Common Misconceptions about Mortgage Origination Software

educate themselves about rules, changes, and compliances. The interest rates vary and every lender has his own process. In such cases, it is possible that there are many misconceptions that might arise. With the newly introduced mortgage origination software, there is more confusion. We would try to clear some of them for your benefit.

Different mortgage origination software

Currently there are more than 2000 kinds of enterprises- big and small – that require loans of varied needs. Lenders have a diverse portfolio to aid them. Hence, there are as many companies with mortgage origination software that can prove useful.

For example, a few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Software available exclusively for loan origination and underwriting. It is useful for automated requirements which normally deal in commercial real estate.
  2. When an enterprise has several offices, it calls for real-time software to manage the finances.
  3. A Loan Assistant automates the accounts and book-keeping in order to accommodate various It is an application to track the credit.
  4. The Mortgage Loan Originator Software is specially made for the banking industry credit unions and brokers. It offers the most ideal ways to deal with finances and is secure.
  5. There is yet another software for loan marketing and pre-qualification. It will work for processes of origination with direct lenders and mortgage brokers.

Like the above there are other intricate models that are in existence and are available online.

Clearing the confusion of the software

Any mortgage originator software that works should give the following solutions; if it does not then there is something amiss. It should be affordable and streamline all the phases of a loan online. It should assist in closing a loan successfully. It should have the following menu:

  1. Schedule for amortization
  2. Right audit trail
  3. Closing documents
  4. Compliance management
  5. Customer database
  6. Be ideal for finance and real estate industries which are the main users
  7. Loan processing online
  8. Submission control
  9. Mortgages and online acceptance
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Can more than one mortgage be handled?

Yes, it is possible as long as the credit history and payment schedules are on time. But two mortgages cannot be joined for a cash-rich refinance. This will hold true if two lenders are involved. Both may have conflicting interests for repayment.

Is equity important?

Most home buyers do not have equity to bargain. Yes, some lenders are okay with that. There are many areas that have been hard hit and this loan scheme works.

Do the mortgage originator provide guidance for installations and training?

A reputed software company will offer a lot more than mere guidelines. They will offer SaaS, web, documentation, webinars, live online consultation, in person chats, backroom support, and various other ways for servicing.

How complicated are loan mortgage originators?

Any lender who wishes to improve customer service and working efficiency, a quick loan software is useful. It will have simpler tools to manage operations. Ideally, the quickest features on the menu will include solicitation, processing of the loans, approvals, save credit bureau, documents, calculations of insurances, tracking reporting, and collections.

Changes in lending platform online

The current software that have emerged offer more secure and robust features and easy applications. They are used from origin of the loan to the closing cycle. They can be customized for the business purpose of the borrower. They are also adaptable to the legal environment and great learning tool for IT experts in the company.

Author Bio:

Preethi vagadia is a business architect worked in Mortgage and Finance software department with top notch companies and has over 8 years of experience in Mortgage Technology, Mortgage Loan Servicing Softwares,mortgage management software etc.  She has also worked in several process improvement projects involving multi-national teams for global customers in warranty management and mortgage.

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