Watch out Movies and best TV shows on Apps Store

Entertainment can be sought in numerous ways and with technological growth even more avenues are opening up for people! The best thing is you can enjoy and avail same type of content on a plethora of devices and mediums. There was a time when Television shows and movies could be viewed only on regular TV sets. However, that limitation can be bypassed nowadays owing to massive technological progress. You can watch diverse TV content including movies in other ways.


The age of apps

With the popularity and penetration of Smartphones and tablets, users are increasingly using apps instead of regular websites to get many things done. They are also doing the same to seek entertainment. There are dedicated apps to stream music, book movie tickets. There are apps for seeing live TV and movie content too! You can pick from various popular free movies and tv shows apps.

Nuances of movies and tv shows apps

You can very well browse websites to watch TV content and movies for free but the apps offer faster experience. These apps are available both for Android and iOS. You will find both free and paid apps that let you watch free movies tv shows. Some apps, just like websites are region restricted. You will also have to put up with intermittent ads in some apps while viewing free movies & tv shows.

Top free movies and shows apps you can use

Below listed are the top and popular free tv shows and movies apps that you can pick from:

• Hulu- Available both for iOS and Android users, Hulu is quite popular for watching movies and TB shows. The free version offers plenty of programs to pick from.

• Crackle- Crackle is another popular movie and TV app available for both iOS and Android platforms. It is ideal if you want to watch top quality film and TV content without paying. The bliss is you need not even create account to watch content. However, you will have to bear the annoying ads from time to time.

• Netflix- Okay it is not forever free but the Netflix app at least allows you to watch TV shows for one month without any charge! You still cannot see live TV in mobile with the app.

• HBO Go- HBO channel telecasts lots of interesting content and HBO GO is the tv shows app to watch such content as per your convenience. It is free and runs on both Android and iOS.

• If you are looking for a free tv shows app that offers vast range of TV content streaming on iPhone, this is your best choice. From documentaries to cartoons and serials- you get everything here. The app is free and has a wide collection of TV channels.

• LiveNow! TV- Available for Android platform, LiveNow! TV is a wonderful app with extensive list of channels. It is absolutely free, quite intuitive and you may even record the shows you like using the app.