How Not to De-Monetise Your Wedding

Weddings are a lavish affair in India. And why not, its a celebration to a new beginning of life and not just for the bride and groom but entire families. With the demonetization drive by the government, weddings seem to have taken a direct hit. While you find yourself applauding the bold decision taken by the Prime Minister of India, you might be thinking of how it might affect your wedding plans. With news coming in of marriages around the country being put on hold due to the cash crunch, you might feel tempted to do the same for your wedding. Do you really need to?

Well, cash used to rule the economic scene in India, and of course weddings. Therefore, you will need to make changes to your plans – but not in what you want for your wedding. You can still have that fantasy wedding you always wished for and call in all those loved ones to witness it. Where you need to make the change then, you ask?


You have to make the change in how you want your wedding executed. If you go for those who rely on cash, you are in for trouble. But, if you go for a professional wedding consulting services in India, you are out of the hole – or you were never in it in the first place. You have the money, let it stay where it is the safest – in the bank and allow the wedding planners to take all the trouble for you.

With all transactions done in a cashless manner with your wedding planning agency, demonitization is going to hit your wedding plans in the least manner. Usually, good wedding planners take care of all your ceremonies preceeding the wedding and other smaller details like transporting guests or the wedding cake. And you don’t have odd men bothering you for cash payments.

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Therefore, you can enjoy your ceremonies and stop worrying about what you never should have had to think of in the first place. With all transactions through your bank, cash does not figure in the picture and hence, gives you no headaches at all. Nothing changes except the way wedding planning in India was done before.

This, however, can happen only if you go for the best in trade wedding planners. A search of the internet will reveal too many names and all of them will claim to give you what you want. Unfortunately, not all can give you the kind of services that you require. Naked Eye Events has carved a niche for itself in creating dream weddings for many well known names in the country. From lavish affairs to more private affairs, Naked Eye Events has emerged as one of the best wedding consulting services in India.

As a premier event management company, Naked Eye Events provides cost effective solutions for all events from weddings to celebrity management services to corporate events. With a sharp eye to details, Naked Eye has been known to produce some of the best in class shows and events in the country.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to change the way weddings in India are done. Or the way we lived life on the currency notes. Nothing quite needs to be different except the way we spend on weddings or elsewhere. So go for the 3-tier wedding cake with sugarcrafted red hearts – the one you always wanted. Or add that sushi counter to the buffet. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, and new beginnings have to start in the happiest of tones. No compromises there!