to invest in. Whether to go for Commercial lease in Gurgaon or any other options in property; the choice always rests with you.

What do you mean by commercial leasing?

Talking about commercial real estate, it is one of the three main types of real estate. The other kinds are residential real estate that is used for living purposes; and also that of industrial real estate that is used for manufacturing and production. The businesses and companies that occupy commercial real estate generally lease the space. Speaking of commercial lease, it is a document that sets out the rights and obligations of the owner of a specific commercial property called the landlord or even lessor and a third party that actually agreed to occupy the property called the lessee or tenant.

To own commercial property is an option to leasing it. In case a business has the money for a down payment on a specific property and can expect to make a great return on investment (ROI), then purchasing rather than leasing commercial space could be a good idea. If that is not really the case, having a commercial lease and making use of down payment amount for better business investments might be the preferred choice. To own commercial property also means a company has to take care of it and a business might not be prepared to do that. Fresh businesses usually need to pick commercial leasing over property ownership as they often don’t have the proper cash flow obligatory to buy passable business space.

How to know if you are doing the right thing?

Well, if you are too terrified at taking a decision then you must think about taking professional assistance. You can simply pick a professional and talk to him regarding the options available for you that too within your budget. Even if you have an option in mind and you are unable to make the final decision about it; you can simply take their inputs about the idea and find out if that suits you or not. Now if you are looking for leasing commercial property for sale in Gurgaon you can have a word with some professionals and their viewpoints will definitely help you in making a right choice. Remember, there is no harm in exploring the ideas and talking to different real estate professionals. Whether to lease a property or not; the choice is always with you.


Thus, there is a good income scope in property if you are doing the things the right way.

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How to Build Up Companions At Golf Clubs?

Making friends at golf clubs can really be difficult. There are many ways by which friends can be made at golf clubs. Most of the people would want to enlarge their friend circle at such clubs so that the game becomes more interested and interactive. Making friends becomes easier when people have a tendency to group but for the ones who find difficulty doing so; some of the ways have been mentioned below:

  • Participate in the club competition

Participating in each and every competition held in the clubs is very important. This will help you to become friends with more and more people. An innumerable number of competitions is conducted in golf clubs of Fort Lauderdale. You will also get to know what kind of people you are comfortable with. Try to reach the golf course as early as possible.

  • Spend as much time as possible

Try to spend the maximum time at the golf course. You will never be able to find new friends if you simply sit and home and spend the last time at the game. Try to socialize more with the people who have taken their membership in the same club.

  • Be yourself

As is always said, be yourself. Do not try to fit hard into the group. If you do not feel comfortable in a particular group, try to avoid that group. Try to be with such people who can motivate and encourage you and with whom you feel the most comfortable. Never try to change yourself to make friends. You can easily make friends at golf clubs of Fort Lauderdale in this way.

  • Match the pace

You should be smart and courteous enough. Try to bring each and every essential which is required to play the game. Also, carry extra gloves and other belongings which you may need at the time of play. If you start playing really well within a short span of time and a really good player, you will surely attract more and more admirers.

  • Do not cheat

This is one of the worse things done in sports. Do not be a spoilsport. Try to win the game with your hard work and not by cheating. Try to follow all the rules and regulations of the game. Some of the people try to cheat while finding the lost ball in the forests and waters. They take a new ball with them and show it to the people as if he or she has found the old one. Golf clubs of Fort Lauderdale strictly prohibit such acts.

These are some of the ways by which one can easily make friends at golf clubs. Try to be as friendly and cordial as possible with others. If possible, conduct small parties and buy your companions beers and make them comfortable in the atmosphere. People will start loving you automatically. These things are considered to be a sign of goodwill and will definitely help you make friends easily. Try to follow all the tips stated above.

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Simple Guidance For You In Canopy Structure

Canopy Manufactures

A fun time at the shoreline or a marvelouscontribution in your outside excursion needs to meld safe house from theunforgiving summer sun and twirling precipitation storms. What supported route isthere over by picking a canopy tent that is especially proposed to give shadeand security from the portions. The market is stacked with such an expansivenumber of models and picking the correct one suited to your necessities canquickly change into a stunning errand.

Having a canopy, outside classroom or secured walkway introduced at your school offers numerous advantages your students and their capacity to play and adapt outside in a protected and controlled condition. A safe house structure not just obstructs the rain and wind empowering open air play and learning in awful climate conditions, it additionally makes it safe to be outside in the sun as our coverings obstruct 99% of destructive UV beams.

On the off chance that you are enthused about securing one and you’re depleted on getting deceived into getting some defective and shaky Canopy Manufacturers Dubai tents that essentially aren’t bolstered paying little personality to the cash, by then you’ve gone to the ideal spot. In here, after boundless expanded lengths of research, the best tents have been gathered in context of the most basic focuses, for example, headway, material quality, assertion, comfort and plainly, cost. Fundamentally kick back and inspect the best canopy tents available.

On the off chance that you might want to discover how different educators, head instructors and students are profiting by having a canopy, outside classroom or secured walkway introduced at their school them continue perusing. We have assembled the Top 9 reasons (got from our customers) why a canopy can have a genuine effect to your learning condition:

Better Learning Opportunities

Shades give the ideal territory to messier exercises taking into consideration fun intuitive exercises. Simple access to the outside can support open air play and exercise, which can likewise advance student communication with nature and the earth.

The Devoke unsupported canopy is the ideal decision for making an expansive secured open air territory which gives educators and understudies the opportunity to learn and play outside whatever the climate.

Security from Harmful UV Rays

Give some truly necessary shade to your understudies and staff on those sunnier days, enabling everybody to appreciate the outside air while profiting by the UV assurance of our business review elastic texture or polycarbonate material frameworks.

The Able Canopies Codale Conic detached canopy offers amazing spread from the sun and the rain as well. Its pliable texture rooftop offers high UV protection from shield those underneath from the sun’s hurtful beams. The Codale can be built to 6 meters wide with a boundless length enabling it to give a huge shaded zone to your understudies.

More Space to Learn

Putting resources into a Canopy Structure Dubai immediately gives you increasingly usable space – it is a financially savvy option in contrast to building an augmentation to your building and it additionally offers students the chance to go outside whatever the climate, enabling them to completely make the most of their school grounds lasting through the year.

The Grange Free Standing Mono Pitch is a perfect answer for making usable open air spaces for learning and it is especially suited to territories where a canopy can’t be settled to a divider.

Enhanced Play Opportunities

Being stuck inside at break times because of wet climate can cause eagerness for the duration of the day – a canopy gives brilliant haven from the rain giving your students the opportunity to play outside amid stormy break times.

Our Tarnhow canopy extend offers solid sturdy and stylishly satisfying overhangs which give broad spread from the climate and offers students the chance to play under spread in a charming and agreeable condition. The Tarnhow go is built from Glulam timber which makes engaging shades which have a characteristic completion that suits all situations.

Cooler Classrooms

By shading windows from the sun, overhangs can diminish the utilization of cooling, sparing vitality and lessen your carbon impression, which thusly will make a progressively agreeable condition for you and students. A canopy can likewise lessen glare on screens permitting simpler utilization of PC screens, and outfitting can likewise be shielded from blanching by the sun.

Our top of the line canopy, the Coniston Wall mounted canopy gives magnificent UV assurance and because of its adaptability it can truly fold directly over a building giving broad shade to any windows situated underneath making classrooms which experience the ill effects of sun presentation increasingly agreeable for you, your associates and your understudies.

Assigned Safe and Covered Waiting Areas

A canopy can make a brilliant assigned hanging tight territory for guardians, giving them some place dry to hold up in awful climate. They likewise give magnificent sitting tight zones to youngsters hanging tight for school transports, guaranteeing they hold up in a sheltered zone far from the bustling vehicle leave.

The Welford Free Standing Dome offers incredible security from the sun and rain, and makes a perfect secured holding up territory. Its domed rooftop and profound stream guttering guarantees that rain is securely coordinated to an assigned region keeping those underneath dry; its high UV assurance additionally gives phenomenal insurance on bright days.

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How to select a suitable mattress for your bed

suitable mattress for your bed

A mattress is akin to a rectangular shaped structure made from foam and also fibers and is placed on the top of the bed. Bed linen is often used as a covering for the mattress. The main reason for buying a mattress is to get good sleep. The surface of a bed is usually made of wood, and it is not possible to sleep on that hard wooden surface. The mattress serves as a softer surface on which a person can sleep comfortably. Buying a mattress requires careful selection because if an unsuitable mattress is purchased, then it can reduce sleep and result in back pains.

The different places from where a person can purchase a mattress 

Many shops sell furniture and home décor. One can visit any such shop and look for mattresses. Many stores are completely dedicated to beds and mattresses. However, if visiting shops is not feasible, then one can look for different kinds of mattresses in online stores. Many shopping sites sell good quality mattresses, and a suitable mattress can be purchased. One should always scan through the product description section for acquiring information about the mattress and the dimension of the mattress. If the mattress can be shipped to the address of the purchaser, then the purchase can be completed in a few simple steps.

Reviews for a better mattress can also be searched online as there are many review forums and even the products also include reviews by customers who have already purchased the product. The online shopping process is considered easier by many, but if a person wants to acquire a custom-made mattress, then that is also possible. An individual can visit a mattress shop and enquire if the custom made option is present in that store or not. In this way, the purchaser can fully determine the dimension, thickness and inner material of the mattress.

Judging the suitability of the mattress

Selecting the right mattress is indeed a tough job for anyone. When a mattress is to be purchased from a store, then it needs to be completely suitable for the purchaser. The most important things which should be viewed while purchasing a mattress are given below:

  • The thickness of the mattress:

The thickness ranges from six inches which fall into the category of thin mattresses to about fourteen inches which is quite thick. The thickness of a mattress makes it softer, and a person should look for the desired thickness that will not be too hard but will also not be too soft.

  • The stitching of the mattress:

The mattress needs to be firmly and properly stitched with a cover fabric. If the stitching is of low quality, then the mattress will very eerily show signs of ripping at the seams.

Hence, purchasing mattresses online or offline is quite easy but the most important thing is to ensure that the quality of the mattress is superior otherwise one will be stuck with a bad mattress that has no utility but many problems.

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How Sandstone Can Help You Improve Your Flooring

Sandstone tiles are the heavenly trademark floor covering decisions that are unavoidable for their particular style. Reflecting the look of shoreline and desert sand, the golds, reds, tans, and tans of this frequently vivid stone are the ideal brightening contact in various arrangement applications.

In case you are planning to create another house or rebuild an old one, sandstone is the right material to use. You may think that sandstone is simply used as an outside paver, nonetheless, you would be stunned at how versatile a material it is. Feel aside, sandstone is uncommonly solid and has a high capacity to withstand preposterous atmosphere conditions.

In the interim, how it is general recommends that its properties are not controlled by a maker, which can cause issues when it is utilized as a bit of specific conditions. In different shades from gold to steel story our Sandstone stone supplier in UAE a particular look and warm light to structures. The particular character, astounding, sturdiness, and working properties have made sandstone as a genuine building material.

About Sandstone Tiles

The Beauty Of Nature: There is an indescribable quality to steady materials that is evident in sandstone flooring. Going in shading from medium tone whites to bright furores, almost the entire way back to charcoal and dull, Sandstone Supplier in UAE can cover huge stretches of tones, yet then it all around has an inclination of earth and shake that can be missing in incalculable contending imitators.

Nature Of Stone: Sandstone, is quarried from the focal points of mountains, and accordingly, it is hard as a stone. It may not coordinate slate or stone for quality, but rather instead, it is so far solid, vital, and can prop up for an essentially lengthy timespan if fittingly tended to. In the interim, it progresses that intrinsic intense capacity to any space in which it is utilized.

why you ought to use sandstone in your home:


The clearest inspiration driving why you ought to use sandstone is furthermore the most effortless to understand – it looks incredible! There is something amazingly appealing about that regular shading and those intense miseries. Sandstone has the surface of cemented sand and its course surface reminds us of the regular shake plan in the outback.

Various individuals have used sandstone in the bathrooms and living space for this very reason. It is essentially such a magnificent material.


The gigantic thing about sandstone is that it props up longer than some other material. Since it is a trademark material, sandstone will stand the preliminary of time for any more drawn out than produced materials, like porcelain.

An incredible instance of this adaptability can be found in sandstone pavers. You can almost guarantee that a yard worked with sandstone pavers will last longer than one worked with earth tiles.

Low Maintenance

The third inspiration driving why you ought to use sandstone for your home is that it requires by no maintenance.

For any situation, be vigilant; this does not infer that you don’t need to maintain it using any and all means. It just suggests that you simply need to give your sandstone pavers a rapid rinse all finished – this will discard any fallen leaves that can wind up staining your great splendid pavers.

Indian Sandstone

Cleaning Indian sandstone is clear. Use frothy water, or, for harder stains and furthermore greenery and green development, a cleanser mix. Combine comparable measures of color and water and pour onto the pieces. Leave for around 30 minutes and wash off with a strong brush, control washer or a hose to promise you have liberated of all the cleanser.

Here are our 5 top tips to keep your Indian sandstone clearing clean:

  • Standard brushing to oust surface junk
  • Rub weeds with a scrubber
  • Override jointing sand to turn away weed advancement
  • Use destructive free frothy water or a cleanser and water mix
  • Use a solidified brush to scour the surface of the clearing

Indian sandstone is a champion among the most prominent arranging things, and it’s anything yet hard to see any motivation behind why. Its warm shades, flexibility and eye-getting complete settle on it a great choice to develop clearing. Like all clearing, it’s displayed to the segments of the Great British atmosphere, so standard help is basic to keep your Indian Sand Stone Supplier in UAE taking a gander taking consideration of business.

Will Indian sandstone push toward becoming stained after some time?

Most stone can push toward becoming stained after some time if it is displayed to footfall and the segments. It’s basic to acknowledge what to avoid to keep your Indian sandstone clearing segments getting to be stained. Cleaning game plans that contain acids could make rusting on the areas, so stay away from these.

Instructions to clean Indian sandstone pieces with foamy water

Here are six direct walks to cleaning Indian sandstone with warm, sudsy water:

  • Mix cleaning up the liquid with warm water in a can
  • Pour mix over the Indian sandstone areas
  • Totally spotless region with a hard bristled brush
  • Flush with clean water
  • Leave for 24 hours

In case the domain is up ’til now dirty, reiterate the technique

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