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With time computers start to act lethargic, freeze ups start to occur on a regular basis, system shutdowns become a part of your routine and overall computer integrity is compromised. Sometimes sluggish performance paves the path for some other serious troubles. It starts with harmless slowness and ends in major system crash resulting in loss of data. No tech genius can predict the kind of problem that will hit a computer as the result of slowness. So it is advised to avoid practices that lead to lethargy of system and adapt measures that boost up computer’s speed. Using special software such as the performance booster can help calibrate your computer and wipe out serious performance crumbling problems like the ones previously mentioned.

Data is stored in components that can be listed under memory devices. Hard drives, RAM, compact disks, pen drives fall under this category. These devices, doesn’t matter how top notch and exquisite their making is, do face problems. And any problem that affects the memory devices that store software data is bound to affect the PC performance. Just like a wheel needs regular oiling to keep working, computer also needs boosting to continue working normally. PC failure can be traced to lot problems like hard drive failure, registry overflow, unavailability of storage space to run essential programs etc. Software are made available in the market that combat with such issues and help to boost up computer’s speed.


Windows registry need to be cleaned to get rid of overflowing entries. A well organized and uncluttered registry puts less stress on the RAM. Less stress on RAM means normal execution of system commands and that means optimal performance of the system. So whenever your computer slows down, instead of replacing the RAM, try to unclutter the registry using a good PC booster software. 9 out of 10 cases of bloating registry can be sorted using a good registry cleaner.

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PC boosters look for redundant and duplicate files on the system. These files are of no use. Rather they end up consuming disk space. They hinder installation of new programs as required space is not available. PC booster cleans these superfluous files, providing space for essential processes to run. Disk defragmentation and cleanup is another feature provided by them. Sometimes spyware counter the productivity of computers. Many viruses replicate themselves and get hidden inside multiple files and folders. It is almost impossible to locate and delete every virus manually. PC boosters scan the system for such malware and once located, they are deleted. They also prevent the web browser from attracting malicious stuff by generating an alert signal wherever a tracker or bug tries to approach the system. All in all, a PC booster tries to speed up the system by eliminating everything that might cause it to act sluggish.

There are many free computer speed boosting software in the market, but remember that free is not always better. So always read user reviews before using them and buy software that have Microsoft authentication on them.

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