There are several benefits of being a member of a plantation country club. It can be said that a club is indirectly operated on the wishes of the members. The members have the control over the rules and regulations which are being followed at a golf club. When you take up the membership in these plantation clubs, it leads to enhancement of the Club experience due to the increased number of participants as members.

In comparison to the plantation, there are many extra facilities which are provided by private clubs. The things which mark the difference between plantation country club and private clubs are:

  • The members: Once you become a member of a plantation club, you will feel yourself as a part of a large family. The existing members are likely to welcome you with open arms. It is quite difficult to meet people in a club and make friends with them. However, in a plantation country club, you will get a family like feeling around you from the start. This will ensure the fact that you enjoy well at the golf club.
  • Quality of facilities: The staff at majority plantation clubs maintains the quality of the facilities they provide their members. They ensure that the members are treated with professionalism. The members are required to pay low equity contribution along with benefits of annual dues. This is one of the prime reasons why plantation golf and country clubs are considered as the best clubs.
  • Best value: The plantation clubs ensure that the members get the benefit of the first rate club at the best value of the area. The staff generally has the ability to operate and maintain the facilities which they provide to their members. The plantation clubs ensure that their members get the fullest return of their investment. They ensure that the members get the benefit of proper sound management, participation at the events of the club, strong and interesting social programs for the members to take part and accomplish in.

The types of membership available:

The plantation clubs provide various types of membership to the families and members you opt for a single membership. The types of membership provided can be categorized into three basic categories.

  • Full: It includes unlimited golf and tennis opportunities.
  • Sports or Fitness: It includes the benefit of unlimited tennis.
  • Social: It includes limited golf and tennis options.

Apart from these special facilities which the person gets on becoming a part of the Club, the membership allows them several common benefits. They can make use of the heater on an unlimited basis, utilize the junior swimming pool and make use of the fitness center. Apart from that, the members can also utilize the clubhouse facilities and also get the benefit of dining.

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