The cricketing world is once again preparing for the next edition of the Cricket World Cup, which kicks off in England at the end of May. And with India generally enjoying a status as second to England in the winning odds tables, it’s not out of the question that the side will pull it out of the bag and come either first or second. This post will explore just how prepared – or otherwise – the side currently looks.

Recent wins

First of all, the Indian side is likely to be fuelled by confidence from recent victories in games across the world. They recently played several oneday internationals and other games against New Zealand, for example, in which they thoroughly trounced the opposing side on many occasions. A brief look down the January scorecard alone reveals that there was an eight wicket victory in the first oneday international in Napier, while there was a 90-run win at the second ODI just a few days later. Any ICC Cricket 2019 World Cup Guide ought to take into account past performance – and while it’s never a guarantee of future outcomes, it does serve to indicate what could end up happening.

Figures and statistics

Perhaps the main advantage that India has in this year’s event is that they have not onlythe world’s number one batsman, but also the world number two. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli make a formidable team, and they are a real asset for the side. And when it comes to bowling, the Indian team also have a great person on side: Jasprit Bumrah is the world’s number one. He’s managed to take85 wickets in the almost 50one day international games in his record, so it’s likely that teams around the world will quake at the sight of him. The Indian team, having so many great players, could hardly be better equipped.

Climate and environment

One thing worth noting about this year’s World Cup, however, is that it takes place in a climate that is far removed from what many Indian cricketers are used to. The temperate climate of England, where the tournament is being held, is likely to give a big advantage to India’s number one rivals. But this hasn’t stopped teams from claiming the title before: the first ever Cricket World Cup was held in England back in 1975, and the West Indies managed to clinch it then. The climate might not be on India’s side, but history certainly is.

India’s got a lot to think about when it comes to this year’s Cricket World Cup. It’s certainly not in the bag for the side, and there are some serious considerations about everything from the climate of the environment to the surface of the pitchesthey will be playing on. But strong performances recently mean that victory is not out of the question, and the side could well find themselves in with a chance of a big win.

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