SEO is crucial once it is executed incorrectly. Many business owners tried a lot of things on how does SEO works for some time, and until now it is still being studied. There is no exact amount of strategies will identify the work of SEO for every business.

One SEO strategy that has been in a queue is the use of Press Releases. SEO press release gives valuable contents to Google by sharing newsworthy posts and company content updates. It provides direct and do- follow attribute to a website backlinks given by a press release website.

That being said, SEO press release will complement your SEO strategy which includes social media presence, content marketing, affiliate referral, direct traffic, and exposure.

Before You Get Start – Remember

So far, the great way to get started with your Press Release is to find out your company events, business transactions, promotions, and deals. If you can attach with your company’s doing it is easier for you to do news updates by sharing news articles or news stories.

Setting the right anchor text is crucial for your online rankings. Linkio will give you the exact anchor text and percentage to use when you’re doing link building campaigns and will help you build your online presence and beat the competition.

To find the best SEO press release sites, here are the best things you must follow:

  • Check the Press Release Site SEO Metric – here’s the checklist of your PA, DA, Citation, Trust Flow and Website Spam Score. By being monitored by this SEO Metric, you are listing your press release websites do follow links and good website record.
  • Set up Google Trends – To best find your press release sites, you can set up a google trends topic or keyword that specifies a press release websites. Then, Google Trends will provide you with a list of press release websites that offers both paid and free press release.
  • Use Google News Autocomplete Feature – If you haven’t heard about it, then this is the best thing you need to include in your next searching. You need to enable your Google news feature by following these steps below:
  • Use of Google Operator Search Names – Simply above all tactics mentioned all you have to do is to try different search operator names to your Google search bar. After then, Google will provide you the various press release websites make sure to check every press release websites by following SEO metric.

Example: Submit Press release + “news.”

Optimize Your SEO Press Release

Headlines and Sub-Headlines

Remember that Google is also acting like a human, what do human reads should be understandable and grammatically correct. Your writing headlines should be clear and concise for about 70 characters long. It must be click through and encourage your reader to engage, read and share your content. For SEO, your headline is the key factor to release search visibility in search engine results. Is it essential to include your keyword in the headline? Particularly, YES! The use of relevant keywords in your headline and sub-headlines makes your content to reinforce the relevance of the story/content. So to better give your reader a great experience and compelling story, you must devote an eye-catching headline.

Use Natural Links and Anchor Text

These are links coming from other websites link to your content, or what we called as third-party sites. Third-party sites are linking to your content that not been solicited but rather produced from other sites. This is a link from your anchor text content to enhance user’s experience by landing to other relevant content. This practice gives Google a higher chance to value your content because you provide valuable and high authority links which will help increase your inbound traffic.

As mentioned above, using anchor text to your content is fundamental key search terms that help to optimize your content. To optimize your keywords, do not include it to your anchor text instead choose an anchor text phrase that is relevant to your content.

Using Keywords Rich

To better optimize your press release is to choose your best keywords. Keywords set as a primary method of all SEO.  Before constructing your press release, it’s your primary attention to research which keywords offer more realistic results rather than keywords to avoid or unnecessary.  By choosing multiple and strong keywords (also known as LSI keywords), you are boosting the chance that people already searching for your topic will find your press release.

Do not overuse your keyword throughout your press release, and it seems to be the major mistake that most of the professionals do. By using one to two keyword link within your press release content already gives your press release distribution a good standing throughout search engine results.

There are helpful SEO tools that you can use in your keyword research, other than Google Adwords/Google Keyword Tool.

Distribution of Press Release

After the completion of your press release content, it is now ready for distribution to press release websites. You can hire a paid press release services to enable do that. But if you want to save money, you can do manual distributions/free press release distributions. Most business owners will do free press release distribution methods to other online newswire agencies because of its zero prices but neglect to inform us the value of press release links to those free submissions.  Most of free press release distributions give indirect value, or no follow attributes and stays your press release for a short period or vanish it at all.

Therefore, free press release distributions will be no use at all if we are only after of free distributions.  If you allocate budget for your press release, its potential is beneficial to think that most paid press release services offer many options to be included other than do follow attributes, distribution to other press release sites, and unlimited access to your press release.

Multimedia Procedure

Always include multimedia attachments together with your press release content. Multimedia will help you engage more reader and relevant information about your content. It may images, infographics, videos or PDF as long as it is useful to your press release.

Easy Access of Press Release to Your Website

Other than a blog page, the most neglected tactic is to include a press release on your website. Sometimes, most website owners will overlap their press release news on the blog page. Please don’t do that! Give a proper place to post your press release like creating a NEWSROOM, MEDIA NEWS, PRESS ROOM, or NEWS STORY. It will help your press release have a physical place to live on the web (for last long) and will help you meet your SEO strategic plans anytime.


To include press release distribution to your SEO backlinking strategy is an excellent choice. It’s not only for media coverage but to develop a good standing for your company’s reputation. Always keep in mind that doing a press release is not about a mass linking to fill in your press release. Instead, use an anchor text links to attract readers to get more details.

So what are you waiting for, are you ready to start your press release strategy to gain more traffic to your website? Then, make sure you follow all our guidelines above and keep on reading more relevant information about how it works.

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