What makes Weddings so special in India?

Weddings in India are considered to be the most sacred ceremony it signifies the unifying of two people in love as well as their families. It binds two families together to have a happy communion for a lifetime. As India being a large diversified country has various religions, cultures, languages and rituals that make the weddings even more beautiful.  As earlier mentioned marriage is considered as sacred in India, so it is the rituals that make the Indian marriages are so amazing and fun.

Here are some reasons that make an Indian wedding so special…

  1. Gathering of all the near and dear ones

Indian Weddings are so amazing because all your close relatives as well as friends gather together to celebrate a union. Even you get a chance to be with all your distant friends as well as relatives come down to be a part of the biggest day of your life. All of them celebrate all the rituals and customs together that makes the whole affair most memorable.

  1. Fun wedding rituals and customs

An Indian wedding is almost a 4 to 5 days affair that includes various pre as well as post wedding ceremonies that makes it even more special. Some pre wedding rituals includes rituals like ‘Haldi‘,’Mehendi‘, ‘Sangeet‘ that involves lots of fun and dance together with the huge gatherings of family, friends as well as relatives. There are various wedding venues in Delhi NCR that are specially designed for such functions. The rituals also involve relatives preparing a grand feast for the bride or groom for their new lives which is another very fun and unique bachelor party of Indians. So, Indian marriage is not only a day affairs, it involves lots of work together with fun.

  1. Dressing up
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During the Indian wedding season, the most important thing that catches everyone’s eyes is on the dresses that the couple as well as the guests wears. It is like a fashion parade as everyone chooses the best attires for different rituals and flaunts their style. Not only the bride or the groom, but everyone gets adorned with beautiful dresses and jewelries. The Indian wedding attires usually include beautiful traditional sarees, lehangas for brides and they hold a unique tradition in Indian marriages. Although there has held no unique dress code and bride and groom are free to choose their own fashion in ethnic dress apart from traditional attire. Surely, Indian wedding is no less than a fashion show.

  1. Delectable Food

Food is the most important part of an Indian wedding. It is the time when people just forget about all their diet plans and savor on amazing dishes. Plus, it feels great to enjoy an amazing feast with the families, friends and relatives on wedding day as well as other occasions. The variety contains almost everything starting from starter to the main course to desserts to drinks. The food usually consists of various cuisines that too served in various courses. That is why food is considered to be a really important element of an Indian wedding. There are few wedding venues in chattarpur in delhi, which have the best caterers in their panel & offers awesome food.

Indian weddings are much more than having fun as it is full of emotions and merriment that makes it really special.