Essential Features for an on-demand grocery app like Uber

With the advent of technology, the craze of online shopping is mushrooming day-by-day. The reason behind the popularity is the availability of the goods and services. There are over thousands of mobile applications that cater to every single need without going outside. Today everyone dreams of starting an online business but few are of them gets success. Why Is It So? The poor strategy, lack of tools, inadequate management are the barrier that doesn’t let the business popular. So, if you plan to create Uber for grocery delivery app follows the right methodology from scratch. You should consider the main features that are required to take the business one step ahead.


Most of the people spend time on social media so providing online access for grocery delivery registration is a must-have feature.


Collection of grocery items from local stores, supermarkets are one of the tedious and time-consuming tasks. Why people come to your website rather than going to shopping malls? It is essential that you arrange the grocery items from A to Z in order menu so that customers could easily find and book order faster.

Search option for Nearby Local Stores

There are many grocery stores that offer home delivery service to enrich the customer shopping experience. You can tie up with that local stores to deliver the grocery items faster. Similarly, it is a good option for consumers who can shop from their favorite stores.

Quantity Counter

No one can buy grocery items in bulk because some people order the food products as per the size of their family. It makes easier for the consumers to get fresh and pre packed items under suitable price bracket so, quantity counter is a must-have feature to create grocery delivery app like Uber.

Add to Cart & Add to Wishlist

Add to cart is one of the soothing features that enables the user to pick more than one item and pay at once rather than choosing separate items again & again. It saves times and aids you in maintaining buyer records plus boosts revenue and profit of grocery delivery business. Moreover, wishlist is convenient for those who wish to buy the product later. It automatically saves the product details in the user account thus, there will be more chances that user will purchase in the future or refer to their family & friends. The more people know about your service, the better the traffic coming to your website for grocery delivery.

Live Tracking of Booking Order

One must include live view option to make easier for seller, customer and app manager because the same screen will notify whether the order is booked, pick up by delivery man or ready for shipping.

Inbuilt Payment Options

App owner must consider the in-app payment option to make the customer happy as it is too difficult for people to visit at banks for making the grocery delivery payment. Usually, the mobile application includes net banking via debit card, credit card or cash on delivery, and these options are user-friendly for both the buyers and service providers.

Coupons and Discounts

Customers are always looking for the best deal offer or discount coupons while purchasing regular items because they want to save their hard-earned money on grocery bills. You can offer weekly, monthly or festive discounts or send a notification regarding new offers to make your service better.

Final Thought

The success of grocery delivery business rely on the target audience, customer preference & taste, faster delivery along with essential features to stay ahead in grocery delivery competition.

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How is the internet of things playing a vital role in building Smart Factories?

Manufacturing is one of the vital components in the revolutionary phase of development of any company where the internet of things is the key to produce many products efficiently.

Internet of Things – A boon for the factory in making it smart and manufacturing firms have invested a lot! In estimation for the year 2016, companies have invested more than $150 billion for IoT to boost the success rate of the smart factories. Besides, a study of International Data Corporation (IDC) shows companies have invested twice than the transportation purpose.

Stats of Markets Research show the expected market of smart factories can be reached to more than 200 billion at the growth rate of more than 9 percent. In a highly competitive market, smart manufacturing processes have great perceptibility, products, and resources.

In smart factories, a great improvisation has been deemed such as on return on investment, business operations and productivity as well. The most vital parts for improving the success rate of the smart factories are connecting devices, a combination of various industrial data as well as the safe manufacturing systems for a lifetime period.

With the help of IoT, some companies in developed countries have created trusted partners which are helping customers drastically and also great to connect and monetize the operation of the company in a secure environment. Hence, the internet of things and artificial intelligence would convert the manufacturing industries into “Industry 4.0.”

The connection between the internet of things and smart manufacturing:
You always hear about the smart manufacturing but it’s very important to know about the actual meaning of smart factories and how is the internet of things is making the manufacturing and what are the ancillary components with almost the same roles?

The process of smart manufacturer starts from the collection of the data automatically with great interpretation at the same time. Thus factory managers can take better and more efficient decisions optimizing the productions.

In this process, the data from sensors and machines transmit data to the cloud with the help of IoT connectivity which has already been deployed in the factory.
After getting the data through sensors, managers of the company analyze the data and after combining the contextual details, these are shared with the specific shareholders of the company.

After combining the IoT to the factories are able to send the data and has also an ability to control & accomplish the desired plans remotely. Moreover, they can change the plans promptly and thus the manufacturing reducing waste can be drastically curbed.

Smart factories also become smarter in the speedy production and most importantly, the quality products are always received. Smart factories are also able to detect any manufacturing quality issue of products and thus also fixes these in real-time. The smart manufacturing process also gives the information to the factory managers about the required commodities and how they can meet the real needs of the marketplace at the same time.

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For food companies, maintaining a great quality with the increasing rate of demand is important to grow in the market. So companies who have implemented smart systems for the manufacturing process have got a huge profit in the past few years.

With the help of sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT and other smart devices, company managers can easily detect various problems from one place tackling at the same time.


Smart factories are a key to become successful in the manufacturing industries when the need for the products is excessively increasing. So it is very important to maintain the quality of the products but many surveys explicate the companies who are implementing conventional methods in the manufacturing process have not been successful in the past years.

On the other side, data received from the smart manufacturing about its manufacturing processes were astonishing. Smart factories have also become successful in maintaining the demand and manufacturing ratio. So it’ll be a key to get a huge success in the manufacturing industry for the companies in the upcoming years.

Let us know what you think about Internet of Things and Smart factories in the comment section below.

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Best mid-range phone 2019: Which are right for you!

Here we’re bringing you the top 5 mid-range phones of 2019. If you don’t want a budget phone that might have less than average specifications and want to splurge a little on yourself, the mid-range line of smartphone companies are the right options for you. So we’ve gathered the best mid-range phones of 2019 for you:

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is powered by the fastest processor; the Snapdragon 845. This is a big deal in the fact that many of the phones that sport the same processor tend to cost a lot more. The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is a mid-range smartphone to be reckoned with. It comes with 6GB of RAM with a choice of 64 or 128 GB ROM. However with such a price, a phone is bound to cut corners. For the Xiaomi Pocophone those corners are on design. It is a full plastic body that doesn’t give any guarantee against the elements. Despite that it has a 6.18 inch display that is sharp however there is a long notch on the top. The performance of the Pocophone is fast as mentioned before due to the Snapdragon 845 and the 6 GB RAM. Furthermore it has a long lasting battery life. It has a dual rear camera has a 12 MP + 5 MP depth sensor, whereas the front facing camera is a 20MP.

Honor 20

The Honor smartphones have made quite the name for themselves in the industry. This device in particular has a 6.2 inch screen with a full HD+ IPS LCD to bring you the best visuals. Furthermore it has a beautiful 32MP front facing camera. It has a punch hole design so it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the front screen. It has an astounding 4 camera setup on the back with a 48MP + 2 MP + 16 MP + 2MP depth sensor lens. The front facing shooter is a promising 32MP selfie camera. It is available in many different colors such as Black, White and Blue all of which make it look stylish and well thought out. It comes preinstalled with the Android Pie update and runs on the HiSilicon Kirin 980 chipset.

Its storage capacity won’t be a problem as it has a 6GB RAM and a 128GB ROM. However the battery may seem like it’s smaller to last a full day out and about. However, the phone does come with the fast charging feature so you won’t be spending all night recharging your phone

One Plus 7

With a beautiful design, OnePlus 7 wins our hearts. The OnePlus7 is a mid-range device with top notch specifications. It has a beautiful 6.4 inch AMOLED display that brings your videos to you in crisp and sharp colors. It has a small waterdrop notch along with a slight chin but nothing that ruins the beautiful display or gets in the way. This device runs on the Snapdragon 855 with a 6 or 8 GB RAM variant so you know it’ll run fast. It doesn’t fall short on internal storage either with either a 128 or 256 GB ROM giving you plenty of space to save your memorable moments. This device is a steal with a dual rear camera setup and single 16 MP selfie camera.

Google Pixel 3a

Google came into the smartphone came a few years ago and has quickly learned what makes a stand up phone. Despite being a mid-range phone it looks and feels as if it is a flagship by Google. It hits you with a OLED display over the distance of 5.6 inches. Despite being smaller in screen size than most phones in the market these days, it’s comfortable to use and has a nice grip to it. Especially with a plastic build it still feels like expensive glass, with a portion of it glossy and a portion matte; signature Google. Despite having a single camera with 12.2 MP it appears to have one of the most flattering cameras on the market at its price range. It runs on a Snapdragon 670, which is a good processor but probably not the best for gaming. Hence, if you don’t need a phone for heavy and extensive use but still with good specs this one is for you.

Xiaomi Mi 9

The Xiaomi giant obviously earned a place on our list with its mid-range Xiaomi Mi 9. This phone was released in March 2019 and has a 6.3 display with a super AMOLED screen that is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6. It comes preinstalled with Android Pie and runs on the fastest Snapdragon 855 combined with the power of a 6/8 GB RAM and a 64/128GB ROM. In total, it has a 4 camera setup; a triple on the back 48 + 12 + 16MP whereas the front selfie camera is a 20MP shooter. Xiaomi Mi 9 price in Pakistan is 63,999 RS. Furthermore despite its small battery of only 3,300 mAH it charges fast. Hence, all in all the Xiaomi Mi 9 is a sophisticated phone with amazing specifications despite the small battery.

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Get Your Hands On Digital Marketing Course In Ludhiana


Humans are the most intelligent animals, where their imagination has given wings to their dreams. They have bridged the gap between having a dream of flying to making us fly. Starting from the invention of fire to the invention of digital world shows, there is no limit on human talent. With the digital world comes Digital Marketing. Marketing of products or services on the various digital platforms like the internet, mobile phones, and other digital platforms is termed as Digital Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

Technology plays an important role in modelling our future.  In this fast pacing, world digitalization is helping us keep the pace. Whether it is ordering food online or selling it online, technology has made almost everything possible. The world that is growing digitally is far advanced from the world we live in, now the question comes why digital marketing? The answer is quite simple, the world inhabits a population of 7.7 billion, and interacting all of them at a common platform was impossible before the introduction of the digital world. A digital world not only provides us the platform to interact with several people online but now it helps us to achieve marketing also. This share of information between humans that may physically require thousands of kilometres is now done in less than seconds. Marketing becomes easier with digital platforms.

Earlier every company used television, banner, and radio for their marketing campaign. Company employees used to visit houses to promote their product. But now with changing time, way of marketing has also changed. A digital marketing course in Ludhiana allows you to learn various advertising techniques like pop-up ads, floating ads, online classified ads, etc. Nowadays, every company spends a huge amount of money on digital marketing.


Digital Marketing is growing rapidly and hence is used by every company to promote their products, services, and business. It has now become a way of expanding your business and brand value. Today, every company design their own websites by their business name. Various marketing techniques are available digitally like SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, television advertisements, etc. The reason for its increased growth goes to the internet. Today, the internet has become the most used service worldwide. Can you imagine a day without the internet? Internet users are increasing day by day. People spend a lot of time on the internet, and that is the reason it has become the world’s biggest marketing place. Digital marketing has become a very fast way to reach your target audience.

Future: A digital marketing course in Ludhiana has become the need of the hour in this era. It holds a very bright future with further expansion. Many digital marketing agencies are providing service to companies and making huge amounts of money. As the customer is now living a digital life, it has a huge scope at present and in the upcoming time also. It is more in demand now and will be much more in the future. Various career options are being unfolded. There will be inventions taking place only in this field in the near future. It will grow more!!

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How to Choose a Web Hosting Company?

Choosing a right web hosting provider is a time consuming process. Since it directly impacts your online business growth, you can’t act hastily. There are so many factors you have to be looking at before choosing the right hosting provider.

The process of selecting the right hosting agency bewilders due to many choices available in the market place. Every one right there claims to be the best, so you have to be very careful.  Read on the post to find out how should you decide over a right web hosting firm.

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1: Jot Down Your Business Goals First

Sorting out a right web host is quite dependent on your buzzing business needs. For example, if you want to float a website with few static pages, any random shared hosting plan will work for you. On the contrary, for a full-fledged resource heavy e-commerce portal, a dedicated or VPS hosting would be required.

A number of things you should be considering before buying a suitable plan. The points include:

  • The type of site will you be creating
  • Whether you need hosting for multiple sites
  • The amount of traffic you are expecting
  • Technical requirements of your website

2: Check Provider’s Speed And Server Uptime 

Another important thing to consider is host’s service reliability and server uptime it offers. This is of utmost importance since a few minutes of downtime can lead bad user experience and revenue loss. 

A host with server uptime of 99% can be a good choice. Avoid buying subscriptions from hosting companies that claim 100% server uptime or report anything below 99%. Speed is also an important factor to consider. Visitors hate to have a slow loading website and switch to rather fast loading competitor of yours. 

3: Check Scalability Options

By the time when your business scales up, you have to add resources to ensure an uninterrupted run for your website. Most businesses begin with shared hosting since it’s affordable for starters. However, in long run when website grows you may find yourself searching more resources (bandwidth, email storage, and email accounts).

If you fail to timely increase your resources, you will experience your website slowing down drastically. That’s why you should be going for a web hosting company that offers scalability options and addition resources on-demand if your website grows.

It’s always good start with a host that deals in all kind of hosting. It makes easier to switch to high stake hosting plans such as VPS or dedicated hosting as your site grows.

4: Customer Support

A good webs host cares about the clients. Simply put, it is something that makes all the difference. While selecting a right web host, find out what are the communication channels available with the host for the tech support. Ideally a good web hosting provider offers support via email, Skype and telephone. Now, most providers are offering live chat option for the clients.

Now, I hope you can find it easy to select a best web hosting services provider in India for your business needs. 

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Send Free SMS to Mobile by Using Free SMS Sites

At the point when cell phones were first developed, they filled the need of a moving phone. Dial up anybody from anyplace and have a generous discussion. The best endowment of cell phones to us will be the bulk sms provider in Noida.

In the present occupied way of life, it isn’t fundamental that everybody is allowed to talk at whatever point out timetable permits us. Likewise, there are times when we simply need to pass on a little snippet of data. A SMS spares our time and vitality to really dial up and clarify the entire thing. We can simply send in content and the other individual gets the data without even a moment’s pause. Likewise, he/she can audit it remains in the inbox. 

A sms service provider in Noida encourages you keep in contact without interceding with anything significant. By utilizing the free SMS locales, you have numerous different advantages too. First of all, you get the opportunity to make an online Address Book of all your much of the time utilized and significant contacts. On the off chance that you ever happen to lose them from your telephone, you can generally sign in with the free SMS site and get them back. As it were, its the best reinforcement for your contacts. By enlisting with a free SMS site, you free yourself from the work of heading toward get a bulk sms provider in Noida

Web based informing is grabbing pace quick as it is affordable and simple. Likewise, SMS locales in India give the client a benefit to SMS anyplace in India free of expense. Interestingly, you can send unbounded number of SMS by means of this sort of sites from PC to versatile. Other real advantages you benefit on enrolling with free SMS destinations is Group SMS. You can order your contacts into gatherings and after that send specifically SMS bunch savvy. This spares you the season of contacting sms service provider in Noida again and again and furthermore choosing who to send it to. Absence of correspondence is the fundamental driver of separation between individuals. By sending a straightforward SMS from time to time by signing into the free SMS site, you are making your bonds more grounded. 

These days, each specialist co-op offers web on the telephone. You can without much of a stretch sign in the SMS site from the PC or portable and content in your ardent to your friends and family. Film advancements, SMS casting a ballot and input are additionally supported these days. Why keep down on deciding in favor of your preferred hopeful on Bigg Boss? Simply sign in with your Id and secret key in the free SMS site and make yourself heard in light of the fact that each and every vote tallies. You can send the same number of SMS you need and can likewise benefit the Bulk SMS administration. We value your musings and regard your security. Subsequently, we don’t mess your SMS with any promotions at last. We need our clients to communicate unreservedly. In the event that you are abroad and wish to contact your companions in your nation of origin, you can sign in the free SMS destinations in India from anyplace on the planet and send SMS to your companions in India.

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Dreams about the Future Are Always Filled With Gadgets

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, author, and science communicator, is hardly a person who would require an introduction. Having generated a cult-like following, it is only people living under a rock who would be unaware of the astrophysicist. However, the same cannot be said about his quote, “Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets.”And even fewer amongst us would realize the significance of the quote.

The Never-Ending Advancements in the Field of Technology

The world today has been rejuvenated in new world order. Constant technological advancements are persistently improving our quality of life. Our extended lifespan has allowed us to solve greater problems that were previously deemed unsolvable. In the eyes of our ancestors, the world today would be considered a golden age, akin to a fantasy world.

A golden world it is. A fantasy world, it isn’t.

Our world today, too, was once perceived to be a fantasy. However, the people who dreamt it went about shaping it. And similar to our ancestors, we too have been dreaming about the future. The only difference between our vision and that of our forefathers is that our vision seems to be full of gadgets. And this is what irks a lot of people.

The Negative Psyche Surrounding Technology

Most people have formulated a negative thought process towards the aspect of technology. And this has mostly been attributed to the coming of Artificial Intelligence (AI). People have often advocated the fact that A.I. would be the reason for massive job cuts. However, the intent of technological advancements has never been to add to human woes.

Technology has always been designed to make our lives easier. History has been proof of this. Accounting softwares have ensured that no other accountant would have to traverse through the pages of a massive ledger searching for a certain transaction. Smartphones and social media have connected us better than a simple telephone ever will and ever did. And even though it is in its basic state, A.I. is already on its way to heal our ozone layer and improve the climatic conditions.

Jobs Cuts and Artificial Intelligence

Coming back to jobs cuts and artificial intelligence, a majority of negativity towards technology stems from the assumption that A.I. will destroy jobs. Yes, A.I. will destroy jobs, 75 million jobs to be precise. It is only with the destruction of such jobs that A.I. will be able to create 133 million jobs.

According to Forbes, A.I. will be effectively responsible for creating a net of 58 million jobs, just by 2022. In fact, the obliteration of jobs will directly link to an increase in the quality, location, and permanency of jobs. If the common man could keep this fact in hindsight, they would understand that A.I. will be responsible for completely taking over the mundane, repetitive jobs while offering people with fresh opportunities.

When Neil DeGrasse Tyson said that our dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets, he knew that future advancements would always astonish, amaze, and bedazzle a section of the society for he knew that this section of society would always consider these developments to be magical. And he even knew this section of society would be incapable of comprehending the caliber of such developments. However, this does not make those developments, those gadgets to be a negative aspect of our lives.

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Do business using Robotics Process Automation like never before

The world is changing at a very fast pace and now we are experiencing things which we have not before. Due to so many new technologies, life is becoming simpler. One such technology is Robotic Process Automation which is also used as RPA. This technology is now becoming very famous and more and more business units are trying to use this technology in their company. The use of this technology helps the company to have efficient work and making employees more productive. This technology is in constant progress and we are yet to see more innovations. But if you are not aware of the benefits of this technology but want to get the best of this, then we are mentioning some of the benefits of this technology in the business which will lure you to use this technology in your organization as well.

More resource use

This technology is well known for its best resource use. The resources are the biggest asset to any organization and when these resources are used in a good way, the growth of the company can be seen. With RPA the company will be able to utilize and optimize the resources of the man with brains in more important work where those resources are getting wasted in doing the labor work. The robots can be used to replace the human and get them the do the work which is worth their time and capability. This way, more refined use of resources can be done to achieve the goal of the organization.

More flexibility and adaptability

When any new technology is being introduced in the market, the companies that are willing to adopt them are fearful of time and money which they have invested in adopting those technologies. But when RPA is there in the companies, the system has the flexibility and they are adaptable to the changes which are needed to be brought to the company. This way, the company can save valuable time and money which it has to spend in training the human resource in the company. The rpa companies are excelling in this.

More cost effective

While the RPA technology is providing the overall workflow, these robots also aim for the cost-effective methods for the company, changing the game of growth of the company. Instead of competing with each other, these robots complete each other which make the company stronger and also increase productivity. This technology aims for the cost-effectiveness of the company overall.

Error-free operations and communication

Being error-free is much needed in the organization and also the communication is also very much an integral part of it. Both these things are fulfilled when the company is shifting towards the technology of RPA. The automation of these robots reduces the error to a minimum and also provides a good source of communication. They increase precision and also make the monotonous process to go error-free.

Behind all these points, the robotic process automation india is going to see a very bright future.

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How Good Is The 9apps For Mobile Users?

How Good Is The 9apps For Mobile Users

Getting all the applications from the play store for free is not possible this is because of the apps are available only when you make the payment. Those kinds of apps can be available in the 9apps 2017 for free. The applications are the important one for the mobile users and so the various varieties of the applications are available in this app store. The apps can be searched easily from the millions of the apps and so it is most popular among the people worldwide. The application store does not carry any infections and also does not steal any legal information from the users.

Why the 9apps is having a high scope?

The app store consists of the various kinds of applications and all the applications are divided into various categories and so it is easy for the people to choose the best one. The application is user-friendly and so it does not affect the performance of the other applications. The applications can be downloaded at a rapid speed and so it is easy for the users to download as many applications as possible within a limited time. Even the cost of the application is free and so the users can download unlimited apps. The application is having the lightweight in nature and so you can install the application on the mobile even in the small space. It does not affect the operating system of the mobile. The app store supports both the Android and the IOS versions of the mobile.

You can access the application store easily and is smooth to navigate and you can find lots of the applications. This is the app store that is providing various categories and from the children to the adults who can access the required app from this app store. The app is designed in such a way that you can perform the installation of the applications that are downloaded later by changing the settings of the app. This kind of feature is not available in any other app store. The applications are having the download manager facility and so you can download the number of applications and end the applications whenever required as per your convenience. Even this will disturb the performance of the other apps on the mobile. In this app store, you can find the wallpaper, ringtones and other media files for free.

How to install 9apps on the mobile? This is the app store that can be available in the third party apps or on its official website. Before 9apps downloading 2016 you have to enable the unknown sources that are available in the settings menu. Once done then the app is ready to be downloaded. Click on the download button and the apk file is stored in the mobile device. Now tap the apk file to get installed in the mobile. The installation of the application will begin shortly and get ended in a few seconds. You can launch the application now.

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How small business can cash in on the power of social media monitoring

Small business houses appreciate the value of media monitoring and reputation management. But still telecom in media monitoring of small business houses fall short of the desired levels. This is as per a conclusive study undertaken by various research firms. Social media monitoring has been existent among large business houses and PR agencies, but remains lower to smaller organizations. Some of the key aspects of social media monitoring are

  • Nearly 88 % of small business monitor their performance on a quarterly basis
  • 66 % rely on social media to figure out their online reputation, and out of that 48 % rely on the use of social media with a combination of other platforms to understand more about monitoring
  • Only 44 % rely on the use of Human resources, in relation to public relation agencies to understand more about their online reputation.

If you are not taking stock of the online reputation of your brand slowly you end up losing control. A lot of people are of the opinion that the internet starts and stops with social media platforms. But this is a dangerous trend to assume. You need to monitor social media but you also you need to go beyond it to figure out more about online reputation.

The drawbacks of common media monitoring methods

The survey is of the opinion that many small business ends up using Google alerts, the professionals of public relations consider Google alert as an unethical tool. It lacks analytics; important points that a brand forgets to mention and do not podcast social media. On the other hand small business would go on to turn to public relation agencies working on the concept of a media monitoring service for their clients.

To monitor ORM in telecom with in house staff does have its own pitfalls. They lack in the ability and consistency aspect to measure results and monitor performance. What the small business houses end up doing is that they subscribe to an outside subscription service that is spread across various clients. This goes on to free the in house task of social media monitoring and allows them to focus on other important tasks.

Apart from this some media monitoring services provide tailor made packages to clients. This means that clients end up paying for what they use. It can also go on to send across automated email alerts and quickly resolve customer query issues and in due course of time safeguard their reputations.

The market is flooded with various social media monitoring tools, so it becomes really difficult to figure out what are the right tools and strategies for your business. This concept of monitoring your online reputation is relatively new for your business to be successful in this digital era.

To conclude small business houses monitor their online reputations to a less considerable degree. Many of them end up using inefficient tools and lack of quality manpower in relation to media monitoring. The key is to embrace effective social media tools.

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