8 Best Paneer Recipes for Starters in the Party

Paneer works as a timeless charm in most of our cuisines. They are incomplete without dishes made of Paneer are stacked in them. Be it Starter or Main course dish, Paneer has been an integral part of our cuisines since ages. Made out coagulated milk on reaction with an acidic agent such as vinegar, Paneer takes some time to properly set.

Today, we are going to provide you a number of Paneer starters ranging from Chilli Paneer to Paneer tikka and more which you can easily use as Starters in your party.

Tandoori Paneer Tikka

Tandoori Paneer Tikka is amongst the most loved starters among the people today and should definitely be a part of the starters for all your parties. Easy to prepare and make all you have to do is marinade fresh, soft Paneer with flavors and cook them over a tandoor, grill or even a greased tava. Prepare mint flavor chutney to be served with the dish.

Paneer Pudhina Tikki

Tikkis are small potato or paneer balls deep fried to make for an easy to eat starter. One such starter is the Paneer Pudhina Tikki which involves the bun of Tikki to be completely made using Paneer combined with small Pudhina leaves. Paneer brings a unique texture to the dish where the Pudhina leaves are usually used to provide a refreshing flavor to the dish. You can season the dish with other ingredients and serve them with tomato or mint chutney.

Aloo and Paneer Roll

Rolls are a great way to stuff paneer and aloo to the traditional rotis we make. You can easily stuff rotis with a mixture of pan-cooked aloo and paneer along with chillies, mint, cumin and coriander to add flavors. Roll the roti up and either serves it as full and cut into pieces alongside mint chutney as a starter for your parties.

Moong Dal and Paneer Chilla

One of the most lightweight and the healthiest starter on our menu today is the Moong Dal and Paneer Chilla. Blend soaked Moong dal and water together to make a smooth paste and add chilli paste and salt for seasonings. Lay the mixture on a tava and sprinkle crumbled pieces of paneer and coriander leaves with chopped onions. Let the mixture fry into shape and roll it up to serve with mint chutney.

Grilled Paneer with Spicy Garlic Sauce

One of the easiest to make Paneer starter is the Grilled Paneer. Marinade cubical pieces of paneer with flavors and grill them till a yellowish color is achieved. The addition of the Spicy Pepper-Garlic Sauce to Grill Paneer adds to the crisp texture of Paneer and provides a peppy flavor to it. The sauce will get thick as it gets older and hence should be freshly prepared.

Crunchy Paneer Rolls

Crunchy Paneer Rolls are a tasty mixture of potatoes and paneer paste deep fried till a brownish color is obtained. The paste used is usually a mixture of potatoes, paneer and involves a number of spice powders to add spicy flavors. Frying the rolls covered in vermicelli to provide a crunch and appetizing appearance to the starter. While serving, you can add garam masala and coriander leaves on the top of rolls for added flavors and serve with mint chutney.

Chilli Paneer:

Chilli Paneer is among the most loved starters you will ever come around. The recipe to create the dish is very simple and doesn’t require much effort to make it. All you need to do is marinade large cubes of soft paneer with flavors and cook them in a pan with chopped vegetables including tomatoes, capsicum and onions. Add a few tablespoons of honey to the pan while cooking to provide a sweet flavor to the dish.

Paneer Shawarma Wrap

Paneer Shawarma is a good way of getting your younger ones to take in smaller and lighter chappatis. Grind a mixture of onions, cinnamon, cumin seeds and green chillies into a paste and marinade cottage cheese or paneer with it. Cook the marinade paneer on the pan for a couple of minutes with few table spoons of honey to add sweetness. Distribute the mixture evenly over a chappati and roll the chappati over. Either serve it fully or cut into small pieces. Sprinkle small amounts of mint leaves to create a light healthy dish to be served with mint chutney.

The Last Words

Starters are used to add spices to the taste buds to the attended of a party since ages and different types of Paneer dishes have always been a part of the menu for long time now. Dishes such as Paneer Shawarma, Chilli Paneer, Paneer rolls and Paneer Tikka are great dishes to be included in your Starter menu for parties that you host at your home.

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