Many schools in India have banned the use of mobile. Since they are misused often, it is the responsibility of the educational institutions to opt for relevant measures. How about teaching the kids about the judicious use of cell phones? When schools prohibit the students from exploring, it negatively affects their learning process. Hence, it is important for a school or educator to make the cell phone project beyond a gaming and communication device as students are using the wireless devices.

Since customisation is important, using a mobile learning platform to personalise the learning experience can ensure improved results. It is believed that always-connected tablets and smartphones can lead the students to a new ecosystem of information and experiences, irrespective of the physical assets.

The modern age educators are intrigued with the opportunity to leverage smartphones and even tablets as learning tools within the educational institutions and want to realise the power of these devices. Most of the school Principles are of the opinion that the rampant use of mobile devices and mobile-enabled content can affect the student achievement. A mobile learning management system can propel the development of a new classroom paradigm in which the students are offered personalised learning, engagement is higher and can be successfully extended beyond school timings.

Although this new learning vision is believed to be appealing to parents, teachers, students and even administrators, realising the complete potential of this educational model is elusive for the schools.

In the recent years, educational communities and policymakers have displayed robust interest in mobile learning platforms and technologies to boost productivity due to its lucrative features. Understanding that mobile LMS will become bigger in the coming months, here are some of its key characteristics –

  • Multi-purposeful
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Usually, children have to bear the brunt of heavy books. Hence, it would be great if all their books are made available via a mobile device/tablet. When the children are offered the prospect of using a mobile device, which will allow them to access a series of things, it will entice them.

  • Interactivity focussed

Nowadays, schools focus on making children interact with the lesson content. This is one of the reasons why children are made to engage in activities beyond the realms of a classroom. In such a situation, a mobile learning platform is considered as a blessing as it can be used to create interactive modules.

  • Ability to customise

Every child has their own unique potential to grasp subject matter and are usually comfortable to learn things at their own pace. The use of a mobile LMS is capable of offering a block of content in different ways that are capable of suiting and meeting the requirements of the audiences. A mobile learning platform that allows the instructors to tailor the lessons can play a key role in teaching the concepts to children in an effective manner.

  • Accessible

Leveraging mobile devices, one can enjoy access to any sort of content and any number of people. When a class has children with varying learning capabilities, the use of mobile devices will help inculcate a sense of normalcy and bring everyone at par.

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