Why Schools Give so Much Importance to Teaching Math as a Subject?

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  • For the benefit of students in basic calculations
  • To prepare the students for their future and their professional life in science, technology and mathematics field

But these are not the only reasons, why teachers in the school emphasize on mathematics teaching and learning. There are various other reasons why teachers give importance to math.

To improve logical and critical thinking

The subject introduces you to logic and order. Further, when learning math, students also develop the discipline of the mind as getting the predictable result depends on strict rules and process. The discipline helps children in their normal life as well.

To get better career options

There are many companies and industries which give preference to the students who have math as a major during their school and college. Good command on the subject gives a direct indication of reasoning and logical thinking skills of the applicant and makes them a preferred choice during interviews.

To help children in daily math

The best answer to the question “why math is necessary” is to help children in their daily calculations. The subject is important in our daily lives like to count the things we have, to count money, to calculate the price of something etc. There are many mathematics consultants online who guide students on the importance of the subject and induce interest in learning math.

To help students make healthier choices with simple calculations

Importance of being health conscious can never be understated, especially in the pollution laden world that we live in nowadays. You can count your calories and make healthy choices only when you have good mathematical skills. Math teaches you to count the calories in food and calculate requirement for your body. You can count your daily steps and decide the right number for a healthy body. Minor math while deciding the food for your body can help you in leading a healthy life.

To help you save money

We all work hard to earn a better living. Math is of great importance when it comes to making decisions on how to invest and save money for a better life. With skills to make calculations, you will be able to decide the right spending on essential and non-essential items to make a better budget and compare various savings schemes.

To teach life skills

Basic math is essential for every student. This starts with the simple numbers, basic calculations and moves on to percentages and fractions. This helps in every sphere of life: to follow a recipe in the kitchen; to evaluate the weather; to grab a good deal during the sale and to decide a right budget. Kids must learn math to make better choices in their life.

Though the subject is difficult, it is up to the teachers how they teach it. Some can make it really interesting by using advanced math resources for teachers while others can make it a boring subject by following the age-old techniques. So, as a teacher it is completely your responsibility to help your students understand the importance of the subject and make it more enjoyable.

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