Improve CSGO Rankings Easily with the right Tips and Tactics

For people who have just started playing CSGO, the first and most important aspect of the game that many get introduced to after a few weeks is the ranking system. Ranking system in CSGO ranks players based on their skills and wins during the calibration phase. This whole system has made the game quite competitive, even more so than the previous iterations of the game in the past. Players care a lot for their CSGO rankings trying to increase it every day when they are playing ranked matches. As such, CSGO players play solo ranked matches or with their friends, trying to win more and more matches, in order for their ‘Elo’ points to be high enough to merit a rank-up. However, seeing how top CSGO players play, there are a lot of thing that the casual CSGO player doesn’t incorporate or know how to do. This is one of the main reasons why many get stuck in average ranks instead of being there at the top. With a little bit of practice and know-how, a lot of CSGO players can easily turn around how they play, win more and improve their CSGO rankings easily.

Here are some Tips and Tactics for those looking to improve their game and CSGO Rankings:

1. Learn all the Nades:

The most important items in the game apart from the weapon and armor, are grenades, smokes and flashes. As such, it is of paramount importance to learn how to properly use them, how to throw them in a perfect manner, and where. There are countless videos on YouTube by top CSGO players who teach people how to throw pop-flashes, smoke off bomb sites and vital areas which people can follow and learn from. For CSGO players looking to get better at the game and winning, this is one of the major tactics for them to learn and get familiar with. A good smoke can be the difference between being able to reach and defend a place or dying prematurely. Similarly, a quick flash could be the difference between clearing and capturing a bomb site or being picked off on the way.

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2. Use the Best In-Game Settings:

For any serious CSGO player to improve their CSGO rankings by means of becoming better and winning more, having a well-configured batch of in-game settings is quite significant. The right in-game settings, would be one that gives a player perfect visibility without compromising on performance, gives the best visuals without compromising on fps and gives the best fps without compromising on quality. There are many configuration files of top CSGO players available on the web that players should choose from. Or, they can make one of their own in which they can include all the important tips and tricks, useful commands and other tweaks. Furthermore, all CSGO players should work out a mouse sensitivity in the game that they are comfortable with and stick with it.

3. Have the Right Gear:

Now, when it comes to good gear for gaming, it all boils down to how invested a player actually is in the game. If a player wants to improve their CSGO rankings, then having some good gear to play the game, such as a good gaming mouse or a keyboard, well-made gaming headphones and an overall decent PC is a given. This way, they will have a game that runs smooth, allowing them to move comfortable and aim with pixel-like precision.

One needn’t get the most expensive, best looking gear that other top CSGO players use. Only the basic or intermediary items would suffice. It is much important to get good at the game since it is quite easy to fail even while having the best gear possible for gaming.

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