Quantitative Aptitude – part of an exam that decides your mental ability

A subject Quantitative Aptitude is added in most of the recruitment and competitive exams. This subject basically involves the mathematical questions. In the part, the candidate’s speed matters than the knowledge and the speed totally depends on applying shorts cuts and other tricks. It is better to prepare with quantitative aptitude skills before appearing for any competitive exams and job interview.

Quantitative aptitude questions are mostly the scary section of any recruitment exams. As per the studies based on banking exam analysis, QA section becomes tougher to solve and it is the reason for many candidates not being able to clear the sectional cutoffs.

The exam pattern of Quantitative aptitude can comprise objective-type question with multiple choice answers in most of the exams. However, some exams follow a different pattern for QA. Negative marking for wrong answers is also given.

How does the subject QA help in assessing a candidate?

QA firmly tests mental alertness. A right candidate should be mentally alert to the changes happening around him. A person with an aptitude towards numbers will always have a sharp mind.

A high profile employee, manager or student struggles to face challenges in daily life. A majority of their work requires them to find out solutions for their challenges. It cannot be done by everyone effectively. A person with good knowledge of QA would be better equipped to handle such critical problems. They know a knack of looking solutions to their problems. That’s why QA is tested in most of the competitive exams. Numbers play a key role in commerce, business and other general jobs.

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Quantitative Aptitude preparing tips

Basics: The candidate should go back to the basics of mathematics and follow the academic syllabus to cover all major topics. Since there is no any prescribed syllabus for QA one can prepare in general. If the syllabus is given, the preparing candidate has to stick on to that.

Practice: Try to solve the previous year question papers and model papers for QA section. An extensive practice and speed are the success mantra to get through the part. Some of the problems may be quite lengthy to solve and that would gulp down more time. To avoid such situation, practice more to acquire speed. Try to look down the silly mistakes and improve them.

Memorize: Quantitative part contains more of formulae, tables, theorems etc. Write down all of them on a white sheet, keep it handy and always have a glance at them. Practicing cube root and square root problems help in the exam to solve the sums quickly.

Separate the sections: Markdown strong and weak sections. Practice more on weak sections, solve different types of weak section sums, work more whereas in strong section try to solve ample questions. Take guidance from the teacher or mentor to learn more about the weak section and enhance on the strong part.

Time: Don’t waste time when stuck with solving a particular question. Better move on to the next question and if the time permits solve the left out questions.

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