How you can score 100 marks in Maths

score 100 marks

Mathematics is the cradle of all creations, without which the world cannot move an inch. Everything in this World follows a fixed pattern. Maths can be a nightmare to some students whereas fun for others, and if you put in your continual efforts, then you can definitely score well.

Here are some important Tips to score full marks in maths:

(i) Practice Daily – A famous quote says “Practice makes a man perfect.” A study in Cambridge Univerity proved that a daily practice for half an hour in maths results in better score rather than practicing for hours, weekly.

This practice would result in solving mental maths operations, fast and accurate which is helpful during the examination.

Topics like Algebra, Trigonometry, Integration, etc. requires a continual practice. Thus, the more you practice the better you score.

(ii) Solve Problems By Yourself: It is recommended for you to understand and go through different model problems. It is important to solve all the problems by yourself.

If you like to score full marks in math, you should know how to apply the applications. You have to solve these problems by yourself, for at least 3-4 times.

(iii) Jot down the formulae & Theorems: It is recommended to make a separate register so you can read and brush them up even when you are on the move and this practice is also helpful during the last minute revision.

(iv) Time Management: It’s not an easy task to have a masterly knowledge in maths. Time management is the key to success for all the problems. It is important to have a proper time routine for Math solving for each and every topic. Therefore, you must invest time in every topic rather than sticking to one.

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(v) Practice Papers: There are many online websites, some of them are free and others at a cost, where you can practice time-based papers. Having a clear view of the exam pattern and frame time accordingly, will help you to attain full marks.

About the Author: Shubham Arora is an Engineer and Blogger by nature. He is currently working with Byju’s as a content writer inspiring thousands of students to fall in love with learning.