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How nepotism affect others?   

When compared to the star kids vs outsider, star kids are having most of the chances even if they don’t have enough of acting skill. Most of the people are losing their dreams because of this problem and they don’t have the support to expose it to the media. Most of the Media are supporting the politicians and higher officials also the other Media are threatened by them to talk about the nepotism.  

Most of the people are assuming that there is the biggest secret is behind on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. So that’s the Indian government arrange a CBI group for investing in this case. Every one feedback is he is not that kind of person and he must be murder by someone but the truth will reveal after the investigation only. The bollywood star kids are easily getting the chance to acting in this field and they are all getting the regular chance even if they don’t have enough of acting skill.   

It must be eradicated from the cine industry 

It must be completely eradicated from the Bollywood then only the normal people can have the chance to prove their talent. Bollywood is one of the top-ranked industries in India and this is the truth behind it. It getting serious because of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death so that most of the people are started to know about nepotism. Multiple people are started to raise a question about it so that the government arranges for this investigation.   

Most of the star kids are reaching this stage without any struggle and they are not ready to give a chance to other actresses. Most of the newcomers are threaten by the famous actress so that they are all not ready to act for further films. There are multiple departments are in the cine field but everything was occupied by this nepotism group. After this incident, most of the actresses are started to talk about nepotism and it will never be the unwanted one at any time.

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