Banking and finance are two of the top choices among students, especially when seeking a professional course like a Bachelor of Business Administration. It’s a three-year bachelor’s degree program designed for students who want to use their math and analytical talents to help organizations succeed. The BBA in Banking and Finance curriculum teaches students managerial accounting, accounting standards, financial market functioning, and decision-making processes.

The Indian economy has undergone a significant transition in the last few years.

Digital payments, e-commerce enterprises, net banking, cryptocurrencies, and other innovations have completely transformed the financial system. Finance is the foundation of any economy, which is why the finance sector is always at the top. Banking and finance, in simple terms, encompass money-related knowledge and processes relating to business and management. They work together on a multitude of institutional and organizational reporting, calculating, and evaluating functions. Accounting is concerned with assessing financial data and recording financial transactions for an individual or an organization, whereas finance is concerned with the management of money and funds for a company or an individual.

The domain is no longer what it once was, and new components such as forensic and predictive analysis have supplanted traditional bookkeeping, opening up opportunities to learn and explore a wide range of techniques and processes linked together.

Who Should Pursue BBA Course in Pune?

If you’re interested in any of the following, you can choose BBA:

●      This course should be prioritized by senior high school graduates, particularly commerce students interested in economics, finance, and accounting.

●       This course is suitable for students with an analytical and mathematical bent who are also interested in business.

●       This course is also appropriate for anyone who wants to work in banks or finance as investment bankers, financial advisors, consultants, or start their own firm. Aspiring Chartered Accountants can also complete their education in this program.

●       The course will enhance students’ awareness of investment and financial capital, assist them in forecasting economic patterns, evaluating job results, balancing risks, and learning business management.

BBA/ BBA in  International  Eligibility:

The requirements for admission to a BBA program vary depending on the campus. This program is offered by government and private universities. To be admitted to one of the leading colleges, IIMP BBA, one must meet at least one of the following three criteria:

1.     A candidate for admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree

2.     e program must have completed 12th grade. Examination (H.S.C. 10 + 2) from any stream with English as a passing subject and a minimum grade of 40% in 12th grade.

3.     After S.S.C., i.e., the 10th Standard of the Board of Technical Education conducted by the Government of Maharashtra or its equivalent, a three-year diploma course is offered.

4.     After completing H.S.C., a two-year diploma in pharmacy from the Maharashtra Board of Technical Education or its equivalent is required.

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