Improved Unlock Icloud Activation Lock Tool

Because Apple constantly releases updates for its firmware it was about time for the Unlock iCloud Activation lock tool to be updated as well. Now the most recent release has brought many improvements including the compatibility of the tool with the latest iOS version 8.3. Now even if you have the latest iPhone 6, 6+ which runs on iOS 8.3 you can easily do the Unlock iCloud Activation lock process with our amazing tool and permanently remove the iCloud lock from your iPhone directly from Apple’s white list database.

Fastest iCloud Lock and Bypass Activation Lock

Now if you are experiencing iCloud lock problems on your iPhone device you can fix this problem in less than 24 hours. Our updated Unlock tool is now much more efficient when it comes to the initialization process. And what is even better now it is possible to perform Bypass iCloud Activation lock on iPhone devices which are initially reported as stolen/lost with blocked/barred IMEI codes. And all of this is done directly from Apple’s servers.

Safe, confirmed and official method for Unlock iCloud

As always we tend to perform rigorous testing on our software tools before we unveil them to the public. Now the efficiency rate of Unlocking iCloud on iPhone devices if used properly is over 95% percent. So that is why this tool is so popular right now.

And to make matters even better we offer the Unlock iCloud Activation Lock tool for free.

If you want to download the safe version of the tool you can just follow our download links bellow and save the file on your computer. It is perfectly safe and 100% free from viruses.

The Remove iCloud Activation lock tool can be easily found on internet but beware before you download it because there are sites which tend to charge money or try to obtain personal info. This Remove iCloud tool is available completely for free download and use.

So if cannot afford to go to Apple store to remove the iCloud lock you should consider using the Remove iCloud Activation lock tool. It has helped me and thousands of other iPhone users to remove the iCloud lock so from personal experience I know that this is the real thing.

The iCloud remover tool is available as freeware. This means that you can download, use and share this tool completely for free without having to spend a single cent. The only requirement is that you download it via the official website links that are available on this page bellow. Once you have the tool, you can Remover any iPhone from iCloud in a few minutes. Give it a try, get the iCloud remover now! Well there aren’t many options left and probably you can go to Apple store and for considerable amount of money remove the iCloud lock.

Many people now are taking into consideration this method because it can be done from any place at any time, it is completely free of charge and it is extremely fast and efficient.

So my opinion is if you are stuck with iCloud locked iPhone you should not hesitate much and get the Bypass iCloud Activation lock tool. It is guaranteed that it will help you Bypass iCloud and remove the lock.

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Enjoy Free Whatsapp Web App Download Option Over The Internet

WhatsApp is one of the great as well as outstanding clients around, and it is simply got better. Apart from it supporting ever mobile platform, whatsApp has recently established web based client, thus you can finally employ WhatsApp on your PC as well as synch along with your mobile device.  Are whastApp web is safe and secure?  When it finial got few flak its lack of security, where as previous year, Whatsapp rolled out end to end encryption for all its messages. The latest new WhatsApp Web utilizes the similar technology as well as dependent on your phone for every message transfer. In addition, you can always verify which browser is associated to your mobile device at every moment as well as remotely disable any browser. When it is not foolproof, the security is well sufficient. WhatsApp web is the excellent web interface for whatsapp and surely greater than whatsApp Remote or WhatsCloud.

In fact, it is totally free of cost and has some kind of restrictions to what you can perform online however if you couple with AirDroid 3’s screen mirroring.  Then you never have to touch your mobile device for any kind of whatsapp related activities. Do you need to know what your boyfriend or girlfriend thing about you? Are your any other situation do you need to spy simply due to curiosity? Then this is the right platform for you. The WhatsApp sniffer is an outstanding tool which roots terminals talk whatsapp reading through Smartphone network system. If you decide to use this tool then you have to perform whatsapp sniffer apk download operation to access the tool.  The tool is developed with the help of the high professional team and the software is convenient as well as safe to use. The tool utilizes a grabber whatsapp sniffer packages which handle every network packets as well as filter the source and destination server from whatsapp.

You can receive are automatic filter build in and plain text messages so you never require to decryption. Thus, downloading the apps is free for a customer of Blackberry. Similarly, sound, recordings, send messages, photographs, or whatever you need is fully free of charge.  There are several secure methods available to download whatsapp for blackberry. The first method is you have to go for BlackBerry store, simply require downloading as well as portable consequently handle establishment. The second option is similarly protected, but it is highly expensive.

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IMEI Changer Software Tool To Unlock All IMEI Number For Free

IMEI changer

Everyone knows that feeling when trying to access a IMEI Changer which is password protected. Today it is simply unimaginable to be left without an internet access even for a really short period of time. In this article I will explain to you the best method on how to connect to any wireless internet network without knowing the password or without having to spend money.

The IMEI Changer App

Connecting to any IMEI Code network is possible. IN order to be able to do it you will need to use the specially developed app for this purpose called the IMEI Changer. This app is compatible with almost all devices starting from smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops etc. It works on all OS including Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS.

As I said you will need to first download the app before you can connect to the desired network. The download of this tool is only possible via our webpage links. They are safe and secure and the downloaded file is 100% safe.

Once you have this app on your device you will never have to worry about internet access again. You can even use it to avoid paying for internet again.

If you want this app just make sure that you carefully follow my instructions bellow:

  • Step 1: From the download links get the IMEI Changer app on your device
  • Step 2: Run the installation wizard and complete the installation
  • Step 3: Start the app. Check the list of available networks.
  • Step 4: From the provided list of networks select the network with the best signal strength.
  • Step 5: Press Unlock in order to get the password required for network access
  • Step 6: Wait until the password of the network is sent to you.

Once you confirm that you have received the password you can check whether it is valid by trying to connect to the correct network.

It should not be a problem and you should immediately gain access to internet.

Our IMEI Changer app is really easy to use. We have helped thousands of people get all the internet access they need. I believe that the internet should be free for everyone and should not be protected by passwords. So that is why this app is available for free download and free use. Just make sure that you follow my instructions as described and I reassure you that you will manage to do the procedure right and get connected to all the IMEI networks you want.

No more internet access denial, no more tricky or messy situations. Five minutes are enough to gain access to all the hot spots in your area. You can use your neighbors’ connection, you can use the local restaurant connection and they will never be able to find out. SO why wait any longer. It is really an amazing deal. No payment, no costs at all. And it is safe to use. Get the free IMEI unlock app now.

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WiFi Hacker Is Really Now By This Great Service

No matter if you like it or not the fact is that the WI-FI connection by WiFi Hacker and the internet in general play a major role in completing our everyday tasks. However, from time to time we end up helpless not having an available connection that we can use. Or rather, there are plenty of WI-FI connections caught on our device’s radar but we have no access to them whatsoever.

How To Use The Best WiFi Hacker Tool

That is why you are going to love this tool from. It is a WI-FI Hacker that can retrieve the password from any WI-FI connection that can be detected by our computer device, laptop, tablet or mobile phone device. The tool is amazingly easy to use as you will have the chance to see in the instructions provided to you below. You can use it directly, and no downloading is required. The WI-FI Hacker from is free of charge but also free of viruses too. You have nothing to fear when reaching out to it and using it when you most need it. It works on all models and brands of all sorts of computer devices and on all operative systems. There are no pop-ups and no advertisements. That means that you can crack even the strongest WI-FI password in only a couple of minutes.

Other hack tools similar to the WiFi Hacker from are largely unsafe and most of them require payment or completing surveys as a method of payment. However the WI-FI hacker tool from will never bug you with any of the above mentioned demands.

To successfully apply the WiFi Hacker from follow this guide:

  1. Run the tool and enter the name of the internet connection you wish to connect to.
  2. Wait for a minute until the terminal to load and to get you the correct password of the wanted WI-FI connection.
  3. You must go through the human confirmation procedure which have done a thousand times before. It is this little square with blurry and distorted number s and letters you need to guess.
  4. After the test above is successfully passed, you will get the password you wanted.

The WI-FI Hacker tool from instantly recognizes your PC device and it will offer you to download the one-click EXE formation of the tool. When you run the EXE form of the WI-FI from, the networks will be automatically shown to you and all you have to do is click once on the decryption option and wait for the password to be shown to you in a clear text format. The WiFi Hacker from is getting better and better. There is no easier way to connect to any internet connection in your area.

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How to Boost your Computer’s Speed?

best free computer cleane

With time computers start to act lethargic, freeze ups start to occur on a regular basis, system shutdowns become a part of your routine and overall computer integrity is compromised. Sometimes sluggish performance paves the path for some other serious troubles. It starts with harmless slowness and ends in major system crash resulting in loss of data. No tech genius can predict the kind of problem that will hit a computer as the result of slowness. So it is advised to avoid practices that lead to lethargy of system and adapt measures that boost up computer’s speed. Using special software such as the performance booster can help calibrate your computer and wipe out serious performance crumbling problems like the ones previously mentioned.

Data is stored in components that can be listed under memory devices. Hard drives, RAM, compact disks, pen drives fall under this category. These devices, doesn’t matter how top notch and exquisite their making is, do face problems. And any problem that affects the memory devices that store software data is bound to affect the PC performance. Just like a wheel needs regular oiling to keep working, computer also needs boosting to continue working normally. PC failure can be traced to lot problems like hard drive failure, registry overflow, unavailability of storage space to run essential programs etc. Software are made available in the market that combat with such issues and help to boost up computer’s speed.


Windows registry need to be cleaned to get rid of overflowing entries. A well organized and uncluttered registry puts less stress on the RAM. Less stress on RAM means normal execution of system commands and that means optimal performance of the system. So whenever your computer slows down, instead of replacing the RAM, try to unclutter the registry using a good PC booster software. 9 out of 10 cases of bloating registry can be sorted using a good registry cleaner.

PC boosters look for redundant and duplicate files on the system. These files are of no use. Rather they end up consuming disk space. They hinder installation of new programs as required space is not available. PC booster cleans these superfluous files, providing space for essential processes to run. Disk defragmentation and cleanup is another feature provided by them. Sometimes spyware counter the productivity of computers. Many viruses replicate themselves and get hidden inside multiple files and folders. It is almost impossible to locate and delete every virus manually. PC boosters scan the system for such malware and once located, they are deleted. They also prevent the web browser from attracting malicious stuff by generating an alert signal wherever a tracker or bug tries to approach the system. All in all, a PC booster tries to speed up the system by eliminating everything that might cause it to act sluggish.

There are many free computer speed boosting software in the market, but remember that free is not always better. So always read user reviews before using them and buy software that have Microsoft authentication on them.

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Protect your System from Virus Attacks

virus removal services

Viruses can damage your computer. If you don’t address virus issues on time it can possibly damage your computer. If your system is infected by virus, there is a strong probability that you end up losing all the vital information saved on your hard drive. Hence, it is important to consider and evaluate the actions that a virus carries out in one’s computer and also the activities that are likely to transpire over time. You can keep your PC safe from virus intrusion either by taking up professional remote assistance or download a free PC cleaner.

virus removal services

Let’s have a quick rundown of some of the warnings that a computer shows when infected by virus:

  • System overall performance slows down.
  • Your system gets rebooted frequently on its own.
  • You get more prompt messages with strange errors and breakdown of operations.
  • Failure in application functionality to meet up to the mark.
  • Corrupt data that ought to change the format and creates problem while reopening
  • Files and documents do not get easily opened. Otherwise file opens with an error message or in unknown files formats.

Here are some of the different types of computer viruses that you can keep at bay with the use of best free PC cleaner:

  • Boot Sector Virus– These types of virus encroach on the disk and hard drive that holds small segment known as the sectors. A mater boot record (MBR), a special type of boot sector, which carries out the function of reading and loading the operating System. You must be thinking when does your boot sector become virus infected? Well, it becomes infected when you reboot the system with the infected diskette and slowly jeopardize your hard drive as well. By making use of best free PC cleaner software, you can eliminate the virus leaving the disk and hard drive infection free.
  • Multipartite virus: This hybrid boot sector program virus critically impacts the programming files. Once your system is hit by this virus the infected program gets activated and knockouts the boot record.When you will try to restart your system the infection subsequently passes on to other local drive in your PC further spreading the virus to other programming files within fractions of second.
  • Program Virus: The main hideout of program virus is in the files or documents, once they this deadly virus is activated or called they take no time to infect the system by bootlegging the virus to other files and duplicating to the system.
  • Polymorphic Virus: The Polymorphic virus acts like a chameleon. It frequently transmutes its signature and start multiplying to create more havoc. The way this virus starts spreading and impacting your system is also known as binary pattern. It is not that easy for you to identify the infected file and even the bug causing such nuisance. Therefore, it is advisable to install an effective and best free PC cleaner.
  • Active X and Java Control: Do you know that there are some free programs running over Internet access also carry out activities that can damage your system immediately. Users who are not well acquainted with the utility techniques of the web browser at times give access to certain programs to encroach their system. These programs badly impact the system activities and overall performance by enabling and disabling certain files with adversarial actions, recurring appearance of error messages are prompted with pop-ups and inhibits the functionalities of normal programs.

Besides these, there are many other different types of PC viruses that one should not overlook as they have enough potential to damage your digital data. Therefore, it is a must that you shield your sensitive data by installing powerful best free computer cleaner.

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Upgrade PC with Antivirus to Ease Digital Life

Technology advancements have amplified to a greater number and so is the usage of electronic devices. The tech advanced world is often called as digital age where life is easy and passing information has become convenient with the help of mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

But the increased usage of such devices has brought in some technological issues which can be parted as proper tech help or self-help. The difference between the two is that in the first part one needs proper expert help to fix the issue and the latter one deal with day to day issues which can be easily handled by a layman.


Why antivirus is important for a system?

An antivirus protects against virus definitions, worms and other infected files that cause the slowdown of the performance of the device.

Some of the users believe that they perform secure browsing and don’t feel the need to upgrade the system with an antivirus program. For all such users who think like that, a piece of advice is everyone does a secure browsing and you are not aware about the backstage story.

Any website or any of your email could bring viruses and malwares into your system. Don’t become the doctor of your system, try to become the patient and understand the need.

General features:

  • Scans whole computer against viruses
  • Identifies and cleans up all types of virus definitions, malwares, and other threats
  • Keeps system updated
  • Fix all types of privacy issues

Knowledge of antivirus

  • Proper knowledge of antivirus is important for a layman as which one to download or not and what all features it offers.
  • Some of the users keep two cleaners in their system which is not the ideal situation. Two cleaners in one system will be redundant and ultimately slow down the performance of the PC.
  • Every program that you run on your system uses RAM and two programs running simultaneously with same functions will slow down the computer twice as much.

How to cure the system?

Every problem that arises has a solution. So, if your computer is facing problem download antivirus and protect against all odds.


Allied benefits of a cleaner:

1)  Guards personal information:

A reliable anti-virus protects system against hackers and viruses because both run side-by-side. The protection begins the moment when you start browsing on the internet and prevent from hackers to trace your personal information such as linked passwords, credit card or debit card details.

2)  Shields from viruses:

The basic feature of a cleaner is to shield against all types of viruses such as malwares, Trojans, and spyware. The number of viruses increases from time to time if you become ignorant towards them. A cleaner does it automatically without prior having a prior instruction.

3)  Complete security package:

It acts as a complete package for a computer as it protects from many unwanted activities and enhances the performance of the PC and let user enjoy the browsing. If at any point, there is some tech issue, you can always call on the customer care number for antivirus free tech support and access the information you are looking for.

CPU acts as a heart of the system which requires protection from unwanted heart attacks.

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Disk Defragmentation- Speeds up Computer Instantly

defrag hard drive

Are you planning to install a best PC cleaner in your system? In that case, try disk defragmenter. This tool is easy and convenient to use.

In this internet era, usage of computers has amplified in leaps and bounds. Resultantly, with every passing day, systems encounter numerous security threats from viruses, spyware and malware. Such issues infect the computer by delving deeply into the roots of the CPU’s core. Ultimately it becomes difficult for a layman to identify or rectify the issue. Here comes the need for a PC clean-up tool. Such a utility identifies viruses & spywares as well as helps to get rid of them by defragmentation the computer’s registry.

defrag hard drive

Let us understand the process of data defragmentation and functions of a disk defrag tool now.

What is Fragmentation?

To have a better understanding of disk defragmentation, one should first understand the existence of fragmentation. It is a process when files are divided into pieces and fragmented around the disk. It is a natural process that happens when you try to save a file, modify or delete. To save the fragmented data, disk defragmentation takes place.

What is Disk Defragmentation?

It is a process that reorganizes your fragmented data and enhances the efficiency of disks and drives. Usually, when you save a file is often restored at a different place and different from the actual volume. Over a time period, the file and the volume becomes fragmented which results in the slowdown of the computer system.

PC cleaner

Disk defragmenter is a process that rearranges your data in a proper way and at one place so that the computer can run it efficiently and with less opening time. The schedule of the defragmenter is fixed and you don’t have to run it every time, moreover, it is manual and you can change the schedule as per your convenience.

So how can you manually defragment disk space in your system?
Keep reading to understand the methodology.

Steps to defragment hard disk:

  • Click start button and search for disk defragmenter. It is generally a pc cleaner tool.
  • Then select for the disk you want to defragment
  • Determine if the disk needs to be fragmented or not, click analyze disk. Once the analyzing is finished, check the percentage of the fragmentation on the disk in the last run column and if you found the percentage above 10% , then you should defragment the disk
  • The final step calls for defragment disk

Now that you are clear about this process, you can start looking for a free PC cleaner. You can identify the after-effects of this tool by researching about it and reading through its reviews. Ensure that the utility is safe to use & lucratively priced. Also ensure that the developer has a decent reputation in the market.

Another thing to be kept in mind while buying a PC cleaning utility is the user’s need. All the computer cleaning tools don’t offer identical sets of services. So invest in it cautiously and make sure that it comes with the features you want so that you can save upon money.

One of the biggest myths about the registry defrag utilities is that they run once in a week. This is not a hard-core truth. To avoid all sorts of problems of the computer, you must have an anti-virus and spyware program installed on your computer.

Hence, when you talk about a best and free PC cleaner software, a reliable disk defragmenter seems like the easiest and most suitable choice. Running it is an easy task and the complete process will take several minutes to a few hours to finish depending upon the size of memory in your hard disk drive and its fragmentation ratio. Therefore, by running it, you can easily enhance the functionality of your computer system.

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Download Free Cleaner to Make Your System Run Faster

best free computer cleane

Are you persistently facing one or other technical issues with your system? And you are thinking of getting rid of these issues anyhow, but not able to find the right solution? If yes, then I would suggest you to download free cleaner. You read it right free PC cleaner.

Through this blog post, let’s try to gain better understanding about why one should download free cleaner to improve their system performance.

There was a time when PC users have no other option just take their system to the nearby retail shop and wait for days to get the technical issues resolved. This certainly wasted their valuable time as well as hampered their work productivity. And if I think from business perspective non-availability of system for many days means you will be missing out on potential opportunity. Chances are your competitors can stand ahead in competition.

Luckily, with the advancement in Internet and technology lot many things have changed over past few years. Different types of software applications have be strategically designed and developed to resolve basic technical issues. Now computers users just have to download free cleaner and get rid of the sluggish PC performance.

best free computer cleaner

Before I further discuss about the benefit of having this software, I would first like to take you through some of key features of the PC cleaning software that users can enjoy:

  • Easy to download and use
  • User friendly Interface
  • Complete protection against malware and nasty virus attacks
  • Registry cleaner
  • Automatic elimination of temporary and junk files

Let’s have a quick run through key benefits of downloading free PC cleaner:

  • Fix your technical errors within no time: Through comprehensive scanning, you can resolve all your technical errors with a click of a button. Once you download the software application on your system, it asks you to run comprehensive scan so as to detect the reason behind poor system performance. Be it accumulation of temporary files, invalid registry entries or virus intrusion, whichever maybe the case. A dialogue box prompts and notifies you with the root cause immediately. This ways you can accordingly take action and enjoy superior system performance.
  • Secures your critical data: All of us are very much aware about the fact what all damage can be created by viruses. After you download free cleaner, it will immediately notify you about the suspected attack of nasty malware or virus. This way you can keep your highly confidential data away from harm’s reach.
  • PC Optimization and Cleaning: Installation of this software ensures regular PC optimization and cleaning, which results into improved system performance.
  • Automatic updates: PC cleaner software automatically updates required applications and smartly secures your system against online threats.
  • Round the clock support service: This goes without saying that the company you opt to download free PC cleaner provides its users with round the clock customer support services via live chat or phone call to ensure you have outstanding experience while using their product.

Fix, speed up and clean up your system by downloading free cleaner. Keep your PC free from technical issues and enjoy peak performance at the time.

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