Incorporate the bohemian style into your wardrobe

In the recent times, the bohemian style has become quite popular and with each passing days more and more people are trying out this style. The boho chic style has so much variety. The dresses can make you look great as well as make you feel extremely comfortable when you wear them. This style is mostly about free flowing dresses that have a lot of details. Fringes and tassels are extremely common. The boho look can also add a very 70s touch to your whole attire. If you are thinking of doing something different or look quite unique, then you should definitely try out this style.

The bohemian clothing style reflects your inner free spirit and brings out your individuality. Boho dresses are fun and lively and are great for casual as well as formal occasions. There is so much variety to it, that you can pair them with a number of bottoms as well as tops. Accessorising is also an art that they love. A boho dress is incomplete without the perfect accessories. It is very simple to dress up in the bohemian style. Here are a few tips that you can use to bring out the gypsy goddess in you.


As you know, bohemians love free flowing outfits. This makes flares a common appearance for many of their outfits. You can go with a pair of flared jeans and a nice crop top. Wear a long flared shrug or even a kimono to achieve a simple yet elegant boho look. You can even create a similar look by opting for flared tops with normal jeans. Mix and match and see what goes with what. Just maintain symmetry and proportion and you will look like a diva.

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Bohemians are a fan of beautiful patterns and prints. Clothing which have detailed work or delicate patterns on it is a must have for them. A beautifully printed mini or midi dress is all that you would need to get that boho look. Just pair them with some suede boots and some junk jewellery and you are good to go.


Accessories are an important part of the bohemian style. No outfit is complete without putting on the right kind of jewellery or accessories. You can go with statement necklaces and stacked rings as well as flower crowns and headscarves. Choose whichever accessory that will suit you as a person as well as will complement the outfit you are wearing. Complete the look with amazing accessories and step outside to impress everyone.

Sunnies and Maxis

Most of the dresses that bohemians go for are free flowing. Such type of maxi dresses and sundresses are perfect to create the boho look. Choose the ones which have a lot of patterns on it and is in a neutral or earthy shade. This dress will be great for an afternoon outing with your friends.


No one can imagine the boho style without thinking of fringes. They are an important part of the style and are found in almost everything, such as shoes, tops, bags, jackets, etc.

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