7 Time Saving Tips To Boost Your Productivity

Whatever your field of work or area of expertise, we could all use a little more productivity in your lives. Whether you want to crack down on procrastination or free up more time in your day for hanging out with the people you love, there are plenty of ways to get it done. Use these tips to make the most of the time you have, so you have more space for the things you enjoy.

Your Productivity

  1. Cut out pointless errands. It’s 2017, so there’s really no need to be standing in a long line waiting to pick up your prescriptions anymore, or pushing a trolley around a supermarket. Use a pharmacy online to get your toiletries and medications, and avoid wasting time in the supermarket by ordering your food digitally. It’s really quick and easy to get almost everything you need to be delivered to your front door these days.
  2. Do away with distraction. Distractions are a major time-waster for many of us. You may not be able to fire that chatty office neighbor, but you can politely put in some headphones and make it clear that you’re not available to talk until your lunch break. Many busy people have found that shutting off their social media for a few days at a time does wonder for their productivity. Track the things that distract you most, and gradually start to nudge them out of your life.
  3. Get up earlier. We hear you groaning from over here, but getting up earlier for success is a real thing. You’ll give yourself extra time to fit a workout in, read the news, wake up your brain properly before you head out, and maybe even get some extra work done. If you’re feeling under-rested, try to get to bed a little earlier so that you get a good night’s sleep without sacrificing your morning rituals.
  4. Keep meticulous to do lists. Making lists of everything you need to get done for the day is a great way to ensure that you stay on track. Sort your list into categories and organize the items in order of priority so that you know where you need to start. Make a list for the next day before you get in bed so that your mind is free to rest.
  5. Take scheduled breaks. When you’re faced with a busy workday, breaks are essential for keeping your brain active enough to tackle what needs to get done. Schedule lots of break time into your day and make sure you stick to the routine. Heading outside for some fresh air is a great use of this time.
  6. Eliminate the insignificant. If there are certain items on your to do list that isn’t really important, consider cutting them out so that you can focus your time and energy on the things that really count. Having a list packed full of tasks can lead to a swift burnout, so prioritize whenever possible and work hard on what matters.
  7. Be assertive. Some of us struggle to say ‘no’ when someone at work or home asks us to do something that we really don’t have time to do. Practice being assertive by saying ‘no’ when necessary – a kind but firm tone should do the trick.
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