Low-Cost Home
Low-Cost Home

There are various factors to consider in the construction of an inexpensive home, so here we outline the top five.

Planning and Design

Simplicity is less costly than a complicated design, so minimise the number of unnecessary design details such as curved walls or complicated angles. A straightforward design will be much less costly to translate into reality.

Materials and Construction Methods

Although you may be aiming for a low-cost home, it can be a false economy to use inferior materials. Opt for something that will be durable and easy to maintain so that the costs over a number of years will be lower.

Similarly, according to Sustainable Build, your energy bills will be lower if your home is well insulated, so this is another item that should not be skimped. If you research park homes for sale using a site such as, you will find that these high-end homes have low heating bills due to their eco credentials.

Cost of Labour

If you are competent to carry out the work yourself, you will find this is cheaper. However, for many people, engaging a contactor to oversee and manage the build is more cost-effective, as costly mistakes are less likely to be made. This can work out at less than 20% more expensive than doing it yourself with the help of subcontractors.

Low-Cost Home

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Keeping the Footprint of Your Home to a Minimum

The square footage of your home has a considerable impact on the overall cost of your home, so using the floor area efficiently is important. Here you can find ideas by researching park homes for sale Gloucester and similar areas where luxury homes are built on a relatively small footprint yet have every facility you need.

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Consider Open-Plan Living

This option is increasingly popular in modern homes for a number of reasons. It can often provide a more sociable space for family life or entertaining and lets in a greater amount of natural light because the space is not obstructed by so many walls. However, you do need to consider where the supporting walls or columns are placed, and it is advisable to take advice from an experienced architect here.

Building your own home can be a low-cost option, but it needs careful planning in order to be successful.


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