Cancer is a major global public health disease that plagues a huge part of the world’s population. In India, head and neck cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects the population. Millions of people in India suffer from this disease, and many of the patients succumb to cancer due to the severity of the disease. On average, it is expected that India is responsible for 71% of the mortality rate of head and neck cancer in South-East Asia.

The treatment for cancer varies from state to state in India. There are other factors such as infrastructure and treatment protocols as well when it comes to cancer treatment in India. To improve cancer treatment, the Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) formulated the National Cancer Control Program in 1975-1976, which gives strength to control cancer in India.

Treatment of head and neck cancer has changed remarkably with the help of multi initiative ideas. There is plenty of data regarding treatment protocol, delivery, and the outcome of head and neck cancer treatment in India. Let’s look at the details of head and neck cancer and its treatment process in India.

Head and Neck Cancer and its Symptoms

Head and Neck cancer refers to a group of similar type of cancers that affects the head and neck region. It includes the oral cavity in places like lips, tongue, gum, salivary glands, voice box, tonsils, sinuses, throat, ear, lymph nodes in the neck, and nasal cavity. This type of cancer is very common for men and people over the age of 50.

Head and neck cancer is first detected in the squamous cells that line the moist, mucosal surfaces inside the head and neck. Some common symptoms are :

  1. A white patch on the tongue, gums, or lining of the mouth
  2. A non-healing sore in the mouth or tongue, or lip
  3. Loose teeth
  4. Feeling something stuck in the throat
  5. Change in voice

How can Head and Neck Cancer be diagnosed?

If you observe any type of symptoms that seems suspicious, firstly consult with your family physician. A doctor can recommend which test you should do for your health. Here is a list of tests that are used by doctors to screen any cancerous formations in your body.

  • Endoscopy – A thin and lighted tube named an endoscope is used to examine any particular area of the body.
  • Biopsy – It uses to remove tissues. A biopsy confirms whether the person has cancer or not.
  • CT Scan – CT Scan captures detailed pictures of areas inside the head and neck. It links to an X-ray machine by a computer.
  • X-rays – X-ray films inside head and neck.
  • Laboratory – In the laboratory tests are held with the sample of blood, urine, or other substances from the body.
  • MRI – Magnetic resonance imaging creates a detailed picture inside the head and neck by using a powerful magnet.
  • PET Scan – This scan is done with sugar that is specifically modified. If cancer cells are present in the area, it absorbs and leaves a dark spot in the scan report.

Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer In India

  • Chemotherapy

Anti-cancer drugs are used in chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells. The drugs are usually applied to the veins. Drugs then dissolve in the blood and reach the cancer cells, and kill them. Chemotherapy is given with a combination of radiation therapy for head or neck cancer patients. As per the report, chemotherapy is proven more effective than radiation therapy to treat head and neck cancer.

  • Surgery

Surgeons may remove cancer-affected tissues and some of the healthy tissue around them. For early-stage tumors, surgeons use laser technology. Lymph nodes in the neck can also be removed by surgery if they cause cancer to spread. Surgery on the head and neck may change the patient’s ability to talk, chew and swallow.

  • Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy itself or in combination with chemotherapy has been used to cure many patients with head and neck cancer. This therapy is done with high-energy x-rays to kill the cancer cells in your head and neck region.


The treatment for head and neck cancer is absolutely necessary mainly because it has a high mortality rate. If you are diagnosed in the early stages with chemo and radiation therapy, you can beat cancer. The crucial thing for you to do is to find the appropriate medical care provider that can help you get through cancer successfully. For the best  cancer treatment in India, be sure to visit Medserg Health.

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