With the advent of technology, the craze of online shopping is mushrooming day-by-day. The reason behind the popularity is the availability of the goods and services. There are over thousands of mobile applications that cater to every single need without going outside. Today everyone dreams of starting an online business but few are of them gets success. Why Is It So? The poor strategy, lack of tools, inadequate management are the barrier that doesn’t let the business popular. So, if you plan to create Uber for grocery delivery app follows the right methodology from scratch. You should consider the main features that are required to take the business one step ahead.


Most of the people spend time on social media so providing online access for grocery delivery registration is a must-have feature.


Collection of grocery items from local stores, supermarkets are one of the tedious and time-consuming tasks. Why people come to your website rather than going to shopping malls? It is essential that you arrange the grocery items from A to Z in order menu so that customers could easily find and book order faster.

Search option for Nearby Local Stores

There are many grocery stores that offer home delivery service to enrich the customer shopping experience. You can tie up with that local stores to deliver the grocery items faster. Similarly, it is a good option for consumers who can shop from their favorite stores.

Quantity Counter

No one can buy grocery items in bulk because some people order the food products as per the size of their family. It makes easier for the consumers to get fresh and pre packed items under suitable price bracket so, quantity counter is a must-have feature to create grocery delivery app like Uber.

Add to Cart & Add to Wishlist

Add to cart is one of the soothing features that enables the user to pick more than one item and pay at once rather than choosing separate items again & again. It saves times and aids you in maintaining buyer records plus boosts revenue and profit of grocery delivery business. Moreover, wishlist is convenient for those who wish to buy the product later. It automatically saves the product details in the user account thus, there will be more chances that user will purchase in the future or refer to their family & friends. The more people know about your service, the better the traffic coming to your website for grocery delivery.

Live Tracking of Booking Order

One must include live view option to make easier for seller, customer and app manager because the same screen will notify whether the order is booked, pick up by delivery man or ready for shipping.

Inbuilt Payment Options

App owner must consider the in-app payment option to make the customer happy as it is too difficult for people to visit at banks for making the grocery delivery payment. Usually, the mobile application includes net banking via debit card, credit card or cash on delivery, and these options are user-friendly for both the buyers and service providers.

Coupons and Discounts

Customers are always looking for the best deal offer or discount coupons while purchasing regular items because they want to save their hard-earned money on grocery bills. You can offer weekly, monthly or festive discounts or send a notification regarding new offers to make your service better.

Final Thought

The success of grocery delivery business rely on the target audience, customer preference & taste, faster delivery along with essential features to stay ahead in grocery delivery competition.

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