There is no Hope of Writing Perfect Essay Paper Out of Research

The advent of the industrial revolution came with numerous advancements, discoveries, and improvements on already existing elements of development that improved humans’ lives tremendously. Considered in different and numerous aspects, an overview of agriculture, textile, iron and steel industry, and transportation systems witnessed radical enhancements that ensured they were best placed to serve the needs of humanity. If research had not been there, these achievements would not have been possible. Yet, even after doing thorough research, it was still apparent that many of the achievements faced numerous limitations in terms of performance. This scenario forms the basis for the argument raised by Griffiths about the possibility of doing perfect research.

The elements considered when arguing about the prospect of research ever being perfect are centered on the course of research as well as its outcome. Although the modus operandi of carrying out research is one that has existed for numerous years and faced upgrade upon upgrade, it is still worth acknowledging that this process still bears some inaccuracies. This is because it is carried out by human developed technology which has to be faulty and have various error margins. Additionally, no outcome of this procedure has ever formed a final statement in any field involved.

A clear example of these developments can be seen industry in research processes carried out across the 18th century in the textile. A number of inventions and innovations are worth considering in this argument. The flying shuttle of 1730s by John Kay brought about great changes in textile activities. Thirty one years later, Hargreaves was to come up with the famous spinning jenny that was to be used in making clothes. In the next fifteen years, the spinning mule was to be brought about by Samuel Crompton to perform the same task as that of Jenny’s invention in a better way. All these accomplishments were outcomes of intensive research.

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A glance at the developments in road transportation presents the same situation. Thirty years into the eighteenth century, the famous Turnpike roads which were maintained by the authorities put in place by acts of parliament came into being . There was an additional improvement on these roads that saw them replaced by the Macadam roads invented by Engineer John Loudon . Notably, both the two roads were brought into existence by outcomes of rigorous research that aimed at improving life conditions for human beings.

In sum, it is important to note that both cases present progressive improvements of various processes as a result of continued research. This implies that research always remains in its progressive and not perfective state. And goes all the way in writing the research essay. A good essay writing service will agree to the fact that, it is a process that is always open to improvement. Crompton’s spinning mule gave a better way of spinning compared to Hargreaves’ spinning Jenny. In the same way, the Macadam roads were better for motoring compared to the Turnpike roads. To date, further improvements have been made in each of the fields and a realization of harnessed potentiality has been achieved to ensure very efficient systems. Despite the fact that research achieves great milestones, it is still imperative to make a note of the fact that it inherently acknowledges the presence of various limitations. To say that research is perfect in the presence of these limitations would be a great flaw of reason. I agree with Griffiths’ view that it is not possible to achieve perfect research.

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