Get Creative With These 7 Career Ideas

It’s a common misconception that creative thinkers belong only in humanities-based university courses and media or arts industries. There’s actually a wide range of options out there for anyone who has a creative spirit, a passion for expressing themselves, and a strong drive to succeed. Leaving aside the obvious ‘artist’ answer, these are 7 creativity-centred career ideas that may suit you.

7 Career Ideas

  1. Work with wood. Woodwork is a time-honoured tradition as well as a potentially lucrative career path. It can take you into a wide range of industries, from film and television to construction and architecture, but at its foundation, it’s all about building, designing, and creating something new. If becoming a carpenter sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can start getting experience with local artisans, begin fine-tuning your craft, and then work towards a certificate iii in carpentry from your local certification institution.
  2. Design websites. The world is fully digital these days, so many of the most lucrative careers are those in the digital industry. If you have a knack for computing and a creative flare, web design may be ideal for you. You can create websites for brands and companies, help them build a page that reflects their image, and get creative with coding to make our work stand out from the crowd. A course can help get you started, but practicing at home will give you some much-needed experience, too.
  3. Create high fashion. For those that have a love for clothes, styling, and fashion trends, the design is a great option. It’s a competitive industry, but if you’re truly innovative in your design concepts and have the drive and perseverance necessary to get through those tough beginning years, you could have a bright future in fashion.
  4. Work in the advertising industry. There are plenty of options for creative thinkers who want to get involved in the fast-paced world of advertising. You can work on developing concepts for advertising campaigns, create the designs and graphics that will drive the campaign, or work in copywriting developing the content of the ads.
  5. Edit films. Many people who love the idea of working in film focus on directing or acting, but editing can be an awesome option for creative people with a passion for film. The editor takes the final product and works the shots and scenes together to fully realise the director’s vision for their film.
  6. Make art on peoples’ skin. We said we wouldn’t mention straight-up artists, but tattoo artists have a more specific role to play. They draw, design, and ink, but work together with their client to create the exact look that the person is hoping to mark on their body for life. It’s not a career choice for the faint hearted, but it’s certainly an interesting option for those who want a career that fits into their creative lifestyle.
  7. Become an audio engineer. A sound is an important aspect of the arts that are too often neglected. Audio engineers manage all the sound you hear on any production, whether it’s a music track or a film. They mix their natural knack for music with technical training in the industry, so it’s a great choice if you love combining technology with the arts.
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